Should you Use a Female Urinary Device?

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Ladies, would you pee standing up? | Female Urinary Devices  (Click here for video)

Ladies, does the idea of using a squat toilet freak you out? …Is finding restrooms a challenge when you’re sightseeing or hiking? …Do you hate waiting in a long queues at the restroom or accidentally, sitting on a gross, slimy toilet that others have used and left their drips on?  If the answer is Yes to all of these questions, then consider peeing standing up.  Okay, don’t be shocked.

How to use a feminine urinary device for travel

I’m talking about a female urinary device (aka female urinary diversion device (abbreviated: F.U.D.D.) or in my simplified way of explaining it… a “pee cup”. I’ve already written a post Ladies, Would you Pee Standing Up? a couple of years ago, where I shared my first female urinary device, The Freshette.  A female urinary device is a game changer in travel and outdoor activities.

Initially used for women doing outdoors activities like camping or hiking, the feminine urinary device is a urinary director. It allows you to urinate standing up and sometimes, you don’t even have to unzip your pants. You simple place the cup under your vagina and let it all flow from there. You can direct your urine as if you were holding a penis.  Cleaning it is as easy as washing it out with soap.

Watch my video on how to use a feminine urinary device

Leave the squat toilet to the squat pros

While it’s ideal to learn how to use a squat toilet if you plan on traveling a lot, many women initially feel squeamish about the possibility of peeing on themselves. Some folks even claim bad knees. It’s not a problem if you take a pee cup.

No more penis envy or holding your bladder in uncomfortable situations. Just remember to pack your pee cup and you’re set.

asian squat toilet in korean bus station

I am squeezed up against the wall taking this photo, holding my backpack in front of me


Female urinary devices for your personal style

the freshette, female urinary device, pee standing up, travel gear, camping gear for women

The Freshette

 PMate GoGirl PStyle

Have you used a female urinary device yet?


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  • Urinals is very helpful to women who likes to travel or the adventures seeker ones. Women tend to have a harder time to find a perfect spot to pee unlike men. By the way thank you for showing us how to use it for women to more knowledgeable as well.

  • Avatar
    Renee Hifumi
    May 8, 2015 4:19 pm

    The FUD looks pretty narrow. Did you have and problems with splashing or dripping getting on you hands?

    • Avatar
      Christine Kaaloa
      May 11, 2015 12:06 am

      @Renee: It wasn’t like peeing in a doctor’s cup if that’s what you’re wondering. 😉 It’s larger than that. Washing it out, I knew I’d have to touch my pee to some extent, but it’s my pee. lol


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