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Airplane Wi-Fi gone high fly

Yes, its finally happened! Wi-fi has taken to the wings and for a small fee, you can surf the internet while in midstream to your destination. This has some people excited while others lesser so and it will give us all, an extra acknowledging to the fact we may potentially need to amp up our cellphone and computer battery power for the long hauls.

There are obvious cons to this pro. Such are:  1)In-flight was one of those safe havens where we couldn’t be reached and had the excuse to be cut the office leash! Now, that may no longer be the case; 2) Making cellphone calls is still restricted due to its interferences with the flight navigation system (Thank God or we’d have to suffer the annoying yap of our neighbors!), but currently Skype, being a VOIP is under the radar of policing and phone calls can evidentally be made; 3) the long-term heath hazards of  exposure to raditation waves (ever seen the YouTube videos on how a cellphones pop popcorn kernels? Ha ha…who knows..) and how exposure may intensify while flying in a metal vessel (metal being a conduit)…  For everything Wi-fi offers in in-flight freedom and productivity, it also equally seems to take away.

As of date, all we’ve heard is that Virgin America and Southwest Airlines have been offering this service on some of their flights, while Delta and American are still in testing. The going rate for this service will be in the $10 range for 3 hrs. More airlines ka-ching!

How can you find out if your plane has wi-fi? Check out for latest information of whether your flight is supported. Not interested? Then throw on your headphones, close your eyes and dream of an airways without wi-fi.

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