2:1 YouTube Channel Audit (Special Discount Inside)

$250.00 $225.00

Get a FREE YouTube Consulting session when you purchase a YouTube Channel Audit.  My goal is to get your YouTube channel to the next level — and ultimately put you on a path to being the best YouTuber you can be. As a YouTube travel influencer and blogger, I also offer a coaching and mentorship program.

I’m offering this special deal for YouTube channel owners, who want to elevate their YouTube channel, search presence, and brand personality. Let’s work together to grow your channel and improve your strategy!


Find out exactly where your channel strength stands and where you need to go from here with a full analysis of your website, and game plan recommendations tailored just to you!

Here’s how it works:

I will email you an onboarding questionnaire for you to fill out so I know your goals and trouble spots you’re targetting.

There are many aspects to why YouTube channel hit a plateau or remain stuck. I go through your channel, along with your questionnaire, and take notes on all aspects of your channel branding, content and images, channel format and more. I’ll be identifying the areas of growth and needed improvement. In some cases, I may need to do followup deep dive questions. I’ll send you a report.

We have a 1 hour Zoom consulting call discussing my findings and next steps you can take to improve your channel.



I am offering a $50 referral commission to any consulting client, if you bring along a new client. They get the same $50 special as you, deducted at the time of purchase. Email subscribers get a 15% off discount with code. Sign up here.



Christine was so easy to talk to. Her passion for helping other creators really showed because she was able to listen and asking critical questions that helped me in thinking through my ideas. You need someone that’s done it and took the hard steps so you’ll save time and able to have a better direction. She was able to grab an important essence from my stories and that can be used as a starting guide to establish my brand. I gained a whole lot of clarity and made me excited to start this journey. Definitely recommended! Loved every single second of our session.” – Zhara D., Branding Consultant, United Kingdom

“Working with Christine for just an hour helped me overcome so many limiting beliefs and left me with a ton of tactical next steps. I felt so good that the next day, I was able to film 4 Youtube videos in just 1.5 hours! I would not have been able to do so without Christine’s help and coaching. She identified blockers that I didn’t know I had, and really encouraged and helped me move forward. If you’re struggling with Youtube, don’t know where to start, or want her take on your videos/theme/branding, Christine is who you need to hire!” — Jessica Y, Bossgrad Launchpad, Los Angeles, CA

Christine is so down to earth and knowledgeable. Talking to her offered me a different perspective about YouTube and really helped me to feel empowered in sharing my journey and being myself. Before talking to Christine, I had a lot of doubts that my content wasn’t good enough and I wasn’t enough of an expert, which led me to overthink my content and video ideas a lot. The questions Christine asked helped me reframe my thoughts about myself and my capabilities of creating YouTube videos. She helped me realize that it’s not about being 100% perfect but it’s about being real and authentic. She really surpassed my expectations and I highly recommend working with Christine!”-– Nadia S, Instagram for Bullet Journalists & Artists

I was growing really fast on youtube and hit a plateau, and no matter what I did I couldn’t seem to get back to the momentum that I had. I knew I needed someone’s perspective on it, and when I saw Christine’s offer for coaching, I latched on to it! Our session was informative and gave me a lot of insight to where to look at on my analytics, how to know what my audience is looking for, and giving me the bravery to try different things!” —  Le An Lai L., Virtual ATE, Philippines