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Last Updated on January 30, 2022 by Christine Kaaloa


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One of the top female solo travel bloggers and top female travel vloggers on YouTube, this is GRRRLTRAVELER in the Press page. 

 Christine Kaaloa follows her passion for solo travel and filming travel videos of the solo experience.  An accomplished television camera operator and producer/director in New York City, Christine has lived and taught in Korea, is a SAG-AFTRA actress and  is open to speaking engagements and sponsorships . She is currently based in Hawaii.

 Press Photos

Meteora Stoxos.gr, greek news grrrltraveler, greek news christine kaaloa
grrrltraveler on greek news, chirstine kaaloa on greek news
Do It While You're Young

As the First Top Female Solo Travel channel on YouTube, dedicated to solo travel vlogging as a guide for travelers, Christine has been a female solo travel blogger since 2008. These are the publications recognizing her work. Thank you to all the authors and magazines/shows listed here.


grrrltraveler seen on

Media Credits

Shooter &/or Field Producer

Nat Geo Strange Truth
Nat Geo Unlikely Animal Friends
Travel Channel ‘The Trip ‘
CBS Hawaii Five O News & Docs
Fox News L.A.
Food Network Meal Makeovers
GSN Grand Slam
MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen
MTV: Engaged & Underage
MTV: True Life Camp’d Out – Rock Camp
MTV: True Life Camp’d Out -Sports Camp
MTV: True Life Camp’d Out -Acting Camp
MTV : The Little Talent Show
PBS Between the Folds
US Weekly 100 Top New Yorkers
BET Breakfast with JayZ
VH-1 Motormouth

More clients here


GRRR Featured Television, News & Online

Transferwise Promotional Video 2018
Fortune Telling Street, Taipei 2018
Jilin, China, 2018.
National Geographic Channel.
Strange Truth: Theme Amusement Parks. ( “Suwon Toilet Museum”). 2016.
ANT1 TV«  Διάσημη blogger έμεινε άναυδη στα Μετέωρα.  (Greek News TV feature)
MegaTV ||  Διθυράμβοι αμερικανών blogers για Πίνδο & μετέωρα . (Greek News TV feature- watch at 02:07)


Speaker Engagements

Girl Scouts of Hawaii: “Media Day”. Jan 2022
NIT Durgapur, India || The Literary Circle, Star Talk,Verve 2021 Festival.
Female Solo Travel  Mar 2021 (Watch Now)
It takes unimaginable courage and an unquenchable thirst for adventure to solo travel the world by oneself, but thankfully for us and her millions of adoring fans, Ms. Christine Kaaloa is the perfect embodiment of such qualities. A true inspirer of the globetrotter in all of us. Through her venture GRRRL TRAVELER, she has been relentlessly working at empowering thousands of solo travellers in demystifying their fear of solo travel, and in doing so, has amassed a huge number of followers across all social media platforms.

Podcast Interviews

Anything is possible and the more you travel,  every dream you can think of becomes a possibility.” ~ Christine Ka’aloa

The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast || S2 EP 08 – Interview With Christine Kaaola Travel Host/Creator for GRRRLTRAVELER on Youtube. May 2021

The Pursuit Zone: TPZ208: Teaching in Korea, Traveling India and Making Travel Videos with Christine Ka’aloa Feb 3, 2021

Featured Media

The HBA Eagle Eye |
GRRRLTRAVELER: The Girl Behind the GRRR. 2020.
The Wall Street Journal |
Travel Blogger, Now Stuck at Home, Adjusts Business Model
AmEx Essentials |
Alone & Female: Solo Women Travellers tell their most inspiring stories
TripSista |
21 Memorable Travel Destinations for Women
Flight Network (Listed ParticipantJudge) || World’s Ultimate Bucketlist ©
Flight Network  (Featured Judge)  || 
World’s 50 Best Beaches©

50 Travelzoo UK « «  Solo Female Travel Tips – 11 Top Bloggers Share Their Wisdom
The Working Traveller« Ask the Experts
Women’s Need «  Most Beautiful Cities in Europe for Women Traveling Alone.
Stokxos News « ΤΑ ΜΕΤΕΩΡΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΤΟ ΠΙΟ ΕΞΩΓΗΙΝΟ ΜΕΡΟΣ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΑΣ!» ΧΑΒΑΝΕΖΑ ΤΑΞΙΔΙΩΤΙΚΗ BLOGGER ΕΧΕΙ ΜΕΙΝΕΙ ΑΦΩΝΗ ΜΕ ΤΗΝ ΜΟΝΑΔΙΚΗ ΟΜΟΡΦΙΑ ΤΗΣ ΚΑΛΑΜΠΑΚΑΣ (VID) (translation: Meteora is the site of Greece Aliens!” Hawaiian Travel Blogger is left speechless by the Unique Beauty of Kalabakas. “)

ingossip.gr (and defencenet.gr, kalabakacity.gr, diaforetiko.gr, kalambakanews.gr,  staxos, tameteora.gr, iefermida, 24wro.eu, trikalavoice, zougla, thessalianews.gr || Χαβανέζα τρώει σουβλάκι στα Μετέωρα και γράφει: Είναι το εξωγήινο μέρος της Ελλάδας (Βίντεο + Φωτο).
 iefimerida || Korean woman blogger lists 15 things to do in Saorini.  (Greek News)|
Rationalwiki.org   Mermaid.    (citation :  Korean female divers)
Huffington Post || Using Squat Toilets
Times of India  || Be a Bollywood Extra!
Korea Times || Italian Paper Love Hotels taint Korea’s image as host to F1.

