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Anyeong! So you wanna teach English in Korea? This is a list of some some articles I think will be helpful to you and it’s a good place to start. Hope it answers your questions.  Fighting!


How to Get a Job Teaching English in Korea

• How to Apostille Documents
• Teach English in Korea? (Q & A)
• Teach English in Korea? (EPIK vs Hagwons)
•  EPIK vs Hagwon: Which is better? (Video)
•  EPIK Fears (Video)
• Surviving a University Job interview in Korea
•  How to Teach English in Korea, with EPIK and How to do Mock Interviews (video)
• Do you need to know the language of the country before you move there?

ESL Job Resources in Asia

•  Dave’s ESL Cafe –  Great for finding ESL jobs in Asia (mostly Korea and China, occasionally Japan and other).  Outside of Asia, the options thin and it’s best to go through recruiting agencies.

Well-known Recruiting Companies:

•  Teach Away
•  Footprints Recruiting
•  Reach to Teach
•  Korvia

Note : There are smaller recruiting agents/ headhunters on Dave’s ESL. All recruiters make a commission from the hiring employer, so, you should *never* pay a fee for job placement.

Interested in Teach Abroad in General, check out The Working Traveller’s Ask the Experts.

Why Teach English with EPIK?

• My Experience with EPIK (video)
What is my class schedule and how do I work with co-teachers?
• A Day in a Life of an EPIK Teacher
• Inside my Korean apartment (video) 
• My First Day at a Korean Elementary School (video)
• Letter from an EPIK Orientation

Korean Classroom Shockers

• 10 shocking facts about Korean schools
• 10 (More) Shocking Facts about Korean Schools
• Korean Model Schools: Classrooms on Steriods

English Camps

• What’s English Summer camp?
• What’s an English Musical Summer Camp?

Why You’re Gonna Love Korea

Gift Guide: Cool “Korean” Things to Buy in Korea (videos)
• 10 funny quirks you didn’t know about Koreans
Is Korea a state-of-the-art country?
• Why did I choose to teach in Korea?
• Why I Love Teaching English to my Korean Students .
•  What to Bring if you’re moving to Korea

Just Show me Pictures: Language Barriers

•  JSMP : 6 ways expats experience culture shock in Korea
•  Just Show Me Pictures! When your Expat Honeymoon Fades (Hitting the 6-month mark)
•  Just Show Me Pictures! Dealing with Language Barriers Abroad (Part II)


• GRRRL Goes Whimpery in Her New Korean Location
• “Dynamic Korea” & the EFL Workplace
•  Pass the Paper II: Coping with culture shock in Korea
•  Confronting Korea with my Waygook card 
•  5 Tips for New NETs in Korea
•  5 Reasons to Join your Expat Community when Living Abroad

My Story

•  Becoming an Expat
•  From MTV Producer to English Teacher in Korea ( My story)
•  5 Things MTV taught me about teaching ESL (How I used my old career tools in the classroom)

Expat’s Survival Guide

Survival Tips for Korea

•   Getting a Korean phone (when you don’t know the language)
•   Renting a Phone in Korea
•  Expat Online Banking with KEB
•  The 8 Best iPhone Apps for Travelers
•  How to get Asian characters on your iPhone or Computer
•  How to Mail Things Home from Korea
•  6 Western Friendly Stores for the Expat
•  Top 4 iPhone apps to Korea
•  Are there Apple stores in Korea
• A Secret List of English-speaking Doctors in Daegu (which none of us know about)
•  The Secret to Using a Squat Toilet


•  8 Ways I Stay Warm during Winter in Korea
• Going to a Doctor in Korea
• Being a Vegetarian in Korea: The Costco Honeymoon begins… (Part III)
•  Being Vegetarian in Korea: Weight-loss diets in Korea
•  Being Vegetarian in Korea (Part I)
•  Loving Hut: Finally, Love for Vegans & Vegetarians in Korea! 

 Returning from a Gap Year

Returning from a Gap Year: 9 Tips to Starting Over

Should you take a Gap year: Teaching English in Korea (Part II)

Getting my E-2 Korean Work Visa & a 6 Month Goal

 Administrative Links

The following has not been updated since 2011.
Korea’s Immigration Website.
Forms and other important info here.
Website for Korea’s National Tax Service.
Helpline # for Foreigners: 02.2076.5711 (our book also lists 02.397.1440 but that # isn’t on there website)
Ministry of Labor site. 
Policy and laws can be found here.
Helpline for Foreign Workers: 82.31.345.5000 and 031.345.5000.
Also a Severance Pay Formula.
E-Government Website for us Foreigners!
EPIK’s website. Counseling helpline #: 02.3668.1400

Teacher Resources

Go to my teaching site for this resource page, full of links and ideas for activities 




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