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Guest Post Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in contributing to GRRRLTRAVELER!


We seek travel experts for our Expert Traveler series

  • You are the travel expert and reference for the subject you’re writing about. Ideally, you have posts regarding the subject on your blog, for readers to step into your blog to continue their trip planning research.
  •   Insightful, informative, first-hand experience. We want the essential stuff a solo traveler will ask about a place.
  •    100% Original Content: Article must not be published anywhere else on the internet.
  •    BEST & curated bucket list recommendations. We want to inspire a bucket list. That garden you passed through that was just eh,.. We don’t want that.

Our readers

Our readers are solo and adventurous travelers, who seek trip planning inspiration. Many are inspired that I’m a female solo travel vlogger and blogger who films my trips for YouTube.  We want our solo travel readers to have a safe and fun trip!

We Do Not Accept:

  • Affiliate links. ( I will be placing my own affiliates- wink wink)
  • We may decline, edit or request a re-edit if content or format does not a match with this site’s writing style.
  • Posts with too many grammatical errors and requires much editing
  • Competing article links.
  • Skinny blog articles on topics which link to your FULL VERSION of a guide. I get it, but that’s just yech. If you’re saving the golden recommendations for your blog, we’ll save you time– don’t bother pitching the idea to us.


I have a rolling submission.

Likewise, I have a super busy schedule – I’m juggling a YouTube channel too — so it may take a while for me to get back to you or publish your article, but I will certainly get to it!  Formatting a guest post, photos and designing a cover all takes time. If you need your article to be published immediately, we suggest you contribute to another blog.


Guest Post Requirements

* * SEO companies seeking backlinks, we have rates**

Word Count:   1500- 2000 words. 

Photo submission:   At least 4-6 quality photos. Please name the photo, so we know what it is of and its placement in the post. You must own your photos. Photos sourced from Unsplash or Pexels are okay, but you must include the author and link where it was found. Minimum width: 800- 1024 pixels.

Unacceptable photos: dark, blurry, faded, or low-quality photos. Readers are seduced by good visuals.

Photo permissions: You grant GRRRLTRAVELER permission to use for/to promote your article. You will not hold GRRRLTRAVELER responsible for any photo issues beyond our website control. We are not responsible for content scraping or plagiarism of our content. It happens more frequently to online publishers. GRRRLTRAVELER fights it ardently, but there may be cases in which we may not catch it. 

Note: I am adding watermarks to photo credit you in the bottom right corner on at least four of your strongest stock-worthy photos.

Author Bio:    Please include a short author bio (2 or 3 sentences ), a travel photo of yourself, a  link to your blog, and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social links: please Include all the ones you want to be shared.

Introductory plug at the beginning of the article: A quick one-sentence plug, selling readers on why you’re the expert on the topic. (For example  ” XXXX has lived in a favela in Rio de Janeiro for a year!  He will be your guide to … ”   )

URL Links you wish to be linked and preferred keywords for that link. Do not place this in the first paragraph. We do not accept a competing link to a similar post.

Article submission:   Sending us an HTML version usually works best. You can get this by writing your post in WordPress under “Visual” and then switching to the ‘Text” version, to copy and paste into your submission into a Google/Word doc.

Disclosure to edit your content: We will be adding our affiliate links. From time to time, we may perform tweaks to update our blog content with current information. Writing is not meant to change the original style nor will it be defamatory.

What You Get:

GRRRL TRAVELER is a DA 50/PA 46 site, last we looked.

We try our best to give your site a good plugin in more ways than one. In return, we’re seeking bloggers who will do a good job. Our expert travel series are our evergreen and adopted babies. Once we accept it, we try our best to get it promoted and re-promoted. If you’re an expert on what you’re writing about then we want our readers to follow you too.

 TWO DoFollow links for a Full Guide OR  ONE DoFollow link for Food.  

Introduction to Readers recommending you at the top of the article 

Bio: 3-4 sentences about yourself + a NoFollow link to your website

Links to social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.  

We share your post on social media and tag your accounts  ( Facebook page )

Additional guest post benefits

Most guest writers contribute to us for link juice. But a win for us is a win for you.

Here’s an example of a successful guest post that has gained the writer a lot of my traffic.

It became one of the highest-trafficked posts in a year on my blog and ranked on Google’s first page.  The writer is a local expert on this city and has many posts on her hometown. She wrote a great travel guide with tips and used great keywords. My blog has a high DA, this was a strong piece and it caught traffic quickly.

