How to get to Boseong Green Tea Fields (from Daegu, Gwangju, Suncheon)

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Last Updated on September 22, 2010 by Christine Kaaloa

boesang bus terminal


While the transportation system is easy and convenient to take, Korea doesn’t make route information very easy at times and it takes internet research and effort to find your routes to places. Nevertheless, with persistence you will find it. Plotting my way to Boseong Tea Fields out of Daegu took a bit of effort to research.

There are no Daegu direct buses or trains to Boseong. There are two routes from Daegu ( Gwangju and Suncheon— both transfer cities offer a wealth of goodness if you choose to explore it along the way!) There are Korail stations in each city but I chose the bus route path. If you want a train, please research your findings and leave your trail in the comments section so others can benefit from your research.

All the info here, I found online and modified with my own findings:
To Readers: if you appreciate the information below, please  comment as it took a lot of work.
To Unknown Contributors: If you find some of your info copied & pasted here, but your work uncredited please let me know and I will link your site to this. It wasn’t my intention to post this information, but it took much effort to research such that I wanted to make it available to all.



Daegu Express Bus Terminal (next to Dongdaegu subway station, not across the street) > Gwangju > Boseong Bus Terminal (check Kobus site for accurate times)

SAM 3239

Gwangju Skyline

Gwangju Bus Terminal (U-Square) > Boseong Bus Terminal (check Kobus site)
Departure Times: 6:10 – 21:40
Travel Time: 90 minutes (runs every 30 min)

Fare: 7,300 KRW

Return: Gwangju to Daegu
6:00 and every 35 to 60 minutes to 21:00. Midnight bus at 22:40.

SAM 3241

Gwangju U-Turn Bus Terminal ticket counters;below is a schedule of Daegu return times

SAM 3242


Daegu Express Bus Terminal > Suncheon Bus Terminal > Boseong Bus Terminal

Daegu Express Bus Terminal > Suncheon Bus Terminal
Departure Times: 07:30 11:30 15:30 19:30
Travel Time: 210 minutes

Fare: 18,200 KRW

Suncheon Bus Terminal > Boseong Bus Terminal
Departure Times: 05:56 06:23 06:40 06:52 07:20 08:10 08:34 08:44 09:10 09:20 10:05 10:20
10:32 11:00 11:22 11:30 12:00 12:15 12:45 13:05 13:15 13:32 14:00 14:25 14:45 14:57 15:15
15:30 15:55 16:05 16:22 16:45 17:00 17:36 17:48 18:50 19:15 19:30 20:25 20:50
Travel Time: 100 minutes

Fare: 9,400 KRW Bus from Daegu to Boseong (3 hrs : 30min)

18,100 won

Boseong Bus Terminal, Boseong

SAM 3249

Boseong Bus Terminal to Green Tea Plantation & Yulpo
Approx 10-15 minute ride  (Approx. 1200 W)

At Boseong take a local bus to Yulpo (approx. 20 mins)
More information, contact the Boseong Bus Terminal: 061-852-2777

Getting to Boseong Tea Plantation :

“Take the city bus bound for the plantation at Boseong bus terminal, cost: 850 won.
Ask the driver to stop at the plantation (say «Nokcha Pat» for plantation).
From the bus stop walk up the road to the right to the first green tea field.

On a note, there is another green tea field a bit further along the highway.
The bus doesn’t stop there however, so you will either have to walk up the highway or grab a taxi to there. The second one is arguably more spectacular.”

SAM 3248

Return: Boseong to Gwangju (timetable pic above):

(1hr 45mins, runs every 30 min) bus fare: 5,400 W

SAM 3247

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  • This is amazing! Your blog always has the technical info I need! (I used your info for my trip to Vietnam too!) great! Thank you!

  • Hello, and thank you sooo much for this blog. The information you provided worked like a charm. Keep up the good work! You’ve been very helpfull to us but more specifically to my wife, you know a girl giving tips to another girl?

    Hope you don’t mind, we linked your blog to ours. Have a Nice day!


  • I just came back and your directions were pretty accurate from Gwangju. The only things that seemed to be different is the price is now ₩8400 one way to Boseong and you go to the green counter to get a ticket because the orange is for the express buses. You can also easily get your ticket from a kiosk instead of waiting in line.

    • Christine Kaaloa
      August 3, 2015 6:51 pm

      @Ericka: Awesome! Thanks for the update. At some point, I’ll probably want to go back for a visit. =D Hope you enjoyed it.

  • Thank you so much for providing this. It’s one of the last sights I want to see before I leave the country and you made the process hassle free for me.

  • ☆ kay ☆
    May 20, 2015 1:00 am

    Hi! Thank you very much for your hard work.
    I am planning to go here next month so this is very helpful!

  • Ahh so helpful!!! I am planning my brothers visit which includes a lot of organizing of how to get to different places. Thank you for making our trip to Boseong much easier!

  • Thanks for your kind sharing of information. I am going to Boseong by myself from Gwangju and excited! You are awesome!

  • What a great bit of info. Thanks so much 🙂

  • Thank you for the post. It was helpful for verification. One can call 02-1330 and it will give you all the bus routes to wherever one needs to get too as well.

  • Thank you so much! I was just researching bus sites trying to figure out how to get from Daegu to the green tea plantations. I am so glad I stumbled across this! Thank you for all of your hard work!

  • Thank Christine. So far I came across buses from Gwangju to Wando island, which mean I need to return to Gwangju then by bus to Wando. Actually I wanted to go to the other island, Cheongsando (known as one of the slow city in Korea). Anyway thks alot.

  • Thank you. It’s very good informative page. Do you think there is a bus going from Boseong to Wando Island.
    Thank you.

  • Laura in Cancun
    September 23, 2010 5:21 pm

    So awesome of you to do this! I have to use the bus often around Mexico as well, and it can also get a bit complicated!

    • @Laura: Thanks. I can only imagine that Mexico’s bus system might be a little crazy! Somehow, we find a way to work with it, huh?
      @Chance: Thanks, lady. This you know. Korea’s bus system is great but finding information on it can take a lot of time and sometimes, internet scouring.

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  • What a ver relevant and helpful piece. What a kind soul you are for taking the timet o do this.

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