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 12-day Transformative Holi India Adventure in Rajasthan 2024

India Trip Details

  • Trip Duration:  12 days
  • Trip Date:  March 17-28, 2024
  • Route:📍 Delhi 📍Agra 📍Jaipur 📍Bundi  📍 Udaipur 📍 Jawai 📍 Delhi 
  • Number of Spots: 6 guests minimum needed to run this tour; 12 spots max
  • Arrival/departure at Indira Gandhi International Airport  (DEL – New Delhi)

    *One discount per person.

Adventure Summary

This 12- day transformative Holi adventure through the heart of India’s Rajasthan region is a bespoke adventure for the adventure-minded traveler, who thrives off urban culture, off-the-beaten-path village explorations and local interactions, food adventures and …a bit of culture shock! (culture shock is SO necessary for a fun adventure!)

Our journey begins amidst the chaotic charm of Delhi, where ancient alleys whisper stories of bygone eras. Stroll through the labyrinth lanes of Old Delhi, savoring iconic street delicacies from century-old shops, and witness the devotion that fuels a temple kitchen serving thousands daily.

Delve deeper into Delhi’s soul by sharing a meal with a warm local family, gaining profound insights into the city’s suburban life.

Our adventure continues in a comfortable mini-van, winding our way to Agra. Along the route, encounter the inspiring efforts of a wildlife and elephant conservation, where majestic creatures find sanctuary.

In Agra, marvel at the Taj Mahal’s ethereal beauty, basking in its splendor at sunrise before the world awakens. As we journey to Jaipur, the Pink City, we’ll explore its wonders in style, riding pink rickshaws steered by empowered women. We’ll explore artisanal treasures, bustling markets, the Instagrammable Patrika Gate and the Amber Fort amongst a few.

Discover the romantic allure of Udaipur, often hailed as the “Venice of India,” where regal arts and architecture paint a captivating story of royal life. The royal family still lives there btw!

Uncover the secrets of Bundi, a hidden gem, through a walk of the town with a local who leads you through the history and culture that makes this a welcoming off-the-beaten path escape deeper into Rajasthan.

Our adventure peaks in Jawai Bandh, a village where shepherds share an extraordinary bond with leopards. Amidst the rustic charm, you will enjoy the luxury of glamping, embark on an exhilarating leopard safari, and connect with the indigenous Rebari community, enriching your understanding of their unique way of life.

Finally, we’ll soak in the exciting colors of Holi festival where the vibrant hues paint bodies and towns. Bid adieu to this magical land as we return to Delhi aboard a 2AC overnight train. Our last day will take us through more highlights of Delhi to uncover a well rounded view of Delhi from historical to modern. We’ll cherish the memories of an adventure that transcends boundaries and leaves a lasting imprint on your soul.

Join us and let the spirit of India captivate your senses, one unforgettable experience at a time.

Make lifetime friends on this trip and find your own travel story on this truly incredible once-in-a-lifetime trip.

    Itinerary   |     Things to Know     |     Inclusions & Exclusions    |     FAQ
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Udaipur: Best things to do and eat
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Langar in the Sikh kitchen
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Rebari Community shepherds in Jawai Bandh
rajasthan tour during holi ladies only- pexels|varun-gaba- rajasthan group tour ladies-7437939


Holi India Rajasthan Tour Itinerary


Day 1:  DELHI

Welcome to India! We begin our adventure with India’s capital city-  Delhi!  After arrival at the Delhi airport, you will be picked up and taken to your hotel.

In the evening, we’ll have a meeting with our tour leader and Christine at the hotel, where you’ll be briefed on responsible travel survival tips for India.

After the meeting, head out for a welcome dinner with the group to meet, mingle and enjoy the best Indian meal.