As this is the only post I have of that city, and she is my city expert writer, she gets trip planning traffic to her blog and her blog gets link juice as an authority for that city.  At this point, she could add affiliates to her linked pages and strategically build up around them.

Potential Guest Post Topics

 24 / 48 Hour Travel Guides

” Best things to Do in ….”
“Things to know before you visit…..”
” # Reasons to visit _________”
” __________ Travel Guide”

*For Solo travelers (ideally written by Solo Travelers):  You can use this template here.

This is an essential destination guide. We’re looking for essential information which will honestly help solo travelers make choices without wasting their time.  No journal itinerary or a walking tour type of writing. See linked example

1) Top Attractions
List the reason why it is a MUST SEE ATTRACTION and a bit of info about it and/or address listing/nearest metro stop.

2) Must Try Food or Food experiences
Top Foods that locals would proudly agree were beloved foods of their city. You can mention a restaurant if the restaurant is known for a popular, exceptional, and/or unique experience. Please do not list food just because you had it.

3) Getting Around
Transportation options to navigate the city (not every city has a bus or metro and if they do, sometimes, they have different names for it)

4) Safety Tips for Solo Travelers – Anything to be aware of in pickpockets or scams, female harassment? (summary)

5) Hotel/guesthouse recommendations:
EXTRA URL LINK to your blog if you list 2-3 recommended hotels or accommodation experiences.

Things you MUST Know Before Traveling 

This is a list of cultural, travel tips, recommendations, insights about geography, scams/travel warnings, and cultural etiquette.   It is a READ THIS BEFORE YOU GO! type of article

This can be written as a travel guide or a list. Here’s an example of a successful guest post that has gained the writer a lot of my traffic and this it benefits us both. The writer is a local expert on this city and has many posts on the city. She made it part tip, part travel guide did a great job, and had great keywords. I add in my affiliates (BUT I also link in content and informational websites where she didn’t). My blog has a high DA so it caught traffic quickly. This is the only post I have of that city, so she is in fact, the expert and my blog links to hers. She gets trip planning traffic to her blog (provided she has posts they need and has set up her own affiliates ) and her blog gets link juice as an authority for that city.

If you wish, you may follow this layout.

 10 Must-Eat Foods of  __

I like highlighting top traditional comfort foods and must-try street foods, which locals would unanimously and proudly agree with as top national foods. Please explain the palette of the country (if you understand it), and any common ingredients or reasons which make the foods culturally popular. If there’s a special restaurant that specializes in the dish or an area that features it, please list where it can be found (an address or brief directions). I am vegetarian so I would appreciate at least two vegetarian dishes if possible (if you don’t know of any, just let me know).

Be thoughtful about the foods you select. Nationals can be extremely critical of these lists to the point of calling out writers on this.  AVOID 1) hype restaurant fusion foods (unless it’s a very popular trend like New York Cronuts) or 2) listing a dish just because you had it and took a photo of it.

Essential Packing Tips for ___

  This is all about preparation: travel survival, special requirements, travel gear, or anything that helps a traveler navigate the tripwires of a country or culture.  Feel free to pitch me a topic!

Where to submit:

Go to  Contact Form.  Send me the link to your blog, writing samples, and your article ideas. Note: It may take some time for me to get back to you as often my schedule is busy.


Thank you very much for your time and interest and I look forward to hearing from you!


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  • Hello,

    How are you doing?

    I have an idea for an article titled ‘5 Ways to prepare for high altitude mountain climbing’ for your website. I think your audience would love to read it.

    Would you be willing to take a look at it?

    If not, I can write on any other topic you require.

    Shawn Michaels

  • Hey folks this is Larry from Aiea, Hawaii, I travel alone to Thailand, Japan and the Philippines frequently. Im in my late 40s and want to turn people on especially from Hawaii and all the local wahines here for sure , south east Asia is safe just don’t be stupid like anywhere else you would travel. Its not just for dudes, Thailand isn’t a mans only vacation like you may have heard, stop going to LV. Im looking at retirement there someday to get out of expensive Hawaii when im older and why live in a desert someplace like LV when you can live in southeast Asia its so much more like Hawaii and cheaper than being on the continent and I cant see older folks scrimping and living in substandard housing and clipping coupons when in Hawaii when you can live well in an Asian country about the same distance and airfare cost as the east coast to Hawaii. people are actually more friendly in ASEAN than in the USA.



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