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Fear Factor Foods Vietnam: Sapa Market & Hilltribes

hmong woman in sapa

I love markets.

And not far from my hotel, where D Phan Si Road turns into D Tue Tinh, you’ll find Sapa Market. Well, there are a few actually.

Local Market

The local market is one that residents of Sapa go to for tobacco, produce and meat. It’s a spectacle for unsuspecting tourists, as you’ll catch a glimpse of the delicacies that tempt the village palate.

For vegans and vegetarians, you may not want to enter this post. It can feel pretty hardcore (Warning: If you are uneasy with seeing images of meat, you may not want to look at the pictures below).

For me, it was an eye-opening experience!

Oh, the sights you’ll see…

These herbs are used by village people for smoking

Waterbuffalo hoofs?…
Just my guess. I’m just sayin…

Decided to show this picture, rather than the picture of his brother on a nearby table- dogs are a delicacy!

Horse flanks?

Central Market

This central market is in the town square and it’s mostly for tourists who want to buy souvenirs. You’ll find many various hilltribe minority groups selling crafts there.


Hmong Market

A little tucked away above the local market, you’ll find a little factory or co-op where mostly Hmong hilltribe group sells their embroidered crafts and clothes.

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