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We want to know more about your daily life, Chris…” my Dad told me last week on Skype, regarding my travel blog. Some readers are never satisfied.

While my expat life is littered with interesting discoveries, random observations and insights on a daily basis; they often hit me hard, fast and in successive waves just as they did when I lived in New York or when I’m traveling abroad. Unfortunately, I don’t always have time to give these things attention; nor do I know how to sort out its random bits… like seeing two severely hunch-backed and rugged ajummas fighting like feral mud crabs over a piece of cardboard… yeah, cardboard (the old folks here make a bit of a livelihood in recycling…)

A blogger’s work is never done.

Blogging can feel like hard work. Many bloggers would concur when I say– blogging can get to feeling like a  job, where you’re always trying to find a balance between experiencing vs. writing.  Personally, I’ve not found perfect blogger balance yet. I always feel “back-blogged” to the point, I occasionally hit the tug-o-war of wanting to hold myself back from a weekend of travel, out of fear I’ll experience more to write about.

Between travel and experiencing expat life, life can feel like interesting x10! Everyday is a new and nuanced rhythm: a curiosity, frustration, derailment and discovery… Sometimes it’s hard to keep up!


What?… another blog site?

Yes, it’s true. I can’t very well post “Why I think Speed Games Are Great for my Slow Students” on GRRRL TRAVELER; yet, I can’t deny there are things about teaching which inspires me, challenges me and of course, occasionally frustrates me. So where do I put my teaching observations and stuff-ness?

Do I want the responsibility of another blog site?

– Not really.

I thought about this long and hard…

1 – It’s extra work.

2 – What happens to the blog if I leave Korea?

3 – Where will I find the energy to update it? (especially if I’m feeling back-blogged already)

Still, every now and then I find myself adding to this secret site with lesson plan ideas, notes and observations.  Why? Personally, Communication Arts (or Art in general) has always been my greatest on-going love affair; and teaching in Korea actually feeds my creative problem-solving side. So for now, I’ve decided this–

GRRR Shoutouts to my sister site, My Crazy Kimchi!

My Crazy Kimchi! will be my for-fun (yes, fun) teaching blog and outlet. I’ll update it when I discover interesting insights into the Korean classroom, devise brilliant presentations you may want to download, experience breakthroughs (or when I want to rant about my teaching experiences). Best of all, if you’re only interested in GRRRL TRAVELER‘s travel and expat adventures, you won’t have to move– I’ll only link My Crazy Kimchi articles I feel pertinent to my travels and life in Korea.



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