Meals: Dinner

Day 2: Old Delhi’s Hidden Gems

It is going to be a full day of local experiences

First, we’re going to travel like a modern Delhi-ite by taking the metro to Old Delhi. At Old Delhi, we begin our walking food tour. Visit one of the historical Sikh Temples constructed in 18th century. We’ll  visit its kitchen which feeds thousands of devotees and hungry locals -irrespective of religion- daily and have a langar experience. We’ll walk  down the narrow market alleys of the Chandni Chowk to nibble on popular street food whose shops have been there for ages.  We’ll also visit its spice market. Soak in the sights and spices of incredible Old Delhi and watch workers transport mountainous goods on their heads as we have a cup of chai from a 100 year old street shop. This is my favorite area in Delhi.

Late afternoon, we will be enjoying a special unique experience by visiting a local Indian family for a dinner and learning more about local life. We will be visiting a suburb of Delhi and enjoying some cooking demonstration on how to cook Indian food and learn about Indian spices. At the end of the day you’ll be enjoying real Indian flavors that families cook with.

MEALS: Breakfast, Street Food Lunch & Dinner

Day 3: AGRA – Wildlife and Empowerment

Early in the morning, we’ll drive to Agra we’ll drop by Wildlife SOS’s elephant branch, to learn and observe what they do in protecting and rescuing elephants and wildlife across India.

After a bit of a drive, we’ll arrive at Agra and the rest of the day is at leisure— you’re welcome to take a rest or explore the neighborhood of Tajganj to do a bit of shopping.  At night we’ll have a dinner at a café that is operated by and empowers female acid attack victims.

MEALS: Breakfast, Café dinner

Optional activity (free): Visit a carpet making workshop. Agra is known for its fine carpets in all of India.

Day 4: Taj Mahal at Sunrise and Jaipur’s Pink City

We’re waking up early (so sorry but it’ll be worth it!..) to witness the Taj Mahal bathed in golden morning light. Then explore it peacefully before the tourist crowd and heat rolls in.

We’ll arrive in Jaipur in the afternoon where we’ll visit Patrika Gate, a famous wedding and Instagram photo spot.  Then we’ll hop on a pink rickshaw driven by women and soak in the city’s vibrant atmosphere.  It is a unique innovative initiative which aims to provide employment opportunity to 200 women from low income households in Jaipur. We’ll pass busy market lanes, the lighted up Albert Hall Museum and finally stop to enjoy Chai .

Optional activity (inexpensice):
• Enjoy a special Bollywood movie at one of the most popular and historical movie theaters.

MEALS Breakfast, lunch


Day 5: Jaipur’s Majestic Fort

Jaipur is one of India’s most famous cities, renowned for its stunning architecture and vibrant culture.  Today  we do a photo stop at Jal Mahal and then visit the beautiful Amer Fort (aka Amber Palace). Built in red sandstone and marble, the ancient fort holds influences from both, Hindu and Muslim architecture. Although it looks old and weathered from the outside, its beautiful interior boasts of various prominent buildings like the ‘Diwan-i-Aam’, the ‘Sheesh Mahal’ and even the ‘Sukh Mahal’.

For centuries, the Jaipur has been celebrated for its exquisite craftsmanship and its variety of precious gemstones. You will learn more about those as we visit an area with quality crafts workshops on things like Block printing and gemstones, etc.. All workshops we take you to have been vetted as high quality, authentic crafts and profits go directly to the craftspeople and the families they support.

MEALS: Breakfast, dinner

Optional actiivity (fee): Do an early morning balloon ride and soar over Jaipur city to see forts and villages below. A once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Day 6: BUNDI – A Hidden Gem

We drive to Bundi – one of the hidden village gems of Rajasthan. This is a place I’ve heard about and have been wanting to visit for some time as it’s often overlooked by travelers! We’ll do a village walk with a local to uncover its historical forts to step wells, and experience the small town’s local charm.

