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Travel Video Marketing Services

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Filming and producing for an episode on Nat Geo: Unlikely Animal Friends

We offer boutique video production services. With over 12 years of specialized experience and training in video marketing and television media, we produce branded video content from travel videos, business marketing videos and  television shows. Our clients span small businesses, tourism boards and large media brands.  We offer standard and customized packages for branded media and advertising. We can also be contracted as part of a traveling film crew.

Summary of what we do

We are a versatile in video marketing and travel branding. Our goal ~  inspire, inform, entertain and show solo travelers how to have fun, survive their trip and follow their travel dreams… at any age!  See our travel video portfolio or the links below for samples of our work.

Film & Travel Documentary:  We have filmed, directed and produced docu-reality television shows and online food/lifestyle shows for large cable brands, as MTV Networks, BET, Nat Geo, Food Network, CBS and VH-1.  Content is filmed in a cinema verite style. We also offer press coverage for events and red carpet .

Branded Marketing Videos:  We produce branded video content from marketing videos for small businesses to tourism boards.

Producer/Director : Christine is an experienced producer and director, having interviewed talent ranging from celebrities, tour guides, dive instructors, hotel management and teens.  She can direct and produce your storytelling project in a studio, business office or on a road trip.

Event Videographer :  If you have a event, we work as independent contractors to film keynote speakers, document events and camera operation for live stream recordings.

Travel Influencer : We produce a weekly web show on YouTube.  Equipment is minimal. Christine is a solo travel host, who shares her travel adventures and cultural insights through food, accommodations, activities and destinations.   Our video influencer  distribution and reach is below.  We accept paid press trips, product reviews and brand ambassadorship.


  Travel Video Influencer Distribution


All of GRRRL TRAVELER videos are uploaded to our  YouTube channel.   We have been approached by Apple, Travel Channel, NatGeo and Inside Edition; however, we work with brands we use and products we support.

Future Today Inc.

Future Today is the content distributor for several travel-related shows on Roku TV . As of 2014 GRRRL TRAVELER has been airing travel episodes on the TripSmart, iFoodTV, Family Vacations, Smart Woman & Smart Man.TV  channels. These channels feature travel, family and food shows, vacation guides and travel tips.  Destination coverage: US, Europe, Asia, Africa and the world.  Roku TV is digitally streamed for television in the United States and Canada.

Travel Website

A recognized top blog for solo travel, our blog gives readers cultural insights, free ( and paid) written guides to a city and its attractions as well as, independent travel tips to make a vacation unforgettable and do-able.

Independent Travel & Lifestyle: Our audience is curious and seeks adventure. They enjoy occasional pampering and unique luxury accommodations, but also grit and connecting with local cultures through food, cultural insight and unique adventures. We have general travelers to those exploring solo trip planning options. Spending ranges from budget with occasional splurges to corporate go-getters and expats, who save to make their trip meaningful and brag-worthy.

Facebook /Instagram

Social media marketing + video is powerful as a way to get brands before an audience and inspire ideas in a social context.


Video Based Influencer Advertising

We have a busy filming/editing and freelance videographer work schedule, so we prioritize paid collaborations. Express services are available for an additional fee.   All sponsored content is labeled as such. Please email us and we’ll send you descriptions and our rates.

Press Trips

Video review: Hotels, services, products

Standard Travel Video or featurette

Social Media video marketing

Brand Ambassador Partnership

All rates are subject to a 4.16% Hawaii State GE freelancer’s tax.

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