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11 Powerful Ways to Support Creators

As GRRRLTRAVELER. I make female solo travel blog and video guides. Help keep me on the road and creating inspiring solo female travel guide videos for travelers who seek confidence to set forth on their dreams. I wear several hats. If you find value in my work and want to see it continue, please support me as your favorite content ceator.

My goal is to empower solo female travelers with the confidence to plan their trip and to aid responsible, sustainable tourism without contributing to negative impact!


1. Watch my videos to the end and with the ads ON.

Most folks want to skip the pre-roll ads to get into the meat of the video. I totally  get it. But those pre-roll ads and clicks to it can help pay for the expenses of my making a video.  I’m not making bookoo bucks, especially as YouTube takes 40% of everything I make on YouTube. But it certainly helps.

Watching to the end of the video signals to YouTube that the video had strong value to someone, and this triggers them to share that video with more people. Drop off early and it tells YouTube my video lacked value and sucks. Do me a favor- if you’re not into, just let it play as you go make your coffee.

2. Engage (Like, Comment, Share) my content!

I love knowing my audiences and getting feedback and comments from them. As an Asian-Pacific Island solo female creator, working hard to create regular content, getting engagement is encouraging. It lets me know my work is helpful and it helps me create more content and it helps others see there is a conversation to participate in.

Additionally, word of mouth recommendations or sharing my videos on your social media platforms to your friends and family help me get the word out and this helps me a lot.

The amount of subscribers I have does not mean that is how many see my work in their feed. Instead, I work 10x harder to generate content that people will like or which feeds an algorithm so it will share my work for me. When people consume my content, watch the ads, purchase items from my affiliate links it helps my work and me!

3. Support me on Patreon!

My Patreon family has really helped me keep my videos rolling over the years, even during the bleak hours. Sometimes, just a little help is encouragement to keep going. Other times, it helps me hire temporary editing help

Providing ongoing free information via blogs and video travel guides with artistic value to an audience is 60+hour/week job.  Making videos and writing blogs requires equipment, maintenance and travel expenses (read more here). When you support my work on Patreon, some expenses are aided and this helps me lighten the load to continue making more content. In exchange you get to be a part of my exclusive community and part of my travel content-making journey.

Note: FYI Patreon takes 10% of all support monies. Every platform will take a commission; it’s unavoidable. I am considering creating my own platform which charges the least fees,. I’ll update it here when that happens.

4. ‘Buy me Coffee’

Everyone deserves a coffee break from their work. Send me a coffee break via monthly or one-time donation, which goes to blog maintenance, video production expenses, and content creation. Paypal takes 2.9% commission fee for anything you send me. This is the lowest fee.

5. Join a GRRRLTRAVELER group adventures!

I created small group tours for solo travelers to have a way to embark on their destination dreams with stress-free confidence and fun. These adventures are a way for travelers to experience heart-led fun in experiencing local communities while also meeting marginal communities that we can empower through our tourism. I ran my first group tour to Pakistan in 2023 and I currently have an India group tour out. Let’s create memories together!

6. Buy your Travel insurance here

I always buy trip insurance for my adventures. World Nomads Travel Insurance has the best travel insurances plans and if you’re a U.S. traveler, this is your best option budget-wise as well.  I use this insurance on my travels.

If you prefer to find your own based on budget and need, I have a recommended trip insurance finder tool.

7.  Travel for yoga

If you want to take your yoga experience internationally (I loved doing my yoga in India) and are looking to take your practice when you travel, then check out BookYogaRetreats. They have a wide library of yoga and mindful retreats and teacher trainings. If you’re looking for a yoga teacher’s training in India, visit here.

8.  Buy your travel essentials using my affiliate links

Just give that link a love tap now and then! I have traveled for years and what I’ve accumulated on my resource lists, is gear/products/services that have worked for me time and again. One place I shop continually is Amazon. It is my one-stop-shop for travel & film tech needs. I get a tiny referral percentage, at no extra cost to you and anything I suggest are things I love using.

Check out my vetted travel and vlogging resource pages:

9. Start your YouTube channel journey with my Creator shop.

Ready to jumpstart your video marketing and learn how to build and grow a YouTube channel? Let me help you save time and heartache that I went through for years watching my channel grow subscriber by subscriber! I know whatever frustration you’re feeling.  Check out my YouTube & Content creator shop.

10. Book a 1:1 coaching session

Schedule a one-on-one coaching session with me and get my personal assistance with your YouTube, solo travel goals or BOTH. Check it out here.

11. Shop my merch !

Support GRRRLTRAVELER by getting one of my comfy GRRRLTRAVELER flip flops to hoodies to muscle tees, coffee mugs and stickers. Let my adventure travel survival sayings inspire you!