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Travel Video Marketing

Video is a powerful tool, providing an immersive experience and giving travel consumers confidence in their choices.

Experiential video reviews, feature listings, Branded videos • Video Marketing for Social Media  •  Brand Ambassador Partner  • . FAM/ Media Trips

We offer standard and customized packages with add-on services. Please email us for inquiries.  



We produce experiential videos with the goal of engaging audiences~  inspire, inform, entertain and give value. Consumers seek authenticity, honest reviews and experiential word-of-mouth recommendations  and travel video allow travelers to make more confident consumer decisions. We strive to create evergreen content.

With over 15 years of specialized television and video marketing experience, Christine Kaaloa produces and films branded videos for broadcast, corporate, hospitality, event coverage, news, documentary. Her personal clients have include MTV, Nat Geo, VH-1, BET, Yahoo, CBS, NBC, Food Channel, HGTV .  She works in New York City, Los Angeles and now resides in Hawaii. Visit our sister BluinkInteractive

See our case study portfolio our travel video work.

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Clients must bear travel/accommodation/transportation expenses, as per industry standard. We do not accept work-in-exchange. 




Note: value calculates influencer worth and audience exposure. This rate is taken from a mid-level value (not high or low).  This rate does not include travel expenses, production/post-production costs, creative strategy, and team fees.  We prioritize paid campaigns and clients must bear travel/accommodation/transportation costs, as per industry standard. 

Travel Video Marketing
Branded Video Campaigns
Social media video marketing
Terms and Payment

Travel Video Marketing

We have options for various budgets and we offer competitive rates for our work in both, influencer and traditional video production. We are happy to offer a custom quote according to your project/budget needs.  Rates are based estimated production costs, time and Social Bluebook estimated values on ad exposure.

Video Marketing Services

Our YouTube travel audience engagement/exposure is valued at $2,500- $8,000 per upload. This does not include production costs, talent fee, equipment, etc…

Filming, conceptualizing and editing videos around sponsored work takes time and creative skill and we respect our brand reputation and audiences. If you’d like to use our video for your internal use or marketing to your audience, we can negotiate terms of use for a fee.

  • SHOUT OUT / Mentions   (based on availability): $500
    • mention (beginning of video and your link in description box)
      >30-45 second at the beginning/end of our video; “This video was brought to you by…(and description of service)”  You send me script  structure and I mush it around to fit. We charge a similar price for a 12 month link in our website post with the exception; but this is for the lifetime of the video.
    • Your business is featured in a Best of experiential video.  We visit your location and film ourselves interacting with it. Business must have positive online ratings and we vet all our experiences before recommending it. Client is required to share it on their platforms to help promote its growth and ranking. Note: Client covers all travel/transportation/accommodation expenses.

If we are already filming your location for our listing, for an additional fee, we will create a short form video or commercial for your personal marketing needs. Note: Client covers all travel/transportation/accommodation expenses.

  • FEATURE VIDEOS (Experiential ): Request quote
    This is feature video dedicated to the experience of your hotel, tour, product.
    Email us with your project idea and budget for quote. Note: Client covers all travel/transportation/accommodation expenses.
  • Shooter/Field Producer Hire only (includes basic camera gear): $650/8 hour day .

    We facilitate interviews and create stories on-the-fly with no scripting. As mentioned, Christine’s experience as a producer is at a broadcast level.  Hired as a dayplayer, we produce and film and at the end of the day, we give you full ownership of the video footage. We can edit the video (Rates- $175/minute) or you hand it over to your editor. Each additional hour of filming after 8 hours is 1.5 x hourly rate, after 12 hours total, rate is 2x hourly rate.


  •  We work at an business standard where client covers all travel/transportation/meals/accommodation expenses.
  • Not included: External hard drive, travel/transportation costs, per diem/meal stipend, additional production expenses outside of basic film kit.
  • Additional 2nd camera person: approximately $350/day.
  • Music license for broadcast platforms are not included in price.
  • Production Assistant $200/day.

What you get:

  •  Free marketing consultation with Christine about your campaign.
  • Video is housed on YouTube.
  • Social shares (Facebook, Twitter, IG story shoutout) + newsletter inclusion . We try our best to maximize your exposure to an organic audience.
  • SEO friendly titles and descriptions
  • We give you YouTube embed codes should you wish to post to your social accounts and/or your website.  If you wish to remix, resell or reuse, we are happy to negotiate. We want you to have the best access to our artwork and exposure, but we have specific terms of use.
  • After the campaign or one month later, we give you a breakdown report of engagement analysis.
  • We tag you on Facebook using the Partner tool;  you can ad boost it for maximum exposure.
  • You can Google ad boost your video on YouTube. The more full watch time views it receives, YouTube shares it more. This grows authority and shares on YouTube/Google.

We have add-on services of a written post or social media exposure or we can work with you towards a custom package for a campaign.

Branded Video Campaigns

We can work through our brand or your brand to custom craft a video marketing campaign to suit your marketing needs. We can also build a package for including social media and/or written content.

A favorite question is How much is this gonna cost? Not all video costs can be summed up in a one-size fits all. If you’re seeking that, you want a cookie-cutter company, which we are not.  Every deliverable is crafted specifically for your marketing goals. Email us with what your expectation for maximum coverage is and the budget you’re working with.

Social media video marketing

  • Instagram Stories unboxing/review $300 per 4-6 video stories (views counts range : 500-1000 views- you can reshare on your platform)
  • Instagram photo $400
  • Instagram plotograph video $500
  • IG/FB/Twitter highlights video package- TBD  : >60 seconds highlights video posted to both, Instagram and Facebook and link broadcasted on Twitter. Highlights is a compilation of featured attractions/events

What you get:

  • Client is @tagged on social media. Let us know if you have a special hashtag you’d like to use for tracking.
  • Free consultation with Christine about your campaign.
  • We tag you on Facebook using the Partner tool;  you can ad boost it for maximum exposure.
  • After the campaign or one month later, we give you a breakdown report of engagement analysis.
  • We own all rights to our artwork. Our content can be used for marketing and internal needs at a negotiable fee.

Terms and Payment

Licensing & Copyright:

Aside from the freelance Producer/Videographer for hire service, GRRRLTRAVELER retains copyright over all content but we are happy to negotiate the licensing of our video and photography.

Rate Adjustments:

* Ala carte items can be combined into a package. We can build customized packages or negotiate a discount for large orders.
**We use to assess influential value. This only calculates influencer worth and exposure. This does not calculate transportation, production costs, creative strategy, post production editing fees.


All rates are subject to a 4.716% Hawaii State General Excise tax + 2% fee if Paypal is used.  

Full payment is due before publication: A deposit of half the payment is due to begin work and the other half due before publication. We retain full editorial rights, but let you review the content beforehand. We may allow minor revisions to a written review if it does not alter the position of the piece. No revisions are allowed for video once edited. However, if you are not happy with the content before publication, we will refund half your money back.

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