5 Minimalist Anti-theft Cross-body Bags for Solo Travelers

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Baggllini Comrade 3-Zip Crossbody
Baggllini Comrade 3-Zip Crossbody


Anti-theft Cross-body bags are ideal bags for solo travelers, who want to be stylish and pickpocket-proof. Here’s five anti-theft cross-body bags for solo travelers which you’ll love for its compact size and unique, stylish designs.

This past month when I spoke at the TravelCon conference, I knew I wanted to my bag to be a compact organizer, with a stylish business-friendly look. I wanted a cross-body bag that allowed for a laptop and/or tablet. Here’s what I found.

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5 Best Anti-theft Cross-body Bags for Solo Travelers

1. Baggllini Comrade 3-Zip Crossbody

The Baggallini Comrade 3-Zip Crossbody bag is an anti-theft cross-body bag for travel jetsetters. I used this as my speaker conference bag and carried my 15″ Mac laptop in it.  I usually have expandable bags and this was my first flat purse with organizer compartments, so it took a little bit of getting used to. But the sleek lines offered a professional look I loved. There are pockets to hold your mobile phone and there is even a hidden pocket in the back of the bag.

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2. Ameribag Classic Healthy Back bag Medium

One of the best minimalist anti-theft cross-body bags I seriously love is the Ameribag Classic Healthy Backpack bag. It is not a flat bag, but and compact expandable bag. It’s a super handy bag that I’ve used over a decade and for several purposes. I have two and it lasted two decades! This microfiber banana-shaped bag hugs against your body so the entry to your bag is always protected. This bag is an all-time favorite because it expands to hold many things from a camera to a jacket and more; it’s like a mini-daypack. It has multiple side pockets inside the wall of the bag, so you can organize your items. This was my original camera bag when I was just toting a DSLR and blogging, but I also use it as a quick reach utility bag on set or video productions. I love them!


Ameribag Classic Healthy Back bag
Ameribag Classic Healthy Back bag

3. Baggallini Anti-Theft Harbor Crossbody Bag

Slightly similar to the Baggalini Comrade 3-Zip Crossbody is the Anti-Theft Harbor Crossbody Bag. This minimalist flat bag has locking zippers and slash-resistant material. Secret pocket on the backside as well. This is easy and light-weight to pack for a night in the city when you don’t want to be bogged down a lot of extras.

Baggallini Anti Theft Harbor Crossbody Bag
Baggallini Anti-Theft Harbor Crossbody Bag

4. Baggallini Horizon Crossbody

The Baggallini Horizon Crossbody is a favorite of many with a variety of colors. It is machine washable with sturdy fabric, water-resistant and two medium-sized front-facing pockets where you can put a water bottle. It includes a wrist bag so you can opt to leave your bag in the hotel and go with a clutch.

Best Cross-body bags for travel
Best Cross-body bags for travel


5. Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Slim Double Zip Crossbody Bag

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Slim Double Zip Crossbody Bag is a multi-functional 5-Point Anti-Theft security system that you can wear three different ways: as a backpack, shoulder bag and cross-body bag. The bag has locking zippers, is slash-resistant and has RFID blocking. Dimensions are 9×10.5X 1 and ideal for holding tablets.

Travelon Anti Theft Classic Slim Dbl Zip Crossbody Bag
Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Slim Dbl Zip Crossbody Bag


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