MEALS: Breakfast , Lunch, Dinner

Day 7: UDAIPUR – Venice of India

Udaipur welcomes you with its serene lakes, palaces and cultural arts. Udaipur is one of my favorite Rajasthani cities and you’ll adore its relaxed and warm vibe. We’ll stroll along the ghats and markets, taste some street food and sip the best lassi of the old city from a vendor that serves it in a clay cup!

In the evening, we’ll visit a fun cultural folk program! It’s a bit of a variety show put on by a local troupe  and it’s simply adorable. Maybe we’ll spot one of the neighborhoods’ many large monkeys-  they’re so large, they’re practically the size of children.

Meals: Breakfast, street food snacks and dinner

Optional: Palm reading by an expert (appointments taken for today and tomorrow – I hear he’s really good!)

Day 8: Udaipur: City Palace, Boat ride and Miniature Painting

Today we’ll explore the magnificent City Palace -it’s large and has quite a history as the royal family still lives in a part of it.  There’s a lot of hidden nooks for picturesque Instagram shots.  Then we’ll delve into the detailed world of miniature painting, an old art in Rajasthan and which Udaipur is known for. Some collectors are serious patrons, forbidding their artists to paint for anyone else.  Witness the fusion of Mughal and Rajput art and architecture in this regal city as we walk around the old city, visiting the beautiful Jagdeesh temple. We’ll also enjoy a relaxing boat ride on Lake Pichola, where we’ll see the cityline of Udaipur and its palace buildings- there’s a reason they call it India’s Venice.

The morning was packed with experiences and by now, you’re itching to hit the rest of Udaipur on your own. So the rest of the day is yours to enjoy the vibe of Udaipur’s old city, explore the markets with your camera, taste the street foods and shop to your heart’s content.

If you don’t have ideas of things to do, no worries– Christine knows of some of its best view points and your tour leader will have more ideas for Udaipur fun!

Meals: Breakfast, lunch

Optional (fee):

  • Evening Cooking class with a local

Day 9: JAWAI BANDH : Leopards and Holi Celebration

After breakfast, we will embark on another adventure that goes beyond a mere wildlife experience. Our destination is the charming small village of Rajasthan, renowned for its unique relationship with leopards. It’s also got unique alien-like landscape! The villagers in Rajasthan not only admire leopards but also share a deep spiritual connection with these magnificent creatures, considering them as their guardian angels.

Jawai Bandh, situated in western Rajasthan, stands as one of the largest water reservoirs in the region. Its rural terrain features scattered boulders, craggy caves, extensive scrubland, and grassy expanses, all divided by a meandering river and sand beds. It has gained fame for its leopards – the leopards like to reside in those craggy caves- this land attract a diverse range of  birds found in open wetlands.

We will be glamping in the village and go for a short village walk around the farms. Finally, we’ll end the day, enjoying a dinner cooked by the local ladies freshly picked from the farms.

MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

**Due to the fact Holi dates are moving at the moment, we will either celebrate a private Holi festival in Jawai with the community or in Udaipur. Both experiences are exceptional. 

Day 10: JAWAI BANDH: Leopard safari and Indian sleeper train

After breakfast, we will be going for a village walk and experiencing the life of villagers in Jawai. The village community is huge in Jawai and they have a distinct culture.  We’ll go on a safari to explore the landscapes, crocodiles and if we’re lucky we’ll see a spotted leopard! Due to the nature of ethical wildlife safaris, a leopard spotting is never guaranteed. But I’ve been told it is likely.

We’ll enjoy high tea at the sunset during the safari and sip our last peaceful note of escape into this remote beauty.

After dinner, we will be hopping aboard our next adventure– the overnight train back to Delhi! Long distance trains are how a majority of Indian locals travel.  It is a local experience that is a must if you’re going to say you traveled India!

MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 11: Delhi City highlights

Arriving in Delhi in the afternoon, we’ll visit Humayun tomb and visit one of the most instagrammed mural art streets of Delhi. There’s a lot of great murals in this area. Then we’re off to Connaught place market, a huge outdoor shopping area that Delhi-ites love to stroll. Aside from shopping you can find cheap cha-chas from a hawker stand, try your hand at paan or pickup a kulfi.  Tonight is our farewell dinner and our last dinner as a travel squad.

Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 12: Delhi Goodbye

It’s time to say goodbye to India and your new travel adventure family, with whom you’ve built everlasting memories. Guests will be dropped at the airport unless you wish to extend your stay in India. I hope to see you again soon!

Meals: Breakfast

Walk through our India Adventure Itinerary with me (VIDEO)

UPDATE: All rooms are based on double occupancy. Every effort will be made to pair travelers by gender.

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Royalty & Preserving Traditional Art

Things to Know about this India Group Trip

Diverse transportation

We have comfy and spacious A/C vanbuses. But I also want us to sample fun intercity transportation!

Boutique Accommodations

We have 3*-4*boutique or heritage accommodations, an incredible glamping experience and an overnight 2AC sleeper train experience!

Tour leader & guides

We are partnering with a licensed, female-run local operator who has up-to-date information for our safety. We also hace a female tour leader and local guides in each region. 

Safe & Stress-Free Itinerary

We’ve taken care of all the details, so you can focus on having a fabulous time in India.

Sustainable & Responsible tourism

Our choices help lend positive impact to our destinations. You will be supporting female empowerment, artist and village communities and animal rescue. No animal rides.

Experiential and Well-balanced

We’re not shuffling you everywhere on a tour bus. Get ready to have “experiences” !

WhatsApp + FB Group

We have a pre-trip Facebook group so you can connect and share information. When our tour begins, we will have a WhatsApp group.

Our Value Mission

This GRRRLTRAVELER adventure package is a full package of “experiences” and guided activities, a female tour leader and  Holi celebration. This  is a special group trip designed by GRRRLTRAVELER in partnership with a female-owned local tour business, who is an expert in sustainable and responsible tourism in India. Most big brand India group tours offer a skeletal itinerary of sightseeing with a thin base of generic budget hotels, transportation, some meals and unethical attractions.

We believe in increasing the value of home-spun and responsible local adventures, so travelers experience a rich tapestry of authentic travel, boutique comforts and exciting off-the-beaten path fun. Be prepared for a truly sensory-rich experience!

What is included?


  1. Airport pickup and drop-off
  2. 3*-4*Boutique Accommodations (Double occupancy)
  3. Glamping experience
  4. All meals included are as mentioned in itinerary
  5. Food tour/tastings
  6. Entry fees to the monuments
  7. Guided city/village walks, activity/location and event fees mentioned on our itinerary
  8. Transportation throughout the itinerary using  private & spacious van bus, metro, train, boat, rickshaw, domestic travel
  9. Holi celebration and colored paints
  10. India GE Taxes
  11. Female Tour leader
  12. Local & monument guides
  13. Whatsapp and Facebook Group to connect before-during-after the trip.
  14. Trip deck
  15. Processing fees

Notify us if you have a vegetarian/restrictive diet or allergies. Hindu culture is vegetarian so vegetarian meals will not be a problem.

*When the tour is confirmed as reaching it’s minimum operation, we will send hotel details. The sooner we can secure our minimum, we can secure our first pick hotels!


  •  International flights to and from India
  •  Trip Insurance is *mandatory*.
  •  Indian Tourist Visa
  •  Passport fees
  •  Covid vaccinations
  •  Pre and post-travel COVID-19 tests for India entry
  •  Pre and post trip accommodations
  •  Airport Transfers Outside of Designated Times
  •  Processing fee of credit/debit cards, overseas bank transfers, or other third-party platforms.
  •  If traveler requests separate or upgrade travel arrangements during the tour.
  •  Changes in the itinerary due to circumstances beyond our control or the act of God.
  •  You will be responsible for some meals in areas where you have options and may want to explore. Budget between $15 per meal (it will likely be much less).
  •  Alcoholic beverages and additional soft drinks and water
  • Personal purchases and incidentals at hotels
  • ” Optional activities” mentioned on the itinerary. Activities are mostly inexpensive and you pay directly to the local vendors in rupees.
  • $80 per person expense will be collected for the “tipping kitty” at the start of the trip in rupee. This reduces the stress of gratuities for service workers (ie. bellboys, waitstaff, guides, etc). Our tour leader will be in charge of dispensing tips on the group’s behalf. Gratuities for driver and tour leader are not included in this!


