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How to Pee Standing Up | Female Urinary Device

Ladies, would you pee standing up? | Feminine Urinary Devices  (Click here for video)

Ladies, does the idea of using a squat toilet freak you out? If the answer is Yes, then if you could, would you pee standing up? We’re talking about a female urinary device (aka female urinary diversion device (fudd) or “pee cup”).

I’ll admit to two things:  1) having a “thing” for documenting my toilets when I travel and 2) having a little penis envy when it comes to thinking about how guys can almost find a toilet anywhere and quickly during times of emergency. Being female, it’s not so easy.  We have to fight long bathroom queues and find a safe place to drop our drawers, to find release.  Traveling through foreign and exotic countries can certainly add to the challenge, as well.

Let’s take the squat toilet .  The notion of ‘squat toilets’ can scare western women (it did me, at first too) . It’s not the toilet I was brought up with. Not to mention, the image of me, squatting bare-assed over a porcelain hole in the ground…. let’s face it, does not strike a very regal image.  It initially felt humiliating to me. But then I realized in many other countries, it’s a standard toilet and closest to the natural position of how one should go ‘pee-pee’ or ‘potty’.

I’ve actually already written a post Ladies, Would you Pee Standing Up? a couple of years ago, where I shared my first female urinary device (fudd) or “pee cup”), The Freshette.  but wanted to do a video primer for my YouTube channel.

Watch and enjoy!

A few types of female urinary devices for your personal style:

The Freshette


If you have used any female urinary devices, share your recommendations below.



  1. Renee Hifumi says:

    The FUD looks pretty narrow. Did you have and problems with splashing or dripping getting on you hands?

    • Christine Kaaloa says:

      @Renee: It wasn’t like peeing in a doctor’s cup if that’s what you’re wondering. 😉 It’s larger than that. Washing it out, I knew I’d have to touch my pee to some extent, but it’s my pee. lol

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