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Japan Travel Survival Guide

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Travel Survival Guides on Buggl: 48 Hours Tokyo on $30/day (pdf ebook travel guide)

About This 48 Hours: Tokyo Travel Survival Guide

People say Japan is expensive. It doesn’t have to be.  From Sumo wrestlers to fish markets, manga culture to capsule hotels,there’s a cool, but weird side to Tokyo culture. Hang on, because for the next 48 hours, we’re going to hit the crazy racetrack of this fast and fun city!

Make the most of your trip to Tokyo in a budget friendly way and under $30/day

This Tokyo travel guidebook includes 60 pages of:

A List of Free Attractions and Directions

Offbeat, fun and quirky options

 Cultural Insights

Travel Survival Tips for Accommodations, Transportation Options, Eating Out

Budget & Travel Tips

General Travel Information for Japan

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