Once this trip is greenlit, travelers will need to meet these requirements

Trip insurance for these tour dates.

Trip Insurance is REQUIRED on all tours and must cover all the tour dates. Without it, you cannot join our tour. Travel is unpredictable and there may be times we are further from medical facitilies. We highly recommend your insurance cover trip and flight cancellations, delays, medical and emergency coverage, as well as quarantine in the case of COVID.

You are welcome to use your preferred travel insurance company, but it should cover India and the activities on our agenda.  I use World Nomads on all my travels as it covers gear protection too.


Vaccination against COVID

All guests are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID. As bureaucracy can be tricky in India, we want all guests to meet with the least COVID-19 restrictions and obstacles. We will also be entering into villages/tribal communities with limited infrastructure. You will need to upload a copy of your vaccination records.

For any other inoculations, please consult your travel doctor.


 India Tourist Visa

International travelers are required to get an India Tourist Visa. An India e-Visa can be gotten online through the government website (here is my guide).


Are you a good fit for this trip?


Traveling India is not going to be every traveler’s cup of tea. While it may excite travelers who have been to Nepal or Vietnam, it may challenge your comfort zone if you’ve never traveled to a developing country. India is an old country and things do not always go as planned or run on time, so it requires flexibility from travelers who visit.

This is about having an “adventure-ready and open mindset”.

✅ You understand you are in a developing country and infrastructure is not like home.

✅ You know that travel and weather can be unpredictable. Sometimes plans must change accordingly.  Safety is our priority.

✅ You know that hot water showers may not always available in some areas, and some areas we visit have electrical blackouts. Some locations may lack mobile and land WiFi.

✅ Our hotel bathrooms are mostly western with the occasional pour-flush toilet or hand-held bidet.  However, on our road trip and rest stops you are likely to experience the squat toilet, as it may be encountered in older places. (My Squat Toilet Tips for ladies here and here). 

✅ You know food isn’t always prepared in the most hygienic manner, drinking tap water is not advisable and getting sick is a possibility. 

✅  You respect staff, workers, and fellow guests is paramount in fostering a respectful and enjoyable atmosphere for all.We aim for an inclusive group trip, where openness and cultural enrichment thrive. We embrace diversity, forging friendships and creating joyful memories. Thus we have a strict zero-tolerance policy against harassment and demeaning or berating behavior. 

Who would not be a good fit

This is not for travelers, who need a “white glove”, a “4-5 star luxury tour experience” or whom always need things to operate perfectly according to the itinerary.  This is not a budget backpacking trip either! 

We won’t be staying at hostels and doing things on the cheap. We will be staying at well-vetted, lovely and boutique hotels for the area we are in. We’ll experience comfortable adventures, but you should be prepared to walk.

If you are the type of traveler that demands individualized service, or loves to complain or is always picking at things at, this is not for you. Please go to my bigger brand competitors who can handle your type of temperament. 

We’re spending 12 days together,  so I’m looking for a flexible mindset that’s going to allow everyone in our group to enjoy themselves, work as a family and know everyone is treated equally. 


Your price includes a lot of inclusions that other tours will offer as “add-ons” .
This tour has a *lot* stacked into it in nice hotels, meals, guided activities, food tour, glamping safari, etc so you experience a FULL spectrum of Rajasthan, India. Additionally,  you’ll have a tour leader, myself and trip assistance to make sure we’re all ready to go on this trip.

