YouTube Starter Bundle

$150.00 $99.00

Power up your YouTube game with this YouTube Starter Bundle.  This no-fluff bundle is a starter kit for important elements of a Youtube channel. From learning how what equipment equipment is best for your budgetary needs to setting up your script for strong retention and conversion to learning how to generate an income from day one… and more, this primer will set you on the right path to YouTube success.

⚡In this bundle you’ll get:

• 59 Ways to Monetize your Videos on YouTube -25 page pdf $55 Value

• The Best YouTube Film Gear List for All Budgets – $47 Value
 (*this is not my free equipment guide)

• How to Create your Channel Banner Art (video training ) – $160 Value

• YouTube Creator Checklist – Make sure you’re on point with a checklist for the entire process from pre-production to publishing and promoting. $60 Value

TWO Power Flow Templates (Excel/Google Sheets + Instructional  VIDEO Lesson)–  $300 value
*These are templates I’ve used to systematize my video workflow . The time you’ll save is priceless!

Video Editing Workflow tracker Track your editing workflow, stages and have everything in one place, so you know your priority, income purpose and more.

Video Ideas/Keyword tracker Keep your video ideas and its research in one place.


That’s over $700 of value!

YouTube Starter Bundle

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