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Our COVID-19 Policy

We want to you to experience the adventure of travel but safely and responsibly for yourself, guests and the local communities we enter.   Our COVID-19 policy may change based on entry requirements for each destination or if we visit vulnerable communities that have limited resources and infrastructure. Please check the conditions of the tour listing.

We aim to keep everyone safe while on our tour and to not place burden upon the communities we travel.  As such,…

You may be subject to these requirements:

• Vaccination status and proof of vaccination to ensure our group meets entry and exit requirements of that country’s guidelines and itinerary activities.

• You may be required to show a negative COVID test 72 hours before travel.

• For tours where we enter into small villages, homestays or rural communities – with little infrastructure- we may be issuing a free self-administered COVID  test before we visit to minimize risk in our presence.

• If you get sick – and for the safety of other guests and local interactions- we may offer you a self-administered rapid COVID test to take.

• Travel insurance is mandatory on all our group tours.

Who pays for my COVID tests?

You will be responsible for the booking and expense of any COVID tests inbound to the destination and outbound travel to your home country. But we will help you find a testing location.

In the special case where we enter villages and communities with limited resources, we will offer a free self-administered COVID test for all guests to minimize risk in exposing vulnerable communities to COVID.

What happens if you test positive for COVID while on the trip?

In the off-chance you get sick and test positive for COVID, we will help you find a hotel to quarantine and/or hospital.

You will be responsible for bearing the expenses. This is why trip insurance is compulsory.

If after you quarantine for the allotted days recommended by the CDC, you are welcome to rejoin the group. However, any expenses getting to the group will be your responsibility.

Thank you for your understanding. We want to keep all guests safe so they can enjoy their journey and be good stewards of the communities we enter.