Last Updated on May 27, 2023 by Christine Kaaloa

Beta Tester – Refund Program


Want to be a beta tester of my YouTube course products?

Thanks for your interest in my beta tester and refund program! This is a low risk way for you to sample my products and for me to get feedback so I can improve it.

I’m looking for beta testers who can complete the course/material, implement some of your learning and provide strong feedback *with a testimonial*.

*Refund Program Enrollment Requirements:*

– You must have a youtube channel with at least 15 videos up, know how to make videos and publish on YouTube.

– Be proficient in English.

– You must complete the course/material in 2 months.

– You must complete the feedback form & offer a testimonial of the course/material you beta tested. Responses must be in full and complete sentences.

-You pay in full up front and upon full and final completion, receive a partial refund as specified.


*How to Apply to be a Beta Tester *


1. Fill out the form telling me about yourself. I’ll decide if you’d be a good match for the product I need testing and feedback for. I’m looking for strong feedback and thoughtful answers in clear sentences. Not one word answers.

2. If chosen, you’ll receive an email. You’ll pay the full amount up front.

70% refund will be tendered at completion of this program.

3. Fill out the onboarding questionnaire in full complete sentences and detail.

4. Complete the course/material and implement learnings in two months. All materials can be completed in 2 weeks, but the extra allotment of time is for implementation of learnings.


*When do I get my refund*


You will receive your *70% refund back* after you finish the course material, implement some of its learnings and complete the feedback form *with a testimonial.*

If you do not complete the requirements of this program two months from the enrollment date, all refund incentives will be nullified and you will not receive a refund.


Why is it not a 100% refund?

I’m providing a value that you won’t get for any lower a cost. These are insider secrets that will deliver monetization and growth if implemented to the best of your ability. 

Also, there is no guarantee that your feedback will be committed to helping me in the way I need. 

Lastly, there are processing fees upon all sales/refunds that are bore on my end.

A valuable lesson every creator ultimately learns ~ is your business worth an investment?  We all have to invest in our businesses to grow it or suffer years of trial and error and pay for it in time and labor. Which will you choose?

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