Abducted by a Monk in Thailand

buddhist monk home, monk dormitory, buddhist monk in thailandContinued from my post  Should you be a Monk in Laos?

I have a fascination with Buddhist monks and India and Southeast Asia are rife with them.

Maybe it’s the shaved heads, robes, spiritual aspiration and ascetic lifestyle. Maybe it’s because I’ve once considered a life very similar for myself. But whether they’re wearing a Tibetan crimson or Theravada orange and brown,  whenever I see a monk, my eyes zero in with intent focus as if they’re human puzzle pieces, walking on a waft of incense.

I often like to romanticize how their lives must be pure and saintly. But monks are human beings, too.

Afterall, they’re boys and boys will be what they’re best at being… boys.

A reality behind the robes

Since traveling Asia, I’ve learned that while many monks are passionate about their spiritual beliefs (read about my discovery with Tibetan (more…)

Tips on how to survive a last-minute trip! (Part 4)

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Tips on how to survive a last minute trip?

Since I’ve completed almost a month of international travel, with having had only two days to prepare before hitting the road, it’s time to assess my shining highs and my rock-bottom lows.

What did I learn from this crash course in winging a last-minute trip?

Quite simply, I learned how to survive it.

So now I’ll give you some “insider tips”, so that you can survive it better than me.  Most of it is geared for international travel, but some of this applies to domestic travel too.  Here’s tips on how to survive a last-minute trip.

Surviving a last-minute trip: Things I SUCKED at (Part 3)

travel inspiration, travel survival, grrrltraveler

Surviving last minute trips: Spending a freezing night at a lonely Korean KTX station.

In my last post about survival trips, I told you the things I did well.

But obviously, everything wasn’t smooth-sailing.

If you’re pulling a last minute trip with multiple desitinations, you’re bound to have flaws… big ones.  So while I aced most of my trip, there are a couple of things that I failed big time in too.

Here’s some of those more memorable car crashes.

Things I didn’t do well… (more…)

If you’re a woman, would you pee standing up?

women pee standing up freshette, female urinary device, what is a fud

If you’re a woman, would you pee standing up?

Are you a newbie to using squat toilets?  Traveling a country, where there’s non-western toilets? Going hiking in the woods, where the toilet is the great wide open? Here’s a helpful aide for squeamish squatters…

It’s called a Female Urinary Device or F.U.D.  It was my first toilet aid, when I began traveling countries, where I’d be subject to a squatter.


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Surviving a last-minute trip | Things I did well (Part 2 )

Well, I did it!

I went on my last-minute travel break and I survived it.

It was heaven.

… And stress.

January 12, 2013 2
lantau island buddha, giant buddha hong kong
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The Last-minute trip that Saved my Life! (Part I)


Like life, booking travel abroad generally involves a fair bit of planning.

Or so I thought…

Last year, people asked me if I had a travel plans. What a ridiculous question– of course I had plans!

January 6, 2013 14
home, holidays, where is home?
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How to plan where to be on New Year’s Eve?

Pretty soon, fireworks will light the sky and party blowers will sound- Welcome to the New Year!

But up until a week ago, my travel clock was still ticking, even though I had just returned home from a month of travel.

Panic. Oh my God. …Where to be on New Years Eve?

December 31, 2012 2
korea souvenirs, top souvenirs to buy in korea
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Top 5 souvenirs to bring back from Korea

On my recent trip to Korea (and incidentally, my mother’s return from her Korean drama tour), the subject of souvenir gifts weighed as a topic on my mind… Why? Because I’ve gotta bring back souvenirs for family and friends! But oi… what to get? If you’re visiting Korea and shopping for holiday stocking stuffers or […]

December 28, 2012 31
world is a book
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Why I won’t hang up my travel shoes.

A few months at most… I’ll go back home just long enough to find another job to get me back to Korea.” That’s what I told myself. Returning to the U.S. was the furthest thing from my plan.

My Hindu astrologer in Dharamsala quoted a year. I had difficulty believing him. A year later,… the stars were right.

December 22, 2012 23

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