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If you’re a woman, would you pee standing up?

Are you a newbie to using squat toilets?  Traveling a country, where there’s non-western toilets? Going hiking in the woods, where the toilet is the great wide open? Here’s a helpful aide for squeamish squatters…

It’s called a Female Urinary Device or F.U.D.  It was my first toilet aid, when I began traveling countries, where I’d be subject to a squatter.

Indian toilets and its scary squatting practice

I used to be terrified of  Asian squat toilets.

I was preparing for my first trip to India and researching Indian trains with my girlfriend, when she dropped the bomb on me.

There would probably only be Asian toilets in India and if we were traveling on a train, she was prepared to bring out her power-squatter legs for the ride.

Asian toilets, what’s that?”  I asked innocently.

It’s when you have to squat over a hole to pee“, she replied.

squat toilet on a train, india train squat toilet, asian toilets, toilets in india, toilets around the world

A squat toilet on a train in Thailand

I froze in horror.

I’d never done that before.  I wasn’t even sure if I’d be capable.

I’d been raised “to go” like a princess on a throne. The idea of squatting in the bushes or in a porcelain or metal bowl grossed me out.

Besides that, who knew what scary things could leap out at me in the dark, with my pants down and my ass hanging low to the earth?  Did I want my pants to mop up the remains of others before me?  What if I missed my mark? And I did a couple of times… (In those situations, hand sanitizer squirt bottles help remove odors.)


 If you’re a woman, would you pee standing up?

The Freshette: My first pee-nis

I was freaking out.

My girlfriend emailed me a picture and wrote, ” It’s called The Freshette

If you were stuck between fear or shame and mortification, which would you choose?

Without thinking twice, I clicked on ‘Buy‘.


What is it like to pee standing up like a man?

I won’t say my experience was good nor will I say it was bad.  It was just “different”.

Like a man, you have to adjust yourself to hit the mark, but it’s relatively simple and not messy at all.

Sure, it felt strange.

It was a huge mental switch and I felt silly too. But peeing like a man was easy, just as women think.  It certainly made my trip less stressful. I didn’t have to deal with the discomforts of a dirty or smelly toilet (read my experiences here) and it was loads easier and cleaner than peeing into a doctor’s cup!

Afterwards, I would clean it down with baby wipes, hand sanitizer or soap and water.  (Yes, you have to touch your own pee, but it’s your pee. )  Then, I’d just stick it back in it’s plastic zip bag and was good to go.


Checking out alternatives and giving yourself time to break into the squat.

What I love about using a female urinary device was that it gave me time to get used to the Asian toilet idea. If there was ever a highly unpleasant situation that I didn’t want to surrender to, I always knew I had a backup “friend.”

There’s a handful of interesting female urinary device options  from collapsable, biodegradable, stylish or no style.  They all do the same thing. I wish back when I got mine I had all these options of ways to go (I probably would’ve chosen something even more compact and collapsable).  It’s compact– with my Freshette, the spout retracted into itself– and if you get good at it, you don”t even need to take off your pants to use it.


A fun list of  favored Female Urinary Devices on the market now:

female urinary device, fud, go girl

Go Girl!

female urinary device, fud, freshette

The Freshettefud, female urinary device, p-mate, disposable fud

P-Mate Disposable (5-pack)

female urinary device, fud

Urinelle (7-Pack of disposables)

female urinary device, fud, sheewee

The Shewee 

female urinary device, pstyle, fud

P-Style cup

fmale urinary device, fud
Women’s Lady J (check out the male version)

female urinary device, portable bathroom for camping, portable toilet for men, travel john portable bathroom

Travel John Portable Bathroom (Disposable 3 Pack)


Likewise, there’s many travelers who can advise you on how to use a squatter if you’d like to dare it. Here’s some examples: Migrationology (a step-by-step guide), Girl Unstoppable (a female experience), GoBackpacking (a good breakdown).

I only used my female urinary device “friend” a few times during my trip to India. Knowing it was my desire to travel more Asian countries, I knew I eventually had to break my power squatting legs in.

But for women, who are as terrified about the ordeal as much as I was, I’d recommend a F.U.D. until you gain more comfort with using a squat toilet.


Would you pee standing up to avoid the squat toilet? Have you ever tried a female urinary device? What were your experiences? Would you try one?


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Try our Ustand and see how it “stands up” against any of the (FUD) in the market? We have a friendly and easy to use female urination device. It’s designed with a two-fingers insert. Which allows the user to insert their first and second fingers into it. Once the fingers are inserted they spread the funnel opened and press onto it the outer-labia to create a seal. Once the seal is create between the user and funnel the user releases themselves. No worries of it leaking out the sides when it’s used properly.


[…] actually already written a post Ladies, Would you Pee Standing Up? a couple of years ago, where I shared my first female urinary device (aka female urinary […]


[…] Okay, so you really can’t handle the idea at all, even after finding the western toilet is in the minority… I realize how squatters can be terrifying for many westerners – it’s an awkward position and aiming your pee can take a little time to learn.  So here’s the travel survival trick I used… When I planned my first trip to India and knew I’d be encountering many squatters, I bought a female urinary device to help me through the journey. It gave me peace of mind and was easy to use.  Read If you’re a woman, would you pee standing up? […]


The Freshette looks really practical!
I would definitely consider taking something like that with me. You never know when and where you’ll have to pee:D

Shannon Williams
March 17, 2014 4:15 pm

I have been waiting for this day for so long! I’ve been so envy of my brothers for years. Freedom! But I heard these new ones coming out called Smartway are awesome! All women need to check them out.


Wow! …Just wow!

…and I kinda feel like I need to take a bath.


Such a funny post! This reminds me of my squatting experiences in Turkey which were not easy – especially when wearing pants and trying to keep my balance with my bag and camera in hand. With that said, I would definitely consider this device! This should be an infomercial on the Travel Channel or something!


    @Dana: ha ha… I wonder how the public would take seeing this as an infomercial. But yeah, I know how it goes with balancing all the things you’ve got. I generally carry a backpack because I’ve got a DSLR with lenses. There’s been times I’ve had to swivel it in front of me uncomfortably. tsk.


I hate squat toilets too. I have even waited half an hour to use the sole “western” toilet in a restroom. Even though I will feel weird using one of the devices you are describing, I think it will be handy to have one for emergencies.

Ashleen Moreen
January 28, 2013 1:56 pm

I hate peeing in somewhere else and I don’t like to enter another comfort room but I think this device would help. This sounds great. Thanks!


Peeing standing up is no fun. We squatted in the bush on safari a few years ago and even then, I ended up peeing on my foot. Thing is we’re always hurrying because we don’t want anyone to see us and that causes accidents. Yet, it would have been great having one of these.


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