Sniff First! Flip-Flops for Dog Loving Travelers




A dog’s nose is their passport! Inspired by my dog Tinker- who is a grade A sniffer- dogs can pick up infinite information in a scent.

Prepare for an adventurous and carefree summer with a pair of colorful slippers that are created just for you! The rubber sole is lined with a soft fabric to make sure you feel comfortable wherever your day takes you.

I love these flip flops! They’re different.

But for those new to flip flops, I’ve worked at a beachwear shop and fitted folks with slippers:

  • Check sizes- they are unisex S, M, L. I am a women’s 8.5/9 and men’s 7 and I am riding the edge of a Small but straps are fitted. A Medium on me is about an inch+half longer, so I prefer the slightly larger, even though straps are a little loose.
  • Straps- are soft and flexible but with larger sizes, they can be looser.
  • Fabric top is smooth but not slippery. Still, if you’re used to a bit of traction under your foot for gripping, this might not be for you. It took me a little bit to adjust to it, but I still enjoy wearing them. I just wouldn’t go hiking in them.
  • Super soft rubber and absorbs impact.

• Rubber sole
• 100% polyester fabric lining on top but washable
• Black Y-shaped rubber straps
• Toe post style

Additional information

Weight N/A

Size Chart

Size guide
US men 6-7 8-9 10-11
US women 7-8 9-11 11-12
EU 36-38 39-41 42-44