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Free Travel Survival Guides, travel survival guides, destination guides

Free Travel Survival Guides


Here’s a list of travel destinations I’ve covered on this blog. These travel guides house my ‘travel survival’ guides and more. I’ll share with you what’s made my trip planning successful.

If you’re here for the first time, you might want to start here.  You can also check out my travel gear resources.

destination guides .

These guides originally started off as my itinerary notes before traveling to a destination. Some of it is from researched information and then converted to experience.  Some guides, I’ve had the chance to develop a bit and others are awaiting their upgrade.

Eastern Europe

Greece  | Greece Travel Tips

Turkey | Turkey Travel Tips


 Asia Travel Survival Guides

• China  (coming soon)

•  Hong Kong | Macau

•  India   |   India Tips

•  Japan (Budget Japan eguide*)

•  Nepal

•  South Korea  |  Jeju Island

• Taiwan | Taiwan Travel Tips

Southeast Asia Travel Survival Guides

•  Cambodia 

Indonesia | Bali   (eguide *)

•  Laos  |  Laos Tips

•  Malaysia 

• Malaysian Borneo : Sarawak  (coming soon)

•  Thailand   |   Thailand Tips  (Bangkok Travel Secrets eguide *)

•  Vietnam  |   Vietnam Tips


Africa Travel Survival Guides

•  Morocco 


North America Travel Survival Guides

New York | New York Tips

Los Angeles | Los Angeles Tips



General Travel Tips and Resources

Aside from the above information, I’ve written articles to help you make your trip as awesome as it can be! The insights and travel advice are what I’ve learned through my own travels. These articles are relevant to any trip – no matter how long it is!

• How to Plan your first solo trip
•  Tips and challenges of planning your first solo trip
• Do you need  travel insurance ? •  14Ways to Spend your Nights Alone
•  Is it Safe for Women to Travel Alone? •  8 Safety Tips for Traveling Alone 
•  How to Deal with Travel Scams • How to Book Cheap Flights

Travel Guides, Destination guides

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48 Hours Tokyo on $35/day

Bangkok Travel Guide ebook, bangkok ebook

Bangkok Travel Secrets

48 hours Ubud bali, travel survival guides, what to do see in ubud, ubud attractions

48 hours Ubud, Bali



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