Ultimate Taipei Travel Guide | Best Things to Do in Taipei (Part I)

Taipei Travel Guide, Best Things to Do in Taipei, Top Attractions Taipei

Ultimate Taipei Travel Guide | Best Things to Do in Taipei, Taiwan

I spent 9 days in Taipei. Did I do everything? Not even close.

A fortune telling street, a snake and toilet restaurant, night markets… as an international foodie capital, Taipei is a dynamic city (more…)

My Liveaboard Vacation in the Similan Islands

Liveaboard Vacation Similan Island, Wicked Diving

Liveaboard Vacation Similan Island with Wicked Diving


If someone were to tell me I’d be doing a liveaboard vacation in the Similan Islands of Thailand, I’d had thought they were writing a story of what they fantasized my travel life to be like.


Taipei Eats food tour takes a big bite out of Taiwan

taipei eats food tour, food tour taipei

Eating Taipei with Taipei Eats Food Tour


Taiwan is very much a foodie capital to explore if you love food and travel! Oh yes, it is.  So of course, I wanted to take a food tour to see and experience the country through its food.  Enter Taipei Eats food tour.

 As the leading food tour in Taipei, Taipei Eats takes you through neighborhoods and highlight landmarks, (more…)

Taipei Culture Shock : Things to Love or Hate (video)

Taipei Culture Shock : 7 Things to Love or Hate (video)


Culture shock can vary in range, from extremely unpleasant to mind-blowing awesome. Each traveler has their own gauge of likes and dislikes in experiencing ‘cultural difference’.   But overall, experiencing culture shock is what adds to the adventurous fun of travel.


7-eleven taiwan, taiwanese 7-eleven
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7-Eleven in Taiwan (Video)

7-Eleven Taiwan  (watch video) If you’ve seen my last video on 7-Eleven in Thailand, you’d know Asian 7-Elevens are more exciting than in the U.S. Here’s some reasons why 7-Eleven Taiwan is awesome!

July 27, 2016 0
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6 Top Attractions of Northern Taiwan | Taiwan Travel Guide

6 Top Attractions  Northern Taiwan | Taiwan Travel Guide Before I went to Taiwan, I saw a Taiwan travel brochure of the striking natural sights of Northern Taiwan (Northeastern to be exact). I knew I had to visit and that’s what drew me into considering Taiwan as my next travel hop. I’m sucker for landscapes with wow-factor.

July 20, 2016 2
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Qinghai‬ Travel Highlights: 32 Inspiring Photographs

Qinghai‬ Travel Highlights:  The Unchartered Beauty of  Qinghai‬, ‪‎China‬. . . As one of the largest regions of China, near the Tibetan border, Qinghai offers a mixture of Mongolian and Tibetan influences, monasteries and mosques, wonderful natural beauty, and a lot of yaks! For years, this unchartered beauty has been a well-kept secret of Chinese […]

July 18, 2016 0
Packing List for Backpacking India, packing for india
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Ultimate Packing Tips for India | What’s in my Backpack?

Ultimate Packing Tips for India | What’s in my Backpack? .  Namaste! Today I’ll be sharing with you what’s in my bag for India.  India can be a  challenging and complex country but also very rewarding once you feel like you’ve prepared for it. I’ll be sharing my packing tips for India and the top essential […]

June 22, 2016 7

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