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VIDEO: How safe is it to travel solo as a woman? (Q&A)

VIDEO: How safe is it to travel solo as a woman?

So I’ve started to take Travel Q & A for my YouTube videos.

Recently, I had a question posed to me on one  of my YouTube videos. The female viewer asked:

How safe is it to travel solo as a female?

What do you do to stay safe?

This topic was something I’d touched on earlier this year, but of course, this particular question was posed on YouTube. I thought of my recent post, concerning the more adventurous and amorous side of solo travel, how women don’t have strong role action-adventure role models, etc…  I decided to take another crack at the issue.

I also decided to split these questions up into two videos, so the next video on Solo Travel Safety Tips will be uploaded later.

Looking at self, safety and solo travel through a warped mirror

There are many aspects to safety and solo travel.

The biggest fears I see arising out of this idea are largely, due to the fact,  women let society and conditioning get the better of them. They automatically see themselves as incompetent Tarzans of their own ‘Jane story’.

Thus, many women (myself included, at one point) tend to live under the illusion that we’ll be “victims” before even considering the possibility of traveling alone.

Women  aren’t known to be natural adventurers. Many women believe this to be true themselves. But just because women aren’t readily seen as adventurous or risk-taking, when it comes to traveling foreign environments alone, doesn’t mean they’re incapable or more risk-averse than men. Women actually have strong survival instincts, endurance, intelligence and willpower and they’ll take risks where they possess certainty in their abilities. They also have no problem moving mountains or persevering the odds for others, such as friends, family or a child. But until they exercise these strengths towards themselves, it may feel hard for them to trust  and feel confident in this strength as anything equivalent to a man.  Thus, the only way to enter solo travel is to’ take a leap of faith’.

That leap of faith can feel like an onerous task of taking a chance on oneself.

There are no promises in life

Each day, you’ll encounter bad folk and good.

Each day– whether you’re locked into a boring routine or foreign one– will hold a lesson in survival and the possibility of danger.

Each day you don’t take a step forward towards your dreams, you’ll be taking a step back from it.

So what will rule your life and which will you marry? Your best dream…. or worst fear.

How safe is it to travel alone as a woman?

I agree that there are countries, which are highly dangerous and ill-advised for solo women to travel to and while I don’t doubt that there are dangers, which women are prone to and suffer at the hand of, the question of whether solo travel will be safe for a woman, really goads me.

The question itself,  projects so many assumptions of victimhood (vs.  prevention), passivity (vs. pro-action), self-doubt and fear (vs self-trust) and the falsely dangerous illusion that our feminine lives are already coated in “safety”.

Rather than go any further, I’ll leave you with the video to reflect on.

This is your chance to sound off on what you think… Is it safe for a woman to travel alone?




  1. Mary says:

    hi christine thank you for your videos about safety and traveling solo. very well done. I have traveled solo for many years and never really thought of it as a big deal – still dont (I’m a female in my 60s) a while back I was at the ferry landing for Capri in Italy and a dude started to talk to me about whatever. Without realizing it he was sort of “cutting me out of the herd” so I would be ok to go with him. It was crazy how skilled he was at this. It came down to me saying no and him leaving but for the rest of the day I was literally shaking like a leaf! I don’t know if this makes sense but stuff like this can happen fast and in the middle of the day to anybody. It definitely changes nothing about me traveling alone but like you said in your video – weirdos are out there everywhere – in the US in Capri – everywhere. Oh well – many trips later – getting ready for another solo trip – hopefully to Asia this time.

    • Christine Kaaloa says:

      @Mary: I totally get your “shaking like a leaf” part. It’s very easy to feel vulnerable when you know you’ve been targeted. I’ve had friends who encountered theft alone and with others and the scar of feeling victimized can definitely put a hitch in your sail for a bit. Glad you got out of it and I think it rocks that you travel solo at 60! You’re an inspiration. =)

  2. Tim Moon says:

    Considering so much of the world has less crime than the US, it’s an odd fear. But it’s hard to break free of societal norms and expectations. Good job fighting the fear and embracing solo travel.

  3. When you are traveling alone, always put safety first and keep your eyes on risky things. I’m with Charu! Hail to all the female travelers!

  4. I think we just have to be cautious, even more careful but cannot let the world stop our mental freedom…here’s to empowering women travelers everywhere!

    • Christine Kaaloa says:

      @Charu: Yes, totally agreed. The world vs. mental freedom part is a bitch. 😉

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