How to join this tour:

This is a small group, India can be an unpredictable destination, and pose culture shock for some travelers.
I want to ensure you are a good fit for the adventure. Please fill out my Interest Form first to let me know more about you.


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Frequently Asked Questions



This adventure tour is coed and need not be only solo travelers.

The tours are open to friends and partners.   Just let us know if you would like to room together.

I am a small creator brand with a YouTube channel and I’m offering these small group trips for those who are interested in traveling with me and meeting other like-minded travelers.

Do I book my own flights?

Yes. You must book your flights To and From the start and end of the tour. You can come as early or leave as late as you please at your own expense.  I like to compare prices between Google Flights and Skyscanner (here are my booking tips).

I reserved my spot. Should I book my flight now?

I know you’re excited to travel and I’m excited to have you on my tour! But we need a minimum in order to run this trip.  Once I have cleared that minimum, you’ll be notified ASAP that it is okay to book your trip. At the very latest, I should know 45 days before the tour date.

Is India safe?

Being a solo female traveler myself, initially I wanted to do a women’s only group trip because I know many women feel overwhelmed by what they’ve read in the media about India in regards to sexual harassment. However, I’ve realized that male travelers can feel intimidated by India as well.

This is why I am partnering with a local tour operator company, that is own and operated by two Indian women in Delhi. They offer specialize in safe and responsible tourism in India. But I cannot guarantee guests’ independent choices of activities during their free time or outside the tour environment.

If I didn’t feel India was safe, I would not lead a group tour to this country. Nor would I return to travel it solo, as many times as I have and most of the time I’ve traveled very locally via trains, buses and metro. However, travel is unpredictable and any trip has the potential to go awry, as we are at the mercy of flight cancellations, weather, traffic, festival season, COVID, etc… This is why we make trip insurance compulsory.

It’s advised to always check your government website to read the latest news or travel warnings on India and research the latest travel scams.

Do I need to get trip insurance?

1000% Yes! Without it, you cannot join this adventure. Your trip insurance must cover all the trip dates and you will be asked to show proof and your policy number.

Your insurance policy must cover India. If you’re uncertain, then ask your insurance provider.

I recommend you get trip insurance that covers trip/ flight cancellations, delays, medical and emergency coverage, as well as quarantine/cancellation in the case of COVID. While India has medical facilities comparable to the west, we will be in remote areas for part of the time. You may want to make sure your insurance covers things like medivac.

You are welcome to use your preferred travel insurance company if it covers India. Most credit card travel insurance policies, tend to be basic, so you will need to call and ask your credit card company about their policy.

You can also use this recommended trip insurance finder tool  to do your own policy comparison according to your budget.  I use World Nomads for all my international trips which entail adventure activities. They cover adventure activities and destinations that many other trip insurances do not.

Is there a waitlist?

If the tour is sold out, I have a waiting list. Sometimes, travelers cannot attend at the last minute and must give up their spot. The spot will go to the next in line on the waitlist. If a traveler does not pay their spot within 45 days of the tour start date, the spot will be released to the waitlist.

Do I have to share a room?

The tour price is based on double occupancy, which means, I will try my best to pair you, with a guest of similar gender and age

 If you wanted your own room, we have a single room option for an extra fee.

While every effort is made to confirm the accommodation mentioned in the final itinerary, we reserve the right to change accommodation. If we do so, an equal or better standard with no additional cost to you.

For Holi season dates, top hotels can fill fast and depending upon how long it takes to greenlight, my first picks can be booked quickly.  This is why it’s imperative to book quickly. If India is on your bucketlist and you’re on the fence, fill out my form and ask your questions so you can make a well rounded decision. Also, watch my itinerary video and some of my YouTube trip guides ( linked down below)

Can I stay in India longer (after the tour)?

