Top Reasons Bloggers Delete your Email (and don’t respond)…

I’m sharing a bit of tough love… As bloggers, many of us value our CEO time as valuable and sacred. We’re juggling busy content schedules, multiple platforms and monetized projects which deserve our attention, because they value and respect our expertise.  But we also get a large number of spammy emails requesting free advertising.

The following emails are automatically deleted:

  • Spammy Subject titles with lack personalization:  “guest post, sponsored request, collaboration, etc..”
  • Exchange Requests for products or services.
  • Guest Post Requests

  • Link  Requests to Include you in our Article.
  • Requests for FREE.. anything.
  • Hounding emails about your offer for us to give you free advertising.

    Expect rates if you’d like us to:

  • You’d like us to promote your brand.
  • Feature you in a blog article
  • Place you in a YouTube video (starting rate: $1,150 for a mention)
  • You’d like us to join, partner, collaborate with your affiliate program
  • Allow licensing permissions to reupload/edit/place your logo over our video footage to use in your project? Visit here.


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