Review: Vaginal facials and Dragon Hill Spa in Seoul

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Why does my face look like it’s going to explode? You don’t really want to know,  but keep reading to find out … Vaginal facials at Dragon Hill Spa


It’s not that I enjoy being naked in Korea’s bathhouses and jjimjilbangs.  But I do love the pampering of a good soak and scrub, whilst relaxing with the Korean bathing community.

In fact, being naked in a bathhouse is actually more comfortable than wearing a bikini on a beach!  Seeing bodies of all shapes, sags and sizes, parade around non-chalantly and matter-of-fact, I get to feeling less judgmental in general, about a pinch of fat here, cellulite there…

Is there hype at Seoul’s Dragon Hill Spa

On my return to Seoul, there was one luxury jjimjilbang I’d heard hype about. Dragon Hill Spa has been raved about by, The New York Times and bloggers being one of the best and more deluxe spas in Seoul, frequented by celebrities and TV broadcasts. It was a spot I’d been dying to try.

dragon hill spa

It was late Friday night when I arrived, around 11PM. The entrance was lit up in neon reminding me of either, a Las Vegas casino or a love motel. Judging from the long queue of 20-somethings waiting to get check in, it felt like nightclub bath and sauna life was ready to start rocking. This would be my hotel for the night.

When fellow Daegu-ite, Feather of Vegan Around the World met me, we were immediately greeted by a sashed ambassador. He was excited to sell us ‘spa packages’.

dragon hill spa, dragon hill spa seoul, korean jjimjilbangs in seoul, korean bathhouses in seoulAt the front desk, I pay and get my locker key and smock

IMG 8387Shoe lockers at the entrance: Being Korea, removing shoes is your first action to any entrance. Shoes go into a shoe locker

dragon hill spa seoulThird floor:  Women’s sauna section & its disappointingly “luxurious” sign

dragon hill jjimjilbang seoul Bathhouse lockers

Getting a Princess Spa package… is it worthwhile?

Ordinarily, I don’t do spa packages, but as this place is known for such glamorousness, why not give it a go? One time couldn’t hurt. Feather was game, as well.

But I spent a little too much on this package… try 168,000 Won. Yow!

After I paid my cha-ching at the reception desk, I was given smocks, 2 towels and a locker key. I dropped my shoes into our numbered lockers above and went to the bathhouse to change.  Read my guide to Korean bathhouses & jjimjilbangs

What do you get in a Princess Spa package?

•  A one hour Sports massage

We walked into a low lit room with two rows of massage tables lined facing each other. Two athletic-looking Korean lads, with bodies right out from Men’s Fitness magazine, emerged. With sizable arms and sensitive, but virile fingers, they pushed and mushed throughout our bodies, turning it inside out into heavenly pulp. As a single gal with knotted muscles and tight shoulders, this was both, visually and physically pleasing. Definitely worth whatever won I paid.

•  Imperial Oriental Medicinal “Hip Bath”

Feather calls this the “Vaginal facial”. I call it, ‘Instant Feminine Bonding’.

Lining the small room were little box stools with large cutout holes on the top. Below each hole sat a hot plate of medicinal herbs. An ajumma attendant motioned for us to remove our clothes. She handed us pink satin body skirts, which drape over the entire body, then motioned us to sit on the box and cover it with the skirt. Mysterious clouds began rolling away, when I remembered a Korean drama I’d seen where a girl was sitting on one of these things, roasting her bum! Or so I thought… It took me a while to figure out how to sit on it, without falling through.

It’s really your twat, which gets the herbal steaming and it’s supposed to help relieve tight hips and menstrual cramping. Yeah, okay… It gets really hot under that smock as there’s no place for the air to escape.  I’m not sure if it was worth the cost, but my nether regions got a fine roasting and I sure smelled ‘herbal’ afterwards.

korean hip opening
Feminine bonding: Oriental medicine hip bath or giving your vagina a facial

This is where I parted from Feather and we promised to meet up at the sleeping area.

I continued enroute through the rest of my spa package.