Absolutely! There are many adventures to be experienced in India. Our partner operator can help you book your onward travels for an extra fee. And I’m hoping after traveling India with me, you’ll feel acclimated and confident to have your own adventures afterward. You will also have a Facebook group to connect with your fellow travelers in advance .

Is my deposit non-refundable?

The deposit reserves your space, due to the fact this tour date is so near,  is refundable for the first 15 days. After that, it is non-refundable. and the remainder of payments are due 45 or 60 days before departure.

If a traveler does not pay their spot within 45 days of the tour start date, their spot will be released to the waitlist guests.

There is nothing I want more than to provide you with a memorable trip experience. The reason tour deposit is nonrefundable is that the moment you book a spot, there are expenses that go into holding your spot: from payment processing fees, securing our rates with local vendors & hotels, administrative fees and more.   I’d like to keep running these adventures and make them high-quality and enjoyable experiences for all, so I appreciate your understanding  and respect of my strict policies.

*However, in the case this adventure trip does not make its minimum to operate, your deposit will be refunded – minus processing fees.  This is also why we recommend you pay via bank transfer to avoid costly credit card fees.  Please read my T&Cs .

 What type of hotels are we staying in?

We’re staying in proper 3-4* hotels, with one being a glamping experience. Our goal is to secure my first pick of hotels but my operator has many secondary choices that are quite bougee as far as comfort and decor go.  Hotels are subject to change. If that happens, one of equal or better standard will be given.  But I still would like to get as many folks on board early so we can book our hotel spots ASAP, especially as Holi is peak season.

You will get full details when we are close to a greenlit trip and upon final payment.

Will there be downtime on this tour?

Although we have quite a few experiences you will want to participate in,  we’ve created spots for leisure time and spaces in the itinerary for you to explore your own meal options.

Do I need a Indian Tourist Visa?

Yes. You will need this before you board the plane to India. You cannot fly without it. However, if you get the Indian evisa this is relatively quick. Visa Fee depends upon your country.

How to make payments?

This adventure trip is right around the corner so this adventure trip’s payment requirements are specific to this trip (vs my general T&Cs).

Payments are split into two installments: a deposit to reserve your spot and a final payment for the balance. Failure to meet that deadline may see your place on the trip cancelled.

While this adventure makes its minimum to operate, I request :

1. Put only a deposit down to reserve your spot and not full payment.

2. When this trip is greenlight, I will send an email to pay the remainder.

3. Final payment is due 45 or 60 days before trip’s start (depending upon the time this trip is greenlit).

4. If you absolutely want to join, but you need your payment split up, let me know and i’ll see what I can do.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. Keep in mind, credit card processing fees will apply and they tend to be quite high. I recommend paying by bank transfer if you want to avoid high payment processing fees on your end.

When will we be notified if the adventure will go through?

I’ll notify all guests as soon as we secure our guest minimum and at least 60 days before our trip start.

Special diets

Please let me know of any special dietary restrictions at booking. Our tour manager and local experts will be informed and this will help them find suitable restaurants and/or substitutes when ordering.  Curious if you can handle Indian food? Here is a blog post decoding Indian Food and a guide on Food Tip Safety. Although our  tour leader will lead us to safe food experiences, hygiene in India is iffy.

How does this adventure trip make a positive impact?

We want your travel money to go where it matters, supporting programs that genuinely make a difference in the world and in Indian tourism.

We’ve teamed up with a female-owned and operated tour company, and our tour leader is also a woman. This choice is significant because it brings a different vibe to our experiences—more nurturing and aligned with causes important to sustainable tourism, GRRRLTRAVELER, and Christine. To find the right operator, I explored options in the sustainability sector, mostly dealing with men. The interactions were sometimes pushy or lackadaisical. Women in the industry bring a unique sensitivity and often work harder due to the challenges of male-dominated spaces. We’re in good hands.

