Korean Love Motels in Suncheon & Korean Porn

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It was another weekend romp with my new travel BFF, Chance and we were on back on our weekend tour of Korean Love Motels. Again.

On the way back from a misty day sightseeing Boseong Tea Fields and the green tea saltwater spa at Yulpo, we decided to sleepover in Suncheon.

We arrived in Suncheon bus terminal at 11PM, headed straight for the flourescent lights and the first cheesy-sounding  motel.

Korean love motels in Suncheon

Love motels are one word… fun! My first stop of my love motel tour was Motel BMW.  The name sure rang a bell,… but I didn’t expect BMW as the type of company to sport a motel of this nature.

The front desk clerk tried convincing us that being a Saturday night, all the rooms in town were sold out

and he had the last one.  That was not true. There weren’t any Korean festivals or conventions to my knowledge.  There were several motels in the neighboring radius; and I didn’t believe Suncheon would be that sex-crazed a city to warrant each pad fully booked.

And it wasn’t….

IMG 0097

Love motels in Suncheon don’t hit theme park excitement.

Most motels around the bus station go for 30,000W/night (approximately $28) for a deluxe to queen-sized bed ; it’s 35,000W/night if you want PC computer in it.  Motel designs we saw weren’t chic, kitschy or attention-grabbing, in the least and most rooms only offered basic amenities. Disappointing.  Jeonju’s motels left us with such high hopes

IMG 0110
The Emerald Hotel

korean love motelsYes Hotel.

SAM 3259The Sun Motel

We saw 5 or 6 different love motels. By midnight, we had a winner. At 60,000W we splurged on a VIP room at the Hotel Savoy. It looked classy, Sheraton-like and it was Chance’s birthday weekend. Our room had a deluxe bed, living room, separated bath and toilet rooms, our own Windows PC, shower robes and uh,… free Korean Playboy.

IMG 0119
Not quite sure which way I should read this…
IMG 0122

IMG 0123.

Korean Porn is anti-climactic and disappointing.

It’s all boobs and gyrations, but you never see anything nitty gritty. Not even pubic hair or a penis! Korea’s X-ratings must really be “R”. Programs were like Showtime‘s version of soft porn, with the exception that some have a crazy Asian horror twist, which kinda makes you laugh.  Here’s some scenarios:

SAM 3267

SAM 3270

The Vengeful Lover :

Girlfriend has an affair with a lover in a motel and boyfriend enters in on them. Boyfriend breaks down in front of the bed and bawls. The lovers smoke cigarettes in front of him as if he isn’t there…  He bawls and bawls; they continue to smoke. Boyfriend leaves and decides revenge is key. He returns to the motel to find girlfriend (and lover) now having a threesome (alluded to but nothing explicit shown). Enraged, he takes out his knife and goes in for the kill…. Lover screams… Cut to black.


Girl in Shower Montage:

Naked girl in shower. CU montages. A nipple, a breast, a leg, girl sprays water on herself (no, it’s not like an erotic or sensual stripper dance; it’s like a woman taking an actual shower). Intercut– girl rolling the Pepsi bottle over her body and simulating oral sex… well, sorta. I didn’t know what to think. Was this an art movie, a girl showering or a Pepsi ad?

How sexy is Korean porn?

I’m sorry, I could only last those two shows and they were snoozers! I switched the channel to get my blood racing again and landed on Wanted, where Angelina Jolie made holding a machine gun and spraying bullets in a convenience store look 10x hotter!

scary joliephoto from www.thebuzzmedia.com


Where to stay in Suncheon:

There’s many love motels within the neighborhood of the Suncheon bus station. As I mentioned before, just follow the neon lights and funny hotel name signs that are in English. Hotel Savoy is north of the bus station but you’ll need to ask around.

What to Do and See in Suncheon in 24 hours?

While I’m sure there’s a list of things you can do in Suncheon, we were only there for 3/4 of a day and needed to get back to Daegu. It was a Sunday and Monday it was back to work. Two main things of interest there is the Suncheon Film Studios where you can take a location tour of popular Korean Dramas and  Suncheon Ecological Bay.

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