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1:1 Solo Travel Advice & Travel Mentorship

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🌺 Aloha, GRRR Adventurer!

I’m Christine, your go-to gal for unlocking the world of solo travel! 🌍 Got burning questions about embarking on your solo adventure or planning a trip that feels tailor-made for you? Let’s dive into the heart of it together.

Sure, you’ve seen my videos and read my blogs — but now, imagine having my expertise focused solely on YOU. Life’s too short for general travel advice, and that’s where my personalized solo travel coaching and travel mentorship comes in.

Why choose GRRRLTRAVELER for travel mentorship?

With 12 years of solo globetrotting under my belt, I’m not just a YouTuber and legacy blogger; I’m your personal sherpa to solo travel success. My mission since 2008 has been to inspire, encourage, and empower women to take the plunge into solo adventures. I’ve juggled filmmaking and solo exploration, proving that the world is your oyster, no matter your gender.

What’s in it for you?

Imagine having my undivided attention, delving into my years of authority in the travel, vlogging/blogging, and influencing realm. We’re not just talking about trip planning; we’re crafting a personalized strategy to overcome your unique hurdles.

In one session, we can tackle what might take you weeks or even months to figure out on your own.

But it’s not just about female solo travel…

I’m not just a passionate female solo traveler & vlogger. I’ve been in the travel and tourism community for years and I’ve worked with and partnered with various travel brands, operators, guides, tourism boards… I know how fabulous tours and guides operate and what to expect.

I’m also multi-faceted individual who’s a successful freelance videographer, actress, ex-television producer and I even lived abroad for a year in Korea teaching English to Korean elementary school children. I have a lot of experience to pull from in manifesting my dream goals and I’m here to share those insights with you. Whether you’re seeking advice on overcoming fears, crafting a career shift, or wanting to create more confident and meaningful travels, we can navigate it together.

Turn your travel dreams into reality! 

Ready to unlock your solo travel potential?

Drop me a message, and let’s start the journey toward your adventure-filled, confidence-boosting, and life-changing solo travel experience!

Mahalo, Christine 🌺

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Need help moving past your travel roadblocks?

Need a coach to help you make the leap to solo travel?

–   How to hurdle the fear to find the confidence to travel alone?
–   How to prepare for your first solo trip?
–  What is the best country for me to start my first solo trip?
–  How to plan interesting and unique solo trips based on your interests?
–  How to travel in the unknown?
–  What tricks and hacks can you use to help you manage your trip alone?  

Got questions~ Bring it!  

Want advice on living/teaching English or studying abroad?

– How to decide which country is best for you?
– What and how should you prepare for before you move?
– What expectations should you have for your new home?

 Living, working and teaching English in Korea was one of the BEST decisions I made in my life! It wasn’t without its stumbling blocks and frustrations, but in the end, it grew my blog and was the best way for me to fund my travels and get paid to live abroad.  I also studied yoga and got my Yoga Teacher Training Certification in India, attended various workshops abroad,  and am a conference/university speaker due to my solo travel brand, GRRRLTRAVELER.

Trip Consultation

  • Asia, Southeast Asia and India travel are my specialties.  
  • Concerned or worried about your upcoming trip?
  • Need insight into a country  I traveled ?
*If you are looking for YouTube channel/blog audit or coaching, please visit here.

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What I offer:

✅ A 45-60  minute consultation or coaching session on Zoom or Teleport.

We can work through your fears and concerns to create an actionable plan. Or you can ask me questions. For mindset roadblocks, I can mix my consulting with coaching.

How it works:

All sessions begin with a questionnaire you will be asked to fill out. This will give me information I need to customize my services to your specific situation and personal challenges and to create a strategy to help you maximize your channel’s effectiveness in meeting its goals.

 ✔︎ Get personal assistance with your travel goals.

✔︎ Ask any questions you have or target a couple roadblocks in your confidence with travel

✔︎ Session can be recorded for your use.

What I do not cover:

  • Specifics like bookings, flights/train/buses and timetables to your destination.
  • Travel insurance
  • Travel guide information on destinations I have not traveled on my blog and luxury travel.
  • I do not make trip itineraries or book travel for you. 

What is not allowed:

Anything sexual, romantic or intimate directed towards or at me. I reserve the right to end calls which I feel are of an uncomfortable nature or topic.

Will one session be able to answer all your questions?

It depends on how many questions you’ve got and how specific or general they are and the type of solutions. Specific questions can be nailed down quicker if we are working with information.  General questions or ones that require engineering solutions take more time to drill down to find your real source of query. For issues where you are dealing with roadblocks in fear, anxiety and worry, it takes at least three sessions.

To be efficient with your time, I recommend writing down your questions and thinking through what you are requesting help with.

Disclaimer and waiver

Christine does not offer medical, health, financial consulting or trip diagnosis or itinerary planning. By purchasing this session, the buyer agrees to not hold Christine responsible for any damage, harm or financial loss related to their situation of query. The purpose of these sessions is to help travelers find their own right fit travel solutions, which will add to a more fulfilling experience. Christine offers insight from her personal experiences, but it is up to the client to do extra research and make their own decisions of what they will implement. All buyers/clients are expected to take responsibility for decisions that will ultimately impact their personal life. Christine & GRRRLTRAVELER LLC do not accept any responsiblity outside of the session.

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  • Christine Kaaloa
    August 5, 2014 4:34 pm

    Greetings @Rudy and thanks for watching! Korea is the only one I know which will give you the full ride. A lot of jobs in Korea still take teachers without TEFL certs, like EPIK and hagwons; however, it’s starting to get more competitive. Japan doesn’t require a TEFL, but if accepted you’d need to pay your way out there and rent (which your salary should afford). Thailand has a very low cost of living so where you might not get the flight or huge salary, you’d be able to live cheaply. Don’t know about China or Taiwan, but they might require a bit more depending on the employer. That said, there’s always an exception to the rule and it’s a matter of finding it. should have a healthy amount of classified ads to sift through and gauge.

    As for a degree, you might be able to apply for jobs teaching English to adults in Business. But otherwise, unless the degree that will matter the most is one in English and Teaching. May the force be with you! =)