Best Gear for Solo Travel

What’s in my solo female travel gear bag? This is a packing list of the best gear for solo travel. From best luggage to safety gadgets for female travelers and solo travel gear… this is what accompanies me on my adventures.

This list contains affiliate links. If you click on an item and purchase it through Amazon I’ll get a small commission! These small commissions help keep me on the road, blogging and making more videos! I’m grateful for your GRRR support .

Best Luggage & Packing Solutions

eagle creek doubleback luggage, eagle creek doubleback 22, eadgle creek switchback 22

Eagle Creek Doubleback22 3-in-1 Carry-on Luggage

Love this carryon backpack convertible. Unfortunately, they discontinued it. The Eagle Creek Expanse 21″ is its replacement along with the Load Warrior 22.  Read my review. Helps me downsize my packing. Highly recommended.

northface terra 45, best backpack for travel 

North Face Terra 45 Backpack 

Best bag for young backpackers. Several easy-access pockets to store things in the front, top and sides. Ergonomic: its back + hip support is ideal.

Ape case envoy

Apecase Envoy Bag

Camera bag/purse. Totes my DSLR’+ one lens + point-n-shoot camera+ iphone.  My go to bag when I want to be girly.

packing cubes, eagle creek packing cubes
Eagle Creek Packing Cubes (3pk)

While i’ll always love my Super Saver bags, but I’ve fallen for packing cubes.  They make organizing easy.

travelon mesh pouches

TravelOn Mesh Pouches (3pk)

I carry a lot of chargers, batteries and cables, so I need pouches to organize ’em.  See-through mesh pouches are great.  

SpaceSaver Premium Storage bags (2Sm,2M, 2L)

Space Saver bags are the air tight solution to packing and size reduction.  I use medium to small sizes and medium to large for bulky winter clothes.

Health & Safety Gear for Female Travelers

movon Money Belt RFID-blocking Hidden Wallet
Movon Money Belt RFID-blocking

I don’t like wearing money belts but I always take one to store important travel docs.

The Clever Travel Companion

I have Clever Travel Companion tank top and underwear.  My fave -the tank top has a hidden pocket to store belongings. It operates a bit like a fanny pack. My review.


Banjees Wrist Wallets

You’ll see me wearing these in my videos. Stash my money and credit cards on my wrist for quick access to them. My fave is this 2-pocket reversible design. Review here.

 Read 21 Ways to Outsmart Pickpockets

Guard Dog Security Doorstop

I take a backup doorstop with me in the case I feel like my hotel is shady and I want to sleep with peace of mind. Haven’t had to use it much thankfully. I have a simple doorstop; this is for the traveler who wants extra security.

Read Tips for Staying in Hotels

lovebug probiotics

Colds Suck Probiotics by Love Bug Probiotics boosts your immunity while also helping build a healthy gut.

wold nomads travel insurance, world nomads, best travel insurance,

Travel Insurance

World Nomads travel insurance offers affordable travel insurance rates (especially for Americans, who pay a premium for coverage).   Cover sports most things and theft. Read more.

steripen freedom, steripen freedom solar bundle, water purifier

SteriPEN Freedom Solar Bundle

SteriPEN is recommended for water purification in countries with unsafe water. It has a built-in flashlight, discharges a 40 second UV light to purify contaminated water and more.  Read my review.

lifestraw water purification, lifestraw water filtration
Lifestraw Water Purfier

I’ve seen videos where people tested the Lifestraw water purification/ filtration device by drinking their vomit and pee. That’s extreme but you get the point. This can handle the hardcore.

Google Mini or Echo Dot

 Hey Google or Hey Alexa, whomever you call, your virtual travel expert is a voice-activated step away. I use this to occasionally to my trip research. It saves me from finger cramps.

fitbit charge 2FitBit Charge 3

 FitBit Charge 3 is a swim-proof watch fitness band & tracks everything from steps, heart rate, calories and sleeping patterns (it records REM, light & deep cycles). It vibrates to let me know when it’s time to start moving! I used to have the FitBit Charge 2 and the main differences are that it is now waterproof, has better screen real estate, more notifications

manduka super light yoga mat
  Manduka EXO Lite travel yoga mat

Manduka is a great no-slip yoga mats. Lighter than its standard weight, you can pack this in your luggage to take it on the go!

Travel Clothing for Female Travelers

North Face Paramount 2.0 Convertible Pants 

All purpose pants I take on every trip. Converts from long pants, into shorts and cargo pants. Durable and tough but still feels good aganst your skin.

havianas slim white

Havianas flip flops 

Havianas is one of my main footwear choices, for hostels, hotels, temple hopping in Asia and just strolling around.  Being from Hawaii, I know flip-flops.  Havianas are top notch.  (Read why I like it )

Body Wrappers 27″ Acrylic Legwarmers

My ballet legwarmers have been with me forever. They’re originally made for ballet warmups; so they’re soft and long. I pack them on every trip. Ideal for planes, trains and air-conditioned buses. They provide that add-on layer of warmth,.

pashmina scarf, top travel beauty products

Pashmina Scarf Wrap 70″x27″

My all-time fave multi-purpose fashion accessory and travel must! I got my green pashmina for $5 from a New York street vendor. Pashmina scarves are fairly soft, cozy and long.