•  Getting scrubbed by an ajumma

Ever been in a Moroccan hammamThe most mesmerizing part of your bath is watching layers of dead skin get scraped from your body as if you were in molting season!  Well, I was about to molt.

A bare-chested ajumma emerged from the back. Sturdy and a staunch, she wore black laced panties, while hoisting on, her laced bra top. These working washers have “uniforms” and the black-laced undies are it. Dressed and looking like the mistresses of washing torture, I’d heard these ajummas can be rough. I was about to find out. My ajumma laid me out on the table and flayed me like a fish.   She grabbed her mits, dipped them in a vat of salts and proceeded to scrub my entire body in vigorous fashion, massaging in circulation and removing dead scales. Limbs were lifted, I was flipped around like a ragdoll, my boobs also got vigorous skin shuckings. Nothing was tender about it, but I emerged squeaky clean and baby soft!

Definitely worth every penny!

• Getting a Korean Princess’ Facial

I’d love to tell you what happened here. For the first five minutes, I felt the aesthetician doing some activity to my face and then …

I passed out.

All this pampering had made me tired. Mysterious things must’ve happened. Apparently, what I got was a “face cleansing, face massage, Vitamin C serum, Ultrasonic Wave Care and Nutrition Pack“. But when I awoke, there was no real evidence to prove it. My face looked different. Not prettier. Different. Brighter? Hairless? More moisturized ?

I don’t know . Sorry.

dragon hill spa facial, korean jjimjilbangs, korean bathhouses


Why is Dragon Hill Spa praised as Seoul’s luxurious spa?

Okay, princess packages aside, Dragon Hill Spa is ranked pretty high with TV shows and celebrities. But why?

You got me. I was a little disappointed.  It’s got nice facilities to spruce your stay and some fancy names for different rooms; but it’s only a pampering spa if you buy a spa package.  The bathhouse accommodated regular bathing features, heated pools to relax in, but nothing outside your standard spa stuff. Aside from the outdoor pool and game center, it’s not got a whole hell of a lot.

dragon hill spa seoul, korean jjimjilbangs in seoul, korean bathhouses in seoul, outdoor pool & sauna
jjimjilbang sleeping areaamusement and game center jjimjilbang overnighters asleep in the saunasauna Crystal light sauna games gaming center

noraebang room in korea, karaoke room in korea

dragon hill spa seoul

gym in a jjimjilbang, dragon hill spa seoul, korean jjimjilbangs in seoul, korean bathhouses in seoul
Gym in a jjimjilbang? Not larger than your hotel gym and you’ll need to pay to use it.

Dragon Hill Spa’s sleeping areas are limited

Sleeping space was one of my biggest peeves with the place. It hardly felt like the “best spa in Seoul” (here’s my pick) in that regard. For the crowd they pack in on the weekend, you’d think there would be more sleeping rooms. There’s one large coed rest area on the first floor and a small women’s sleeping room, which was packed.

I had no option left, but bed down in a tiny foyer room outside the women’s sleeping room, with my body twisting around other sleep skwirmers… under a bright light.

It was the worst sleep I’ve had. It undid any luxuriating or sports massaging that I paid for.

jjimjilbang couples

IMG 8396seoul dragon hill spa jjimjilbang

My take? It’s a normal jjijilbang spa. Aside from pay-per-pampering luxury, it’s nice but I wouldn’t call Seoul’s Dragon Hill Spa, the best overnight stay in Seoul.  As a rest pad, it’s pretty standard. You’ll get more sleep renting a hotel.


Dragon Hill Spa (Yongsan area, Seoul)
Directions: Outside, next to Yongsan KTX station (Line 1) and Mall. Ask a station attendant which exit to leave from as the station is large.
Ph: +82-2-792-0001 (English)
Hours: 24 hours
Daytime (05:00-20:00) – Adults 10,000 won / Children 6,000 won
Nighttime (20:00-05:00) – Adults 12,000 won / Children 6,000 won

Where to stay near Dragon HIll Spa: List of hotels in the area

What is your favorite spa in Seoul? Want to know my top pick in luxury jjimjilbangs in Seoul? Go here.


