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GRRRL TRAVELER’s 2009 Travel Challenge Winner

olsenhaus shoes: Be GRRRL funky & fashionable without being cruel  (priced at $400)

So the week-long GRRRLTRAVELER Travel Challenge Contest has ended and the verdict is in…

Thank you to those who have participated in the fun.


And the winner is….

Qing Qing Chen of Brooklyn, New York  is the winner of the prize of Olsenhaus vegan shoes and luckily, she is also the same size!

Her idea was to eat live octopus ‘Old Boy’ Style.

old boy eating a live octopus

Screen shot of “Old Boy” and eating a live octopus in Korea

Will this be GRRRLTRAVELER’s next travel challenge?

Old Boy is a Korean film and a scene from it, has the main hero, eating live baby octopus. The tradition is actually delicacy in Korea. I’m not sure why, but it’s still done to this day.

Will I be able to eat live octopus? Woof.

Frankly, that’s a formidable challenge and one I don’t have the heart for. It also goes against my animals beliefs, so I’ll have to decline.

Nevertheless, it is a travel challenge I’m sure others will try.

Anyways, Qing Qing, good idea and your olsenhaus shoes are in the mail! Enjoy!

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