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Last Updated on November 8, 2022 by Christine Kaaloa

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Work with Us

At GRRRLTRAVELER, we share solo travel in an experiential, adventurous, responsible and fun way. Work with us: destinations, boutique hotels, responsible attractions and sustainable services/products.

Between a curious and quirky American girl next door, and a rugged solo-female adventurer, Christine Kaaloa is a female solo travel YouTuber and blogger, taking viewers inside her experiences of food, travel and culture, one destination at a time.

GRRRLTRAVELER is one of the first female solo travel bloggers (since 2018) and YouTubers to document her travels as a solo traveling filmmaker. Christine has been invited to speak at TravelCon 2022 and has been featured in Wall Street Journal, Thrillist, Frommers, Flight Network.

She has 15+ years of professionally camera operating and field producing experience in docu-reality television and video production. She loves freelancing as crew for hire as it takes her meet extraordinary people and adventures.

Outside of GRRRLTRAVELER LLC, Christine is a veteran:
Video ProducerActress & Travel / Food Host

Event Speaker

Christine is a event speaker, guest interview on podcasts, international festivals and publications. She spoke at the Girl Scouts of Hawaii, TravelCon 2022 . Her expertise spans: solo travel, YouTube coach and solo digital storytelling, influencer monetization, reality television, being a BIPOC actress and female camera operator in the entertainment industry.  See credits here.

Professional Videography

Christine is a videographer, television producer and camera operator for hire with a 15 year+ professional career of working with over 80+ clients in reality/lifestyle television, corporate, live events and marketing. She consults and offers YouTube coaching. See our sister video production site

On-Camera Host & Actress

A YouTube host and working commercial and television actress, Christine is poised on-camera and loves sharing her curiosity and enthusiasm for discovery.  Scripted and improvised content.

YouTube Integration & SEO

We advertise through shout outs, integrations and full feature promotions.

Press Trips & Campaigns

Experiential advertising sharing cultures and destinations in responsible and sustainable ways

Social Media Exposure

Promoting you on Facebook,  Instagram, Pinterest

Brand Ambassador

Long-term paid partnerships to advertise elite brands we align with.

Video Licensing

License our travel video footage for your project or commercial

SEO-friendly Bespoke Advertising

Advertising you via bespoke travel articles on our blog

Brand Partners

GRRRLTRAVELER Solo Travel & Food Audience

GRRRLTRAVELER attracts solo travel and food audiences in trip planning mode. We used to have a strong solo female travel audience but when GRRRLTRAVELER expanded to YouTube, our work began appealing to male and general travel audiences. Today, Christine’s travels inspires confidence in all types of travelers. Her choices and videos have also influenced travel and content of fellow travel and food YouTubers.

We have a readership, viewing audience and social media loving fans, who are interested in (solo) travel. They are travel bugs, foodies, and DIY adventurers, seeking travel advice and recommendations to facilitate a vacation, which is meaningful, unique and brag-worthy. Spending range: budget to luxury.

We promote responsible tourism and do not endorse captive wildlife tours, hunting or gaming.


Social Media Network

We love our audiences and work very closely with them.  GRRRLTRAVELER is a multi-platform content brand and has several social media profiles. Each platform has their own audiences with different habits and preferences.

UPDATED a/o June 2020: Due to the coronavirus, its effects upon the travel industry and its unpredictable nature, our traffic has changed continually across all our platforms. Values in our media kit reflect our status up until February 2020, pre-coronavirus. Although are discounting our prices to fairly reflect current traffic strength, we still charge freelance production rates for video and content production.










104,000+ views/mo







Blog Audiences

Our website attracts audiences in trip planning mode. As an authority of solo female travel, Christine has published four solo destination ebooks .

Demographics: U.S., India, South Korea, Singapore, U.K., Malaysia and Canada.

66% female / 34% male with a college education or more.

Unique Visitors/Month – 78,000+
Page Views— 145,000+

Domain Authority – 50
Page Authority – 46

YouTube Video Audiences

We create SEO-friendly evergreen food and trip video guides for solo travelers who want a blueprint for their own adventures. We partner with brands that align with our core values in solo travel of safety, adventure, sustainability and responsible tourism.

On YouTube our videos are viewed in over 189 countries. We have over 20,000,000 views with over 50,000+ saved shares to outside YouTube playlists. This means our videos are being saved by audiences as research inspiration and shared on YouTube!


U.S., India, U.K., and other

 60% male; 40% female

Ages 25-34 (37%), 18-24 (23%) and ages 35-44 (16%)

4.3M monthly impressions

27,280,000+ total views

90,000+ saved shares of our videos to audience YouTube playlists.

Facebook Video Audiences

We are Facebook Video Creators, invited into the Facebook Creator Program. Any Facebook videos are easily shareable to friends and family and so partners can share our Facebook videos and help affect their own exposure by resharing the video from their plaform.

Demographics:  U.S.A.

Sample of Our Featured Campaigns

AirBnb Experiences






Eagle Creek

Host, Travel & Food Expert & Speaker

As a legacy solo travel blogger, she has been an advocate for and expert of solo female travel for over ten years and is one of the first female solo travel channels on YouTube, committed to taking viewers inside the experience of traveling alone, so she has ridden the YouTube wave from its early iteration to its popularity today.

As a host, Christine is an travel expert in quickly decoding any city and culture and offering handy tips and insight on budget, solo travel, culture and getting around. She has lived in: Hawaii, South Korea, Los Angeles, St.Louis and New York.

Christine is ethnically ambiguous. She is half Japanese and Hawaiian, German & Chinese. She is a product of cultural mixing and is at home anywhere.

Professional Videographer for hire

  • Let us create videos for your marketing campaigns; you’re in good hands!
  • What makes GRRRLTRAVELER unique from other travel bloggers is we never dabbled in video and storytelling. We love to sell clients like YOU through videos, professionally on an on-going basis, because we believe in your message! So we bring a 18 Year career background of work experience and 80+ past client projects along with marketing teams… to the table
  • Christine is a videographer, television producer/director and camera operator for hire.
  • Our clients are in travel, reality television , food and lifestyle, documentary, fashion, corporate, live events and red carpet. She has directed crowds of over 100+teens, and a camera crew of up to five cameras. She’s interviewed people from various lifestyles to know how to coach people on-camera and traveled internationally for her work.  Christine’s Client list (pre-2019) here.
  • Christine consults on video projects, campaigns and offers YouTube coaching.

Her work style is cinema verite; she creates videos that carry impactful messages.  See Bluink Interactive, our professional sister video site.

Check out our Video Services & licensing permissions!


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Featured Awards, Publications & Interviews

We are featured in many publications and contribute stories to brands larger than our own.
Visit our Press page.

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