10 Yuan Stores in China | $2 Souvenir Shopping

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10 Yuan Stores in China | $2 Souvenir Shopping
It seems Asian countries have their own equivalent to a dollar store. But I was still surprised when I came upon 10 yuan stores in China.

What are 10 yuan stores in China?

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Japan and Korea share Daiso (an equal to  100 yen stores) and perhaps that’s why the ten yuan store was easier to sniff out for me. The concept of China’s ten yuan stores or budget value stores is similar to its Asian counterparts. Products in these stores can range like any dollar store which stocks  household items, beauty products, bags and small tech accessories. It might even have some brand names and imports, for instance, I saw some Korean beauty products being sold. Prices can range from 10 yuan and higher. The face of the store is usually clean in design and you can see its neat row of products from the streets.  Often, the music is  fun, peppy, and occasionally blaring, but always inviting to youth. These shops are fun for any age and you’ll easily be walking out with a bag full of souvenirs from your time in China.

Is China cheap?

Despite the fact China is known for manufacturing low-cost products, the main cities in China like Beijing or Shanghai, are not cheap. Those cities are as costly as any main international city. So I was surprised when I discovered there were 10 yuan stores and not say, seven yuan, which is more equivalent to a dollar.
Ten yuan is approximately $1.40 USD, but in Japan, 100 yen is roughly $.86.  In the U.S., one dollar stores  advertise on signs as one dollar. So perhaps the Chinese equate 10 yuan in a similar idea of being a dollar.
Of course, all these budget value stores allude to cheaply priced items with their signs, while also stocking higher priced items to make you drop your guard on shopping.  The underlying sales marketing of the dollar store is to seduce by claiming to be cheap, but hope customers pick up the more expensive items too. That’s dollar store subliminal marketing.
Be aware, your ten yuan may quickly add up and your dollar store might become more of an $18 dollar store when you walk out.
Happy souvenir shopping!
10 Yuan Stores in China
10 Yuan Stores in China

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