Our COVID-19 Policy

We want to you to experience the adventure of travel but safely and responsibly for yourself, guests and the local communities we enter.  As such, all guests must be COVID vaccinated. 

  • Covid vaccinations are at your own expense and it is your sole responsibility to check up on the Covid-19 requirements of the destination of the adventure.
  • Proof of vaccination (at the minimum, the first two shots) must be supplied via email, in the same name as your tour booking, at least 30 days before the trip starts.
  • As we are unable to permit exceptions to the cancellation policy, we recommend you not pay your deposit until you have secured vaccinated dates, well in advance of 30 days before the trip’s start date.This is to protect you from having to cancel if you cannot secure your vaccination.
  • If you cannot provide proof of a COVID-19 vaccination, you will not be permitted to join the trip, and a refund will not be available to you.
  • You are responsible for the booking and expense of any COVID tests inbound to the destination and outbound travel to your home country.
  •  It is your responsibility to be aware of the local regulations such as COVID-19 testing before entry, quarantining, temperature checks and/or a self-declaration of health prior to departing and at certain venues on your trip. Regulations can be different depending upon a traveler’s country nationality and we will not be responsible if you are denied entry for failure to comply with COVID regulations.
  • For trips where we enter into small villages, homestays or rural communities – with little infrastructure- we may be issuing a free self-administered COVID  test before we visit to minimize risk in our presence.
  •  If on the trip, any travelers displaying symptoms of illness may be asked to obtain a negative COVID-19 test and/or doctor’s clearance before continuing with your trip. We can help you find a location to do this. Whilst on the trip, guests may also be required to wear a mask when necessary.
  • If you show symptoms of COVID-19 and are unwilling to be tested, GRRRLTRAVELER may remove you from the trip to prevent any risk to others.
  • Travel insurance is mandatory on all our group tours. We recommend your insurance covers COVID and quarantining.

What happens if you test positive for COVID while on the trip?

In the off-chance you get sick and test positive for COVID, we will help you find a hotel to quarantine and/or hospital.

You will be responsible for bearing the expenses. This is why trip insurance is compulsory.

If after you quarantine for the allotted days recommended by the CDC, you are welcome to rejoin the group. However, any expenses getting to the group will be your responsibility.


Thank you for your understanding. We want to keep all guests safe so they can enjoy their journey and be good stewards of the communities we enter.