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  • Christine – Yep I stayed the night a Siloam once (think I also commented on your post about that too, lol!).

    If you (or any readers here) ever go to Dragon Hill again, when you go in the women’s shower room, there’s a door at the far end, just beyond the large cold tub, near the two steam rooms. That’s the door to the ladies’ outdoor (nude) area. It’s got a couple of hot tubs and a ‘wading’ pool, and it’s never very busy. Very relaxing on a cold day! 🙂

    • @Ari: Oops on the delayed response. That’s right, I thought you commented on that post as I initially responded also. I’ll definitely have to try that outdoor area– now you’ve got me a bit inspired to return there!

  • Hahaha I tried the vaginal steam thing at Dragon Hill last year – soooo bizarre! You’ve summed up the whole jjimjilbang experience really well, especially with all the pics – how on earth did you manage to get photos taken even in the hip-bath room?!

    I never tried any of the ‘spa packages’ at Dragon Hill, but as it’s really just a big jjimjilbang and not a dedicated luxury spa, I imagine it’s not the best place to spend your money on that kind of thing. Also, I know what you mean about limited sleeping areas! Always way too packed.

    However, Dragon Hill remains my favourite jjimjilbang in Seoul, mainly because it’s just so big and has so much to do, and also I love the outdoor baths in the women’s area. It’s always full of foreigners from all different countries, so you don’t feel like you ‘stand out’ if you’re not Korean. Plus it was the first jjimjilbang I ever went to, so it has good memories for me. I would always recommend it 🙂

    • @Ari: Asked the ajumma if she could take a photo of us, but I was a little timid to carry my DSLR as it’s right nxt to the bathing area. I only saw one outdoor pool/jacuzzi area on the first floor. There was a women’s ‘outdoor’ bathing pool?

      Seeing as you’re in Seoul, definitely try Siloam Spa ( when you get the chance! Much better sleeping area; you pretty much get an individual bed if you want.

      • That’s actually a pretty juicy photo of you in the sauna! Too bad we can’t see more “behind-the-scenes” photos. C’mon, Christine, dare to bare!

  • […] of Grrrl Traveler did a great job of summing up my sentiments in her review, Luxury at Seoul’s Dragon Hill… hip or hype?. If your heart is set on it, you should definitely go to Dragon Hill, but it seems more like a […]

  • Thanks, Christine! I personally guarantee to anyone who’s considering it that it’s not nearly as bad as they might think 🙂

  • There’s a famous all-nude bath house in Germany called the Friedrichsbad that I posted about, and it’s one of the cheapest ways to spend four hours getting pampered in a spa. I’ve tried to convince people that the nudity part is not such a big deal, but now I’ll just direct them over to here to find out what it would REALLY be like to test their comfort zones!

  • Wowsa! I’ve been to quite a few spas here in Korea and never once heard of the vagina facial. I’m not going to lie. That makes me a little bit jealous.

    • @Chance: It’s not too late for you!. Dragon HIll isn’t the only spa/jjijil which has this. I’ve seen it in others before but I think I always thought it was a restaurant! ha ha..

  • Aww i was just there this past Wednesday! Woulda been cool to run into you, but yea that was only my 2nd time being there but I remember I was a bit dissapointed after hearing all the hype. And yes the coed sleeping area is a site to see!

    • @James: =-) That’s okay, I have a better recommendation coming up. It’s only 13,000w jjimjilbang but it’s got better free features than Dragon Hill. And the sleeping area rocks!

  • Whoa, do you know how early in the morning I read this? “Vaginal facial” “A bare-chested ajumma emerged from the back.” Well it was either that or read the NYT on RSS, so I chose the better option!

    Spa’s aren’t really my thing. But damn if you haven’t tweaked my curiosity on the male packages version of what Dragon Hill Spa have on offer!

    So let’s add this one to the list!!

    • @Dave: Haha… You got me thinking about the male version. I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t scrubbing ajummas your bathhouse area. The ajummas are pretty hardcore, fortunately/unfortunately, they’d probably be clothed. =(

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