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VIDEO | My Top 5 Favorite Travel Apps


Do your mobile travel apps give you confidence as a traveler?

Invariably, I have a lot of different travel apps on my phone. Each has it’s own time and place, but only a few I rely on.   I download a lot and then keep about 1/16th of them. Because I’m starting to travel at the last minute and making  last-minute changes while I’m traveling,  I also like my apps to speedy, quick and simple  to learn.  I want to be able to go to them when I’m in a panic and not frustratedly fidget to find things.

The last time I did a post about My 8 Best Mobile Apps for Travelers was several years back.  As apps and people change, I thought I’d update my list of faves.

My Top 5 Favorite Travel Apps:

I’ve summarized the apps. For more detail about them and how I use them, watch the video.  The best thing about this list is that all apps are downloadable to use for Free.  Yes, completely FREE!

1.   GlobeConvert  

Everyone needs a converter app. I adore this. It’s my currency and conversion bible. Very easy to use.   Correction: In the video I said Convert (that’s the title of the app when I look at my phone) but it’s technically, Globe Convert.

2.  Travisa Visa

Handy when you’re traveling overland or several countries. Tells you what the visa requirements are for the country you’re traveling to. It lists virtually all types of visas.  For all travelers.

3. Smart Traveler

This an app for American travelers .  This is the pocket version of the Travel.State.Gov website and I think it’s something every American traveler should just have if they’re a travel addict.  It tells you what the government perceives as safe countries vs. countries which might not be too friendly to Americans, due to political  tension, terrorism, etc..  Other countries think we’re safety paranoid, but the U.S.A. happens to be one of the least liked countries. Download it.

4. Sit or Squat

The most uncomfortable thing is to be in the middle of your sightseeing and realize you have to go to the potty and there’s none around.  Con:  Requires you to be online.

5. Gas Buddy   

This lists gas stations by distance and price. Basically, it shows you what’s nearest to you and you can also set it to find which station in the area has the cheapest prices.  Con:  Requires you to be online.

What’s your Top 5 Favorite Travel Apps that you can’t live without?  Leave them in the comment section below.

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