New Balance  515 running sneakers

My New Balance running shoes -574 and 501- have lasted for years. I use them for travel and television crew work. It blends with most styles, casts a sleek, long look and good for my feet (I have high arches).

Smartwool Women’s Cable II Socks

70% Merino wool, 29% nylon, 1% elastene. Didn’t want to promote this as it uses animal products, but it’s the best in cold locations & winter climates.

Columbia Womens Womens Tamiami II Long Sleeve Shirt

Light-weight, long sleeve fishing shirt features two handy chest pockets, UPF 40 for sun protection. Air vent on the back

Solo Travel Survival Gear

sea to summit silk liner, travel sheet, silk liner, travel liner, sleeping bag, travel resources, camping tips

Sea to Summit Silk Liner

A silk liner is the best travel sheet. It’s lightweight, but keeps you warm & protected from bedbugs. One liner has lasted me over 10 years+.  Highly recommended.

flip & tumble bag

Flip and Tumble Bag

Possibly the best self-eating, flexy, reusable bags I’ve gotten! The fabric is flexible (not cheap). Perfect for toiletries and tucking in your daypack for emergencies.

the freshette, female urinary device, pee standing up, travel gear, camping gear for women


Never used a squat toilet but fear accidentally peeing on yourself? A female urinary device is “training wheels”.   My review here.

Lewis N Clark’s Wrinkle Whiz

Spray your wrinkles away- it actually works! Great for business and lazy travelers. I did a hands on video review here.

Sawyers Permethrin

Travel doctor recommended , it is a super strong (and toxic) insect and bed bug repellant you spray onto your bag and clothes and let set. It’s meant to treatment items before you take them on the road.

solumel, meleleuca

Melaleuca solumel

I always bring a small bottle of undiluted Solumel to spritz on my hotel bed. Melaleuca is Tea Tree Oil, a powerful natural anti-bacterial. It’s a cleaner, disinfectant and deodorizer. Read my post on bed bug prevention..

TravelOn Waterproof Pouch

Protects mobile devices from the elements. Submerge it 65ft or 20M deep. Con: Submerged in water, mobile touch capabilities can feel wonky. I use it as a beach buddy pouch.

Travel Insurance & VPNs


One of the best and most affordable VPN solutions for travelers. Use my referral code: grrrltraveler to get 70% off 3-year plan + 1 month free

protects my laptop over public WiFi. Easy to use. Offers fast and fairly consistent internet connections, even in China.

Read Reasons you need a VPN.


Pack your WiFi anywhere you go! Get 10% off when you use my referral code GRRRLTRAVELER

allianz travel insurance for americans, best travel insurance for americans, cheapest travel insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance Inexpensive travel insurance for regular and business travelers. Standard insurance. I got an annual plan for $129.


One of the best and most affordable VPN solutions for travelers. Use my referral code: grrrltraveler to get 70% off 3-year plan + 1 month free

protects my laptop over public WiFi. Easy to use. Offers fast and fairly consistent internet connections, even in China.

Read Reasons you need a VPN.

World Nomads travel insurance
Affordable travel insurance, especially for U.S. adventurers.  Covers more things than most insurances. I’ve used WN for a lot of my short trips up to 3 months. Read more

allianz travel insurance for americans, best travel insurance for americans, cheapest travel insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance Inexpensive travel insurance for regular and business travelers. Standard insurance. I got an annual plan for $129.

Skin Care & Beauty for Female Travelers

Bare Republic 50SPF sunscreen facial stick

I have freckles which grow into sunspots; I always pack a facial sunscreen stick. Bare Republic is all natural, eco-friendly & coral safe. The zinc protection is a bit thick; so I rub it in.

DevaCurl No-Poo Quick Cleanser (1.5 oz).

Dry shampoo is a brilliant invention. When there’s no water to wash your hair.

Now Lemongrass Oil 

The citrus scent of lemongrass gives me a zing, it refreshes the air, doubles as a light perfume  and it repels mosquitoes.  It’s also an antiseptic. Always carry it in my daypack.

Faceshop waterproof bb creamFaceshop FaceIt Waterproof BB cream.

Feels like water going on, but smooth. SPF 50 and durable foundation. Sustains the sweatiest of beach and travel days.


xtreme solar bank, solar external battery, solar external charger

Xtreme Cable Solar External battery charger

I have several external chargers and I pack them all.  My fave is the solar charger from my SteriPEN Freedom Solar Bundle.   Additionally, Xtreme Solar Bank is 5000 mah waterproof, dustproof, charges two devices at once.

MyCharge Hub Mini Portable Charger 3000mAh 

This portable charger charges like lightning. Lipstick size, a little bigger than most but the fold out cords, make me love it.

travel inspira universal travel adapter, smartest travel adapter

Travel Inspira Universal Travel Adapter with 4 USB

This Universal Travel Adapter has four USB adapters spaced apart and a Smart IC device, gauging battery charge so it doesn’t over-charge. The smartest travel adapter!

belkin 6 plug oulet

Belkin 6-Outlet Power Strip Surge e protector

The 6 outlet power strip surge protector is perfect for charging all my devices. These days, finding a power strip with USB hubs is my next target. 6 foot cord is an ideal length.

Packing Lists

Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this post which helps support the work I do. The companies listed, I recommend because I think they’re awesome and they’ve helped me a lot in my travels. If you support this site in some way and want to book your trip, these links will help you do that.

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