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This trip is designed for the part traditional, part off-the-beaten track adventurer. We will have an organized itinerary, at least three star accommodations. Activities should not be challenging and you will occasionally have the option to choose additional activities. We will have restaurant meals but will also take a couple of food tours which take us to the streets. The trips will have a local guide accompanying us and sharing insight into culture.

  • Thailand Group Tour 2020- CLOSED


Do I need travel insurance?
Do I need travel insurance?
Is Travel Insurance is *required*? Yes, it is compulsory. Although we may visit a destination with great medical services, travel is unpredictable.
If you have a preferred travel insurance company, by all means go with that. If not, I highly recommend  World Nomads  (read more here). It is the best travel plan I know of – I and many travelers and travel content creators would agree with me on this.

American travelers often pay a premium on travel insurance.  World Nomads offers economic solutions for travelers who seek security and peace of mind.  It covers 150 countries and over 150 travel activities from common to extreme. I covers what general travel policies do but I also love that along with 24 hour medical emergency, it also offers gear protection!


Disclaimer : GRRRLTRAVELER belongs to the World Nomads affiliate program so we receive a small commission at no expense to you. But we are an affiliate because we truly believe in the coverage and safety that World Nomads offers the travel community. I have used them and while I thankfully have never had to make a claim, we stand by them as one of the best that’s offered.


Trip Essentials

World Nomads travel insurance
Affordable travel insurance, especially for U.S. adventurers.  Covers more things than most insurances. I’ve used WN for a lot of my short trips up to 3 months. Read more

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging ap. Over 300 million people use it each month as its easy to use. I actually don’t use this in the U.S., but it came in handy in Thailand.  Send texts, photos and voice messages. Service costs $0.99 for a one-year subscription.  Download for iPhone  | Android

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