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Vapur water bottle review : Avoiding Airport Water Rip-off with a Collapsible Water Bottle

  One of the things I hate about travel is being a slave to overpriced water vendors at airports.  There’s no way I like spending $5 on a 16oz bottle of water just because TSA security confiscated mine. Unlike saving my used plastic water bottles for reuse– something I occasionally, still do—  I take my […]

June 13, 2013 15
5 fashion items to trim your travel wardrobe
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5 Ways to Trim your Travel Wardrobe

Traveling to multiple countries? Changing climates? Looking for ways to put your luggage on a diet? I’m a big fan of packing light and smart. Versatile and convertible fashion accessories can go a long way, when you’re on the road and the constant go.

February 14, 2013 18
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5 Travel Must Haves for Traveling to India

If anyone thinks tromping through India will be like traveling any other country, think again. Here are some things I found useful on my trip. Here are 5 Travel Must-Haves for India:

July 23, 2011 20
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Packing Tip: How to Pack a Guidebook, bit by bit

Digital times has reduced the power of paper; yet, my eyes don’t enjoy the constant absorption of LED light from computer screens and hand-helds. I want paper… I want my guidebook.

But I resent taking paperweighted guidebooks with me…

June 16, 2011 10
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My Top 3 Travel Secrets for Travel (and Korea)

For travel bloggers, nothing is more fun than to share trade secrets with other travelers or with your community. When Chris of South Korea posted his Top 3 Travel Secrets and tagged me in it, I was thrilled. I too, had seen the year-old Tripbase travel meme on Legal Nomads’ blog and commented on it almost the week before receiving this challenge.

As I said, I excited to share some of my new travel secrets…

October 8, 2010 19
Space bag travel bag
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5 Essentials if you’re traveling for work

Traveling for work. When I’m traveling as part of a TV crew, both my work and travel tends to be physically demanding. My work entails hauling heavy camera equipment and flashpacking technology as an addition to my personal luggage. Thus, my first aim is to come back carrying less than what I take up. Thus, all personal items need to belong to one or more of the 4 categories:

October 19, 2008 3

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