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  • Grrrl POWER!!! I discovered your website searching SAPA Vietnam and started reading your travel blogs/tips, i’m hooked! Keep traveling and making awesome videos. Safe travel.

  • Just discovered your blog and love your stuff! The video on being a polyglot is so fun (!) and so true. Loved, “Left” and “right” in Korean, then “straight” in English (but with a Korean accent, of course). Lol!^^ I’m an American in Korea right now and am getting ready to go to Jeju, which is how I discovered your scootering around Udo video. Udo wasn’t on my radar but you make it enticing! Thanks for your awesomeness!

  • Christine, Your website and Youtube posts inspired me to leave my job/life in the states behind and travel/work solo in Korea and surrounding countries. So far it’s been life affirming and confidence busting experience. Thanks for all the great information and for your honest and entertaining posts.

    • Christine Kaaloa
      February 4, 2016 11:39 pm

      Wow, I’m so happy everything has worked out for you @Amy and that my posts and videos were helpful in making your leap. Rain or shine, your leap was one of the greatest moves in self-faith and trust a person can make! And it will only give you back more. Be proud of yourself– what you’ve accomplished is HUGE!

  • Your website is great. I love the photos and info. Are you back teaching in korea these days?

  • I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and I never left a post (I don’t really know why though)
    I simply love your writing style, very funny and clear !
    Your experiences are just ….. GRRR
    I’ll keep reading, so keep traveling =D

  • very cool, grrrrrl!

  • Ha I never thought about it like that but it’s a great idea! I’m actually planning a trip over across the trans-siberian express later this year from moscow to beijing. If all goes well then i’m going to turn it into a RTW journey over land and sea.
    I also like the jailbeak idea! 🙂

  • All I can say is “agree” and “agree.” Keep on keepin on!

  • I love the name of this site! Sort of remindes of the frosties advert (not sure if it was ever shown outside the UK) 🙂

    Very inspiring story! I want to go to India at somepoint. Can’t wait to hit the road again!

    • Thanks Runaway! Your site name was pretty eye-catching for me too and I like how the nickname I’m giving you sounds like i’m talking to a jailbreak sister! Love your story too- I love impulsive leaps like yours! Are you choosing your next destination by your top 5 travel films list?

  • Hey there, I just wanted to stop by and say I love the concept of “GRRR”!

    • Thanks Unstoppable. You sound like a GRRR! travel sister too weathering malaria ridden trips & Bolivian hostels! There’s an imperfect & uncourageous traveler in us all. It’s interesting to me, how qualities such as “confidence and fearlessness” are often inspired thru trial & error, accident/mistake, horribly (but funny) unraveling & stumblings, etc… Hope you continue to drop by and share some of your story. 😉

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