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How to Make Money with YouTube.

Did you miss my presentation at one of my conference sessions ?

You can still get it:  YouTube Monetization: How to Build a Bullet-Proof Business on YouTube

Growing massive subscribers and views and cultivating audience engagement is the popular monetization strategy for many YouTubers.

But how can you build a bulletproof business on virtual currency?
Many creators lack a monetization strategy.

These sessions share common mistakes you tubers make in monetization, while also offering solutions and tools to building a bulletproof sustainable business.

In this session, learn from a veteran solo travel videographer and blogger how you can stop leaving money on the table and start building a bulletproof YouTube business

How do beginners make money on YouTube?

YouTube Partner Program Requirements

4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months

Or 10 million views YouTube Shorts

Plus 1,000 subscribers.

Many YouTube gurus will say that getting into YouTube Partner Program will unlock Google Adsense, Super Chats, YouTube Channel Memberships, etc… and you can finally start making money with your YouTube channel!!!

They are wrong!

What if I said you didn’t need any of this to make hundreds to thousands of dollars a month??


In these two conference sessions/slides you will learn:

•  The Power of YouTube (and why you want to be on it)
•  Common monetization mistakes YouTubers make and ways to correct it.
•  Ways to start monetizing today if you’re a small channel.


Powerpoint Slides from both conferences.
TravelCon 2022 , Memphis, presentation (full video – 70 minutes)
Women in Travel Summit for Content Creators (WITS Puerto Rico – partial presentation video)
Creator Mela , Kathmandu, by U.S.Embassy Nepal

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