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I want my viewers and readers to have a good experience. I want them to be inspired, entertained and informed of travel options I’d naturally recommend.  Adventure, independent, unique, culturally insightful, travel survival, cruelty-free, responsible tourism are words I’ll use to describe my mission.

I work with brands, which align with the core values of GRRRL TRAVELER. Through social media and cross platform promotions, I translate a commodity or product into an experience. I accept brand ambassadorships/campaigns, Instagram/Facebook takeovers, sponsored accommodations, activity tours, travel gear products and press trips. I am available for hire on branding, video marketing campaigns and travel documentary projects.


Jilin Tourism Board / Ctrip
Highlight video ( Facebook & Instagram only)•  Post trip blog post, Pre-trip FB announcement (post-followup video on YouTube) • Daily updates to Facebook & Instagram, 5300 Likes on Instagram; 6200 IG Story Views, Facebook 12,500 Likes/21,630 Impressions/30 Shares • 7 Reasons to Visit Jilin (written post + video)  • 5 day trip
Indirect campaign promotion : Winter Packing video, Travel Survival Tips for China,

Qinghai Tourism Board / Ctrip
 60 sec Highlight Video ( for Facebook & Instagram only) • Pre-Trip YouTube video announcement (178 likes, 93 comments) + Post trip article. • Daily updates to Facebook; Instagram (250-300+ likes daily for 9 days)  •

Indirect promotion: (published 11 months later; client did not purchase this YouTube video but it is created for my audience; the destination was too beautiful and unique to not share): 15 Best Things to Do in Qinghai (travel guide video)

Athens Tourism Board (1 & 2)  | #VisitAthens
141K+ video views, 583 shares, saved in 493 playlists.  Viewer comments of booking a trip to Athens after watching these videos. Exposure on Greek TV news :  Santorini & Meteora videos (#VisitMeteora- Meteora Tourism  1 & 2).

Featured Listings with Sponsors

I love producing creative experiential city guides and working with brands which fit with my brand and audience.  These guides share exciting ways to see a city and sharing unique itinerary possibilities.
Platform exposure: Website guide, YouTube/RokuTV and social media.

New York City Destination Guide. YouTube: 270K+ views, 635 shares, 1,880 in playlist. Demographics: US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia.  59% Male, 41% Female.  Article: 143 Pinterest Pins.  Sponsors: Ahoy New York Food Tours  *On Location Tours


Activity Features & Insightful Reviews

We travelers are smart~ we seek honest reviews, word-of-mouth opinions , photos and experiential insight into what our dollar will buy us ! I love working with food tours and activity parners and especially those which offer valuable, ethical and unique insights into a city and culture and practices.  My content is share-friendly and linkable to your website and social media. They’ll also fill a need for ongoing content creation that helps promote your business and customer feedback.

#VisitAthens: Top Greek Foods video (YouTube: 200K+ views, 472 YouTube shares, saved in 497 playlists) videos accumulated over 250K+ views. Demographics: Greece, U.S., UK, Canada, Germany.  62% Male, 38% Female.  Client/Sponsor:  Big Olive City Walks, Athens  *

” A Guide to Hot Air Ballooning in Turkey”  Cappadocia Voyager Balloons **
YouTube: 52 shares, saved in 28 playlists. Audiences: Turkey, UK, US, Singapore
Sponsor: Voyager Balloons

Wicked Diving, Khao Lak
Taipei Eats Review
Kolkata Food Tours
Taste of Thailand
Expique Tours
Turkish Flavours


Unique Accommodation  Features

A sponsored written review requires a minimum of three days. Video reviews has special restrictions.

 Sofitel Los Angeles in Beverly Hills
Amari Watergate Hotel (Omni Group)
Alsos House, Greece
Museum Spa & Wellness Hotel Santorini

Kelebek Hotels, Cappadocia
*YouTube: 40 shares, saved in 31 playlists. Popular in: Turkey, U.S., U.K, Germany.
Additional video : “Mystery Turkish foods vs Tourist” (57,000K+ views )

“The Jungle Book” hotel| River Kwai Jungle Rafts, Thailand
YouTube:49 shares, 9 saves to playlists. Audience: US, Thailand, UK, Netherlands, Germany.  67% Male, 35% Female.  Mentions of actual bookings after watching the video.  

“15 Shades of a Perfect Hotel in Istanbul” | Sirkeci Mansion, Istanbul *
YouTube: 17 shares, 39 saved to playlists. Audience: Turkey, U.S., UK, Germany, Canada. 58% Male, 42% Female

Product Reviews & Giveaways

As a creative digital storyteller, I juggle a variety of ways to communicate and review a brand- from writing, photography, video and social media promotion, content advertising and  reviews or campaigns. It depends upon your budget.

*I am currently seeking brand ambassadorships with travel gear and camera/tech equipment brands.

Fun and smart  (20,000+ YouTube views and growing. Not bad for a small brand!)

Keepin’ it real, the way gear-heads like myself like it.

Playful = fashionable = protected


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