Being committed to sustainable tourism and positive impact, we’re scrutinizing the authenticity of our activities, the ethics of our vendors, and their responsibility. For our rural visits, safari, and glamping in Jawai, we’ve chosen a locally-owned business that employs the local community. This is crucial as it provides opportunities for local youth who might otherwise need to move to a big city.

With Jawai becoming popular for leopard safaris, big outside brands are entering, posing a threat to local businesses and potentially changing safari practices to be more commerce-driven. Our focus is on supporting the local community, not just hiring them for menial jobs but promoting them to authoritative positions.

We’ll also delve into the empowering work of NGOs like Sheroes Cafe, Pink Rickshaws, and Wildlife SOS. Women’s voices are often marginalized in India, and by supporting more female-driven businesses, we aim to increase the visibility and numbers of Indian women in the tourism industry, challenging the prevalent patriarchal power dynamic.

Christine is passionate about wildlife and animal rescue, so we’re visiting Wildlife SOS to raise awareness about these critical issues. Tourism in India often exploits animals for entertainment, treating them as commodities. Our goal is to change this narrative by exposing travelers to a community working for wildlife welfare. You’re welcome to contribute and spread the values and stories we experience.

All the artisans, performances, and craft workshops we introduce you to have been thoroughly researched and vetted for high quality and authenticity. Any shopping you do directly supports the communities we visit, with neither the local operator nor GRRRLTRAVELER receiving any commissions from these vendors.

Through my PAWSitive Impact Promise, GRRRLTRAVELER will donate $2 per day from each guest to Tails of Compassion, a sanctuary specializing in handicapped and senior dogs. Supporting animal rescue causes is my personal mission.

These are just a few ways we’re contributing to positive tourism in India. Join us in making a meaningful impact!

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tails of compassion
tails of compassion
tails of compassion ngo delhi india handicapped senior dogs

PAWS-itive Impact Promise

In my travels to India, one thing always stands out to me as needing help– India’s street dogs. Two dollars a day isn’t much but with enough travelers and days, it adds up and it makes a difference to rescue organizations!  For each guest, I will donate $2/day to the incredible organization below.

Tails of Compassion; Delhi, India

Tails of Compassion is a sanctuary for handicapped and senior dogs.  Their sanctuary space, continued care and intake of adorable but un-adoptable pups are reliant upon public donations.

It is unlikely these dogs will be adopted due to their handicap, which requires much ongoing care and maintenance. I visited this organization in September 2023. The staff is remarkable in providing care to the dogs and the organization goes out of their way to provide fun and care for special needs dog. Moreover, each dog is an inspiring example of how we should not let limitations stand in our way of living our best life.

Follow Tails of Compassion on Facebook or Instagram for daily inspiration and your dose of silly pups! Donate and visit them on your next trip.


Why Travel with Me?


India is where GRRRLTRAVELER and my solo adventure life was born and my story started from a scam tour that I took from Delhi. Traveling it solo transformed a seemingly negative experience into a magical one, such that I did not stop traveling it. Today, India is one of my favorite countries to return to, so I’m thrilled to share it with you! India’s heart beats in its hospitable people, delectable cuisine, stunning temples, forts, and palaces, and the joyous celebrations that echo everywhere. It can also feel unpredictable and old, and like a guru, it teaches you to deal with and accept change, if not flexibly mold yourself around events.

It was the first country I knew I wanted to do a group trip to, because it’s often misunderstood due to negative media.

India is quite large, diverse and colorful. I love that you can see India celebrated through its everyday lifestyle in altars, prayer offerings, spices and the warmth of locals.

I’ve traveled India as a solo female several times, with trips that last anywhere from two weeks to three months. And I always come home feeling like it was not enough. If I’m traveling to other countries after it, they often pale in comparison to India, because no country will feel as adventurous or thrilling to me.

I’ve traveled it via train, government bus, VIP buses, jeep taxis, rickshaws, tuk tuks, I