Top 5 souvenirs to bring back from Korea

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What are the best souvenirs from Korea?


On my recent trip to Korea (and incidentally, my mother’s return from her Korean drama tour), the subject of souvenir gifts weighed as a topic on my mind… Why? Because I’ve gotta bring back souvenirs for family and friends! But oi… what to get?

If you’re visiting Korea and shopping for holiday stocking stuffers or just bringing back some good ole souvenirs for friends and family, which won’t load down your luggage like a bag of bricks, here’s some fun and interesting ideas for you. Check out my video and buying tips here.

Best souvenirs from Korea

1. K-drama and K-pop paraphernalia

If you have friends and family who are fans of popular Korean dramas and K-pop like I do, then this is probably at the top of your list! You can find calendars, socks and notebooks, all plastered with the faces of your favorite Korean celebs! But idol shops aren’t easy to find and there aren’t as many as you’d think. You’ll find a few in Seoul’s Insadong, Namdaemun usually doubling as souvenir shops; but according to Khanh in Korea, Myeongdong is your shopping haven .

But just an interesting note for the idol obsessed: while Korea manufactures the star power, it’s Japan that’s got the dibs on carrying variety when it comes to fan-obsessed glitteratzi! As I recently found on my trip to Japan, they’ve got a broader selection ranging from stickers, coffee mugs, posters, mini cards, keychains… you name it!

k-pop fan pictures, k-pop souvenirs, where to buy k-pop fan souvenirs, where to buy korean drama star pictures and paraphenalia, collecting korean drama star and k-pop star pictures

Above & Below: Mini notebooks and cards with the face of your favorite star .
park yoochun calendar, kim hyun joong calendar, where to buy korean drama calendars, favorite korean drama stars Calendars  

2.  Socks

Korea has the leverage on fun socks if you ask me. Maybe it has to do with the Korean custom of removing your shoes in exchange for house slippers and not wanting to expose your bare feet…

But it doesn’t matter what age you are, you’ll be tempted to buy them because they’re just fun and plain adorable! Some are like couple outfits but for your feet; others are cute enough to make you wish you were a kid again. And then there are socks for those who want to have their favorite celebs pandering at their feet.

cute korean socks, oppa socks in korea, gangnam style socks and clothes

Can you guess which Oppa this is supposed to be? 

cute korean socks, oppa socks in korea, where to buy korea socks

Above & Below:  Matching pairs form a picturecute korean socks, oppa socks in korea, where to buy korea souvenirs, where to buy korean socks


3.  Electronics

Korea is cutting edge when it comes to electronic accessories; as such, they’ve gotten proficient at squeezing them down to sizes ranging from micro-mini and cute. In Seoul, the places to go which are often said to hold bargains are Yong-san Electronics Mall and Techno Mart.

But if you’re from the U.S., I can’t promise you you’ll find savings which will beat the online prices of Amazon, even if you’re buying Korean products like Samsung. Korea is known for it’s technology but just because they manufacture it, it doesn’t mean it’ll be cheaper there. For some reason, in Korea, that’s not the rule of thumb. I’d save the big equipment for when you get home and shop for the smaller items.

technology in korea, miniature technology in korea, korea technology, usb in korea

4. Get the cute cultural souvenirs but don’t forget the silverware!

Keychains displaying traditional Korean clothing are obvious, but there are subtler things, which carry equal importance for Koreans and happen to make for practical gift giving! Metal chopsticks are ubiquitous to Korea (get wooden or bamboo ones and you’re actually spelling a different country!) and long-stemmed metal spoons with round scoops are also strictly Korean (the next size down will be the size of baby spoons used for yogurt).

korean bear keychains, cute korean souvenirs, where to buy korean souvenirs

Above: Cute keychain bears dressed in traditional Korean clothingkorean culture, korean metal chopsticks, cute korean souvenirs, where to buy korean souvenirs Above: Metal chopsticks & long-stemmed spoons.


5. Korean beauty products and Korean makeup

Koreans believe in looking good, when they step out of the house. As such, you’ll find a wealth of skin care shops, all endorsing a famous face to sell their product.  Missha, The Faceshop, Nature Republic, Skin Food, Hanskin, etc… But another reason to buy skin care products and Korean BB cream (read here)  is that Korean skin care is generating global interest, for using high-quality natural ingredients and its showing good results. Compared to brand name wrinkle creams and moisturizers in the U.S., they’re also significantly cheaper!

Best all-purpose and super simple self-pampering souvenirs  (under $5) are Korean face masks, nail polish and hand cream. They’re popular in Korea and regularly used as a beauty regimen or maintenance.

Asia in general has a different aesthetic from the West.  So you’ll find curious novelty items that you might not ordinarily see at home.  How about some double-eyelid tape, a jaw massager to reduce your jawline or even a facial slimming mask (watch my video on how it worked for me)?

Sometimes, it helps to just sift through Daiso and 1,000 won stores.

jyj ad, tony moly, skin care in korea, beauty in korea, skin care shops in korea, skin care ads in korea with famous drama kpop stars

Korean beauty products: JYJ (and my favorite on the far right, Park Yoochun of Rooftop Prince) as posterboys for Tony Moly. Formerly Kim Hyun Jun was the posterboy for this.  

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Best things to Buy Korea

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i get 10 korean buses at my chinese buffet. also get a few prison buses family visiting inmates. trying to find ideas of things i could sell koreans. anyone have any suggestions? socks long spoons, batteries phone charger ?


Yoo Chuuuuun! <3


stumbled to ur page as i was looking for great souvenirs to request from my friends in Korea..nice suggestions by the way, espc the electronics I didn’t thought of it. i think I’d ask one more to my list..thanks!

    Christine Kaaloa
    July 19, 2015 1:04 pm

    Hi Je~ Thanks for dropping by! Electronics is good; it’s probably not as cheap as it would be in the U.S. or ordered on Amazon. Korea has it’s bargainable places though. ;


hey everyone! we always goto seoulsocks located in gangnam, seoul. Awesome place with great sock selection. enjoy korea!

    Christine Kaaloa
    July 15, 2015 10:04 am

    There are many sock vendors in Korea, you can find them at underground malls, at kiosks, etc… too.


[…] Top 5 fun gifts to bring back from Korea l Grrrl Traveler […]


[…] while ago, I wrote a post on my top 5 favorite Korean souvenir gifts and they still hold true to today, with a few additions. Korea has a lot of cool things to buy. […]


rreally really nice post i will go to seoul next months probably socks i would buy ^_^ looks so cute


awesome post here i went to korea many times but didnt know what to buy. Socks are so cute will be my thing next time ^_^

    Christine Kaaloa
    July 1, 2014 8:48 pm

    @Jaxkung: Enjoy Korea! Grab many socks. One of my favorite is a bear with a jjimjilbang (korean sauna) headress that looks like Star Wars Princess Leia.


My boyfriend came back from Korea with a pair of K-Pop-I-love-you socks. I thought they were hilarious!


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