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I want my viewers and readers to have a good experience. I want them to be inspired, entertained and informed of travel options I’d naturally recommend.  Adventure, independent, unique, culturally insightful, travel survival, cruelty-free, responsible tourism are words I’ll use to describe my mission.

I work with brands, which align with the core values of GRRRL TRAVELER. Through social media and cross platform promotions, I translate a commodity or product into an experience.

I accept press accommodation, activity tours, travel gear products and press trips. If you wish to be my next sponsor, don’t hesitate to check out my PR/Media page . I am available for hire on video marketing campaigns and travel documentary projects.



Qinghai Tourism Board / Ctrip
 60 sec Highlight Video ( for Facebook & Instagram) • Daily updates to Facebook; Instagram (250-300+ likes daily for 9 days)  •  Pre-Trip YouTube video announcement (178 likes, 93 comments) + Post trip article.  Additional photos for future content shares on Instagram and Facebook.

Jilin Tourism Board / Ctrip

60 sec Highlight video (for Facebook & Instagram)• Daily updates to Facebook & Instagram • PreTrip Announcement. 5 day trip

laolike lake


Athens Tourism Board (1 & 2)  | #VisitAthens campaign
141K+ video views, 583 shares, saved in 493 playlists.  Viewer comments of booking a trip to Athens after watching these videos. Exposure on Greek TV news :  Santorini & Meteora videos (#VisitMeteora- Meteora Tourism  1 & 2).

Featured Listings

I love producing creative experiential city guides where I can.  They share a variety of exciting ways to see a city and sharing unique itinerary possibilities.   This is one way I’ve worked with travel partners and tourism boards. Some listings can be converted to social media marketing videos, like those above!
Platform exposure: Website guide, YouTube/RokuTV and social media.

New York City Destination GuideYouTube: 270K+ views, 635 shares, 1,880 in playlist. Demographics: US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia.  59% Male, 41% Female.  Article: 143 Pinterest Pins.  Sponsors: Ahoy New York Food Tours  *On Location Tours


Activity Features & Insightful Reviews

What separates one tour activity from another, when you’re reading words on a page?  We travelers are smart~ we seek honest reviews, word-of-mouth opinions , photos and ideally, experiential insight into just what we’ll get!  My YouTube videos and written reviews are share-friendly and linkable to your website and social media.

*Special bonus: They’ll fill your need for ongoing content creation that helps promote your business and customer feedback.

#VisitAthens: Top Greek Foods video (YouTube: 200K+ views, 472 YouTube shares, saved in 497 playlists) videos accumulated over 250K+ views. Demographics: Greece, U.S., UK, Canada, Germany.  62% Male, 38% Female.  Client/Sponsor:  Big Olive City Walks, Athens  *

” A Guide to Hot Air Ballooning in Turkey”  Cappadocia Voyager Balloons **
YouTube: 52 shares, saved in 28 playlists. Audiences: Turkey, UK, US, Singapore
Sponsor: Voyager Balloons


I am always looking for good food and activity tours to review and recommend.  I especially love partners that make my job easier by offering various insights into a city and culture. Often, operators can be/are featured in more item

Wicked Diving, Khao Lak
Taipei Eats Review
Kolkata Food Tours
Taste of Thailand
Expique Tours
Turkish Flavours


Unique Accommodation  Features

A sponsored written review requires a minimum of three days. Video reviews has special restrictions.

 Sofitel Los Angeles in Beverly Hills
Amari Watergate Hotel (Omni Group)
Alsos House, Greece
Museum Spa & Wellness Hotel Santorini

Kelebek Hotels, Cappadocia
*YouTube: 40 shares, saved in 31 playlists. Popular in: Turkey, U.S., U.K, Germany.
Additional video : “Mystery Turkish foods vs Tourist” (57,000K+ views )

“The Jungle Book” hotel| River Kwai Jungle Rafts, Thailand
YouTube:49 shares, 9 saves to playlists. Audience: US, Thailand, UK, Netherlands, Germany.  67% Male, 35% Female.  Mentions of actual bookings after watching the video.  

“15 Shades of a Perfect Hotel in Istanbul” | Sirkeci Mansion, Istanbul *
YouTube: 17 shares, 39 saved to playlists. Audience: Turkey, U.S., UK, Germany, Canada. 58% Male, 42% Female

Product Reviews & Giveaways

As a creative digital storyteller, I juggle a variety of ways to communicate and review a brand- from social media promotion, video,  written reviews or campaigns. It depends upon your budget. I am currently seeking brand ambassadorships with travel gear and camera/tech equipment brands.

Eagle Creek
Clever Travel Companion*

Fun and smart  (20,000+ YouTube views and growing. Not bad for a small brand!)

Keepin’ it real, the way gear-heads like myself like it.

Playful = fashionable = protected


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