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Thank you for your generosity!

You are my travel angel!

Thank you for your support of GRRRL TRAVELER.

Welcome to my GRRR family and thank you for generously supporting GRRR Inspired content and GRRRL TRAVELER!

Your support means the world and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

People often don’t know what it takes to run a successful blog alone.  I do all my own work from website design, photos, writing, videos, social media and I do most of my own tech troubleshooting too.  At some point, it would be nice to hire help when I need it but at the moment it’s all me.

Any support I receive go back into creating and managing content, servicing equipment breakdowns or anything I need to help me do my work at GRRRL TRAVELER more efficiently.  Essentially, your support goes back out into the world to help travelers with tips and videos, which remove some of the mystery and fear of travel by taking them into the destinations I visit.  Sometimes, knowing that there’s people like yourself, who value the work I do, helps me through the bumps of my tunnel vision focus.  One GRRRL can do a lot, but not everything.

As always, travel safe, smart and fun! May the GRRR be with you! <3




  1. Brian says:

    Omg your in Sarawak ?? You must visit kuching..go to the junk for a drink at night..I love it there and have family living there..go to the museum it’s really interesting and make sure you staple the laksa omg I’m so jealous…that’s it I’m booking a flight for April I have 2 weeks off hope you got my last donation…Brian X

  2. Brian Lewis says:

    hi..just watched your last blog on you tube and sent you a little donation to get your self some food and hopefully you can keep it hope you feel better soon…Brian

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