Ultimate Packing Tips for Carry On Luggage

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Packing Tips for Carry On Luggage.


If you watched my last video on Why I broke up with my Backpack over  Carry On Luggage, this is part two.

Yup, I’m filming this at three in the morning in Istanbul, during an overblown cold and watery eye cold.   Why I feel like shooting myself during my worst moments, I’ll never understand.  But I think having time in a nice location like a hotel room (vs me cleaning up my room so I can shoot) had a lot to do with it! As usual, keeping my travels real for you.

Here’s a summary of what I talk about in my video.

Ultimate Packing Tips for Carry On Luggage

Downsize on liquids

I try to buy travel sized shampoos. If I have a favorite product, such as CC cream or facial moisturizer, I’ll put them in  plastic travel containers which fit regulation.

Stay within your liquid limit

3.4 ounces (100 ml) bottles of liquid are safe. I carry them in a quart sized ziplock or plastic see through toiletries bag.


Layering allows you to change on the go and adjust your warmth accordingly.  Scarves, legwarmers , a spandex tank top or long sleeve shirt are just a few that are my favorite items. You can remove them when you get hot or put them on when you get cold. Best of all, you don’t need a changing room.

Convert it  (Convertible clothing)

I’m a fan of clothes that can be made into more outfits from one and which can be used for more than one setting. Dresses that change into skirts or pants that change into knickers or shorts…  You can carry less clothes, which having more outfits to choose from.

Read 5 Fashion Items that will Trim your Travel Wardrobe.  

Roll clothes tightly

Rolling up your clothes is actually a technique of packing used by the U.S. army.   It’s the best way to get your clothes downsized and compressed.   More on this~ check out spacesaver bags and packing cubes below.

Use odd pockets of space

There’s always odd pockets of space, either in your luggage, shoes, a water bottle, etc… I try to make use of it, by stuffing socks, underwear  into it. If there’s a hole with a space in it, something is going into it.

What I pack in my carry on luggage

I love being able to share travel gear and items that I’m using in the moment and then some!  Keep your eye on my upcoming post, where I’ll share reasons why I love these products and why I know you will too!

CC Cream Makeup

I used to be a big advocate of Korean BB cream.  To some degree, I still am. But today, there’s CC dream and I love my tube of Stila CC  Correcting Cream.  I don’t bring the entire tube however, but take an old travel sized bottle the size of a contact lens container and fill it. It usually lasts me anywhere from 1-3 months. Cost : $42

travel accessories, electronics for travel, travel gadgets

Dry Shampoo

 I use the DevaCurl No-Poo Quick Cleanser(1.5 oz). You can take it in your carry on and when you use it, it smells nice and doesn’t leave a residue.  Cost: $5

deva curl no poo cleanser, best dry shampoo

Deva curl no poo cleanser


Pashmina Scarf (aka stole, wrap)

You will see me go everywhere with my  green pashmina scarf. I got it for $5 at a Manhattan street fair several years. The size is around 78×28 inches so it’s pretty big and keeps me warm. I can transform it into a shawl, scarf, blanket, etc..

pashmina scarf,

Pashmina Scarf


 Why do I recommend  “ballet” leg warmers?  They’re made thigh high, soft and comfortable, specifically to keep legs warm and mobility free.

leg warmers

leg warmers

Convertible Pants

Come over…. to the NorthFace side. Yes, NorthFace convertible pants  are not  cheap, but all you need is one and it’ll last  you years and eternal trips. They’re especially good for rugged outdoor activites like hiking, caving, trekking. But the zip-off legs makes it ideal for hot days when you want to strip down to shorts and can’t find a public changing room. They’re good, durable and transforming.

Space Saving bags or Travel Cubes.

I love using Space Saver bags to keep my clothes compressed in my tiny carryon.  It’s like a large ziploc where you can squeeze the air out so that it flattens.  Some travelers swear by packing cubes.

Update:  I love Eagle Creek packing cubes! They not only compressed clothes into a neat space but they can also help you organize your clothes.I have a set of three cubes. One for my undies, swimwear and socks. Another for my shirts and blouses and the third (the largest size) for my pants. Packing cubes, I find, helps me organize my clothing articles a little better; while space saver bags decompresses bulky items like winter jackets. .

What are your packing tips for carry on luggage?  

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