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GRRRLTRAVELER Adventures for Solo Travelers

Each adventure has a story and it creates a legend!

I want to show you travel the way I see it~ as an exciting, titillating, curiosity-chasing, deeply insightful, empowering and wander-full adventure. GRRRL Adventures are full of stories and legends to be lived. You can be a part of it. This is a once-in-a-lifetime trip!

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2023 Adventures

Incredible Adventure

Tour Date: March 2023(15 days)
# of Spots: 8 guests are needed to operate this tour; 12 spots max

Style: Cultural,  Off-the-Beaten Path Adventure, Sustainable/Conscious Travel, Foodie

India Adventure 2023 (Ladies Group)

Tour Date:  2023  (Festival season – 9 days)
# of Spots: 8 guests needed to operate; 12 spots max

Style: Boutique, Heritage Retreat-like, Cultural, Foodie, Sustainable & Conscious Travel

Who are these adventures for?

… you are an open-minded traveler, a conscious traveler and/or feel yourself to be a global citizen
… you want to experience adventurous and off-the-beaten-path places, but you don’t want to experience the stress and you want to feel safe
…the itinerary has fun, quality activities and ethical experiences with local communities
… you want adventurous, unique, sustainable and nice hotels.
… you want to travel and make friends with like-minded travelers
… you want your trip to help/employ/support local communities and good NGO initiatives

Why join GRRRLTRAVELER Adventures?

GRRRLTRAVELER group tours are curated adventures born from the inspirations of Christine, a female solo travel content creator and videographer, who is passionate about discovering and documenting stories about people, places and food.

  • Experience adventures from the perspectives of a tourist, an off-the-beaten-track adventurer, a daring foodie, and an inspired creator.
  • Meet and participate in hands-on activities with locals and to occasionally step off-the-beaten path to experience sights tourists do not often see/experience.
  • Explore the street culture and its food.
  • Make new travel friends to keep in touch with long after this adventure ends.
  • Free time to chase and create your own adventures
  • Your tourist dollars will support sustainable programs which you will learn about, so your travels will have a positive impact.
  • Accompanying local guide to enhance our experience and understanding of the culture.
  • LOTS of stories to write about and PHOTO OPS

Responsible & sustainable tourism

I partner with local, responsible and sustainable tourism operators to design adventures that also help local communities. We may visit indigenous communities that employ local artisans,  wildlife rescue and/or women’s empowerment initiatives, to nurture a well-rounded view of a destination and create positive impact when we travel.  As an animal lover, my adventures do not use animal rides as entertainment.

Intimate atmosphere

We have a maximum of 12-15 people so we can offer a personally rewarding experience to each guest. A smaller group will gain us accessibility to more authentic local interactions without overcrowding resources.

Travel with Me

This a guided tour hosted by me.  I’ve curated delectable buffet of activities to satiate your wanderlust, while also ensuring our tourism has positive impact.

Safe & stress-free Convenience

Let us handle the stressful part! I am partnering with a responsible and knowledgeable local operator, who will be handling all the logistics, so we can navigate safely and enjoy quality cultural experiences together.

Expert Local guides

We use licensed local guides who will be there to share insight, ensure safety. Our guide can answer your questions and recommendations for your free time. In the case of emergencies, our guide will help you seek the best medical attention.

Meet like-minded travelers

Meet, mingle and share experiences, while having occasional alone time.

Travel with PAWSative Impact

We donate $1.50 a day for each guest to street animal rescue organizations. But we also make donations to the non-profit organizations we visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these tours for solo travelers only?

The tours are open to non-solo travelers as well. Just let us know you would like to room together.


Do I book my own flights?

Yes. You must book your flights To and From the start and end of the tour. You can come as early or leave as late as you please at your own expense.  I like to compare prices between Google Flights and Skyscanner (here’s my booking tips).


I reserved my spot. Should I book my flight now?

I know you’re excited to travel and I’m excited to have you on my tour! But we need a minimum in order to run this trip.  Once I have cleared that minimum, you’ll be notified ASAP that it is okay to book your trip.


Do I have to share a room?

The tour price is based on double occupancy, which means, we will pair you with another guest of same-sex.  If you’d like a room to yourself, there are single room options at an extra fee. Simply select that option.


Do I need to get trip insurance?

Yes, 1000%!  Travel insurance is always recommended for travel and is REQUIRED on all tours and must cover all the tour dates. Travel is unpredictable and you cannot expect the same regulations as Western countries. In the past, I used to think trip insurance, but I’ve seen too many different scenarios of travel accidents and illness, missed flights, etc..  We highly recommend your insurance cover trip and flight cancellations, delays, medical and emergency coverage, as well as quarantine in the case of COVID. You will not be able to partipate on our tours without it.

You are welcome to use your travel insurance from your credit card company if it offers well-rounded coverage.  I like to get adventure trip insurance with World Nomads, but you can use this recommended trip insurance finder tool  to find your own.


Is my deposit non-refundable?

The deposit reserves your space and is refundable for the first 10 days. After that, it is non-refundable. and the remainder of payments are due 60 days before departure.

There is nothing I want more than to provide you with a memorable trip experience,  but a reason the tour deposit is nonrefundable because the moment you book a spot, costs begin to accrue to secure your spot, from credit card and payment processing fees, coordinating spots with local vendors, wages for our team to coordinate and follow up with guests and more.  There are expenses that go into holding your spot. We’d like to keep running these tours and make them high-quality and enjoyable experiences for all.

Thank you for your understanding and for respecting our strict sustainability policies.


Will I need a COVID-19 Vaccination?

Some countries require a vaccination status for entry or a COVID test 72 hours before arrival.  We want to you to experience the adventure of travel but safely and responsibly for yourself, fellow guests and any village communities we enter which may not have a strong infrastructure.  Please check the conditions of the tour listing and our COVID-19 Policy


More Trip Questions?

Feel free to contact me via the Contact Form or save them for our booking call.

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