Creditwalk.ca.||   Solo Travel: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Aug 2015
Dailymail.co.uk ||  Top tips on being a successful solo traveller.
BootsnAll  || Why Travel.
Solo Travelist  || Travel Tips for Taking the Local Bus.
Solo Travelist ||  How to Deal with Travel Scams.
Meet Plan Go  ||  How to Safely Travel Solo on your Career Break
PADI  || Getting a PADI certification in Thailand. (February 2012)
Travelinsurance.org || Packing Tips for Traveling Light in the Summer Heat
EPIK. || Making a Pilgrimage: The Hike to Gatbawi.  (Dec 10, 2010)
Go Backpacking ||  Woman’s Guide to Using Squat Toilets .

star top blogger awards

Top Blogger Awards & Mentions

I want to thank all the publications which have listed me as their Top Female Travel Vlogger/Blogger/Instagrammer.


Contiki || 20 solo female travel accounts to follow in 2021

ViaTravelers || 14 Travel Vloggers You Should Be Following. May 2021
Bradt Guides ||
8 of the Best YouTube Travel Channels You Should Be Following , Feb 2021
Outlook India || 1o Unique Women Travel Vloggers You Must Follow


Bust Magazine || 5 Travel Vloggers of Color you Should Be Following Right Now, Dec 2020
Flockbrain ||
25 Best Indian Travel Blogs, July 2020
Outlook Traveller ||
10 Unique Women Travel Vloggers You Must Follow , Mar 2020
Expert Vagabond || YouTube Travel Videos: 30 Best Vloggers Channels to Follow Jan 2020
Travel Global || Top 10 RICHEST Travel YouTubers IN THE WORLD (Mark Wolters, Christine Kaaloa, Aly Ford)
Filtergrade || 15 Amazing Travel Vloggers


Contiki ||15 solo female travellers you should be following in 2019

Travel Fashion Girl || Most Inspiring Female Travelers on Instagram
Rebecca Goes Best Travel Vloggers: 10 YouTube Channels I Watch


Nepal Tourism Board, PATA Nepal || Best Vlogger/Blogger Award of Himalayan Travel Mart

PADI | 14 Female Divers who will make you want to Dive around the Globe, July 2018
Swipe Life | Tinder || What The Rise Of Female Solo Travel Says About Today’s Single Culture, Nov 2018
Travel BFF || The 10 Most Inspirational Solo Female Travelers Online
Feedspot Blog || Top 100 Solo Travel Youtube Channels by Solo Female & Male Travelers
Student Flights || 8 Bloody Female Travel Videographers to Inspire your Next Adventure
Feedspot Blog || Solo Female Travel YouTube Channels


Frommers || 21 Beautiful Instagram Feeds by Beautiful Travelers
Taxidio || Top 22 Travel Vlogs to Follow if you’re a Travel Junkie
The Points Guy ||  7 Solo Female Travelers You Should Be Following on Instagram
HuffPost || 7 Unknown Instagram Accounts to Follow for Travel Inspiration
Student Travel | 8 Bloody Perfect Female Travel Videographers to Inspire your Next Adventure


Travel Fashion Girl  || Top Travel Blog for Women in 2016
Mapping Megan   || Sexiest Travelers of 2017
Going Somewhere Slowly || 3 Travel Vloggers to Follow
Mountainiq.com || 50 Best Adventure Travel Blogs
Credit Donkey || Best Female Travel Blogs 2016:  Top Influential Views
Jovago  || Amazing Destinations Which Are Perfect For Women Traveling Alone
HolidayLettings.co.uk || The Best Travel Photos of 2016

Mike’s Road Trip || The Best Travel Video Bloggers in the Business
The Planet D || Top Travel Bloggers on YouTube
List.ly || Top Travel Blogs by Solo Travelers


TripAdvisor || 20 Female Solo Travel Bloggers Share Tips for First Timers.  Oct 2015.
HolidayLettings.co.uk. || Top 20 Budget Travel Bloggers of 2015.  August 2015.
The Traveling Fool.  || 101 of the Best Twitter Accounts to Follow. August 2015
Lash World Tour || Top 100 Female Solo Travel Blogs  #35
Oyster.com  || 7 Unknown Travel Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following.  July 2015
ooaworld || Best Travel Video Sites.   May 2015
Bloggies || Weblog Awards: 2015 bloggies   Finalist. May 2015
TomorroWoman ||  15 Female Travel bloggers to be Inspired by in 2015. May 2015
MonarchAirlines.co.uk  || Monarch Bloggers of the Month: May.
Aussie on the Road. || Travel Blogging Crushes 2015.
Brit + Co. || 20 Amazing Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram.  


TheRunaway Guide. || Top 100 World Travel Experts.
Nomadic Samuel. || Top 100 Travel Blogs.
Travel Junkette || 50 Kick-Ass Female Travel Blogs to Follow in 2014.
Bricktownhotelokc.com || Top 80 Female Travel Bloggers of 2014.
101Holidaysco.uk. || Best Travel Blog Posts April 2014


Worldette. || Interview with Christine Kaaloa: Home, Solo Travel, Being an Expat.  Sept 2013.  (mp3)
The Working Traveller || Workers of the World Profiles G-L.. 2013
World First Travel Insurance || Fantastic 50 Travel Websites.  May 2013
The Zen Photographer || 100 Kick-Ass Travelers Worth Following on Twitter. Mar 16,2013.
BackpacksnBedbunks.co.uk. || Cool Travel Blogs.


Do It While You’re Young ||  10 Women Who Will Teach you how to Kickass at Travel and Life.  
 All Women Stalk ||10 Inspiring Travel Blogs by Women.
GoAbroad.com || ‘Blog of the Week: Grrrl Traveler’.
Findertrip ||  The 5 Best Women Travel Blogs to Follow in 2012. February, 2012.


The Longest way Home || Where have all the good travel blogs gone: my travel blog directory.


Almost Fearless ||  The Best of 2010: 100 Inspired Travel Blogs. 
Monkey Brewster || 50 Women Travelers- Eat your Heart Out ‘Eat Pray Love
 Runaway Jane ||Top 5 Favorite Female Travel Bloggers 
GO!Overseas || Top Blogger for Korea   (Website : My Crazy Kimchi!)
GO!Overseas ||  Top Blogger for Korea   (Website : GRRRL TRAVELER)
GO!Overseas || Featured Blogger
Raveable.com ||  Featured Blogger


interviews with christine kaaloa grrrltraveler



Vagabonding ||  Vagabonding Case Study: Christine Kaaloa.
Bren on the Road || Female Solo Travel: A Peek into Christine Ka’aloa’s life as a traveler.
Hotels Cheap.org  || Interview with Christine Kaaloa with HotelsCheap.org


Soul Sisters |Soul Sister Spotlight: Christine Kaaloa of GRRRLTRAVELER.
Worldette ||  Interview with Christine Kaaloa: Home, Solo Travel, Being an Expat (mp3)
Wandering Souldier  ||  Interview with Christine Kaaloa of GRRRLTRAVELER .

Guess I Wanted an Adventure ||  Interview with Christine Kaaloa from GRRRL TRAVELER. 
Go!Girl Guides  || Girls that Go! An Interview with Christine Kaaloa.


GoAbroad.com  ||  GoAbroad Interview: Christine Ka’aloa 


Nomadic Chick  || What is a Gap Year? Gypsy Wednesday at  Jan 2010 (mp3)

grrrltraveler mentioned, top solo female travel blogger, travel inspiration

Speaking Engagements: Travel & Digital Media

Christine 20banner 300 20simple 20Worldette
2013    Event Speaker. Worldette End of Summer Party event. Sept 2013.
2007    MFA Alumni Jury Scholarship Panelist,   School of Visual Arts MFA Alumni Scholarship, New York, NY.
2003    Speaker, The Listening Pillow, the Digital Future & the New Narrative.  New York, NY.
2003    Named one of the New Leonardos in presentation of the New York Digital Salon 2003, NY.
(2002-2008 Video installation and film works screened at various festivals in the world. See video artist CV)
2000   Resident Artist/Lecturer  : Post Modern Japan & Butoh, Die, France.

star top blogger awards

 My Clients in Television Production

I have a career in television production and entertainment. I work on docu-reality, travel and lifestyle television shows as crew, producer/director and (international) location scouting, fixer and casting.client-networks-brand

Magazine & Online Published Stories

Thrillist. Fortune Telling Street, Taipei 2018
Jilin, China, 2018.

Daegu Pockets Magazine, Daegu Compass Magazine, EPIK, Solo Travelist Magazine, Expacked, Nanoomi, Raveable.com.

Christine has been a contributor  (writer & photographer) for expat travel publications.   Click on images below for pop-out.

Daegu Compass Magazine ||  Getting a PADI certification in Thailand.  (March 2012. Print)
Daegu Compass Magazine ||  Kimbap Restaurants: The healthy fast food joints in Korea.  (Jan 2012)
Daegu Compass Magazine ||  Surviving the Overnight Seater Train to Laos.  (November 2011)
Daegu Compass Magazine ||  BB Cream: Korea’s best skin care secret.  (May 2012)
Daegu Pockets ||  Finding love in a Korean Motel. (August 2010)
Daegu Pockets || Haeneyo: The Last Generation of Korean Mermaids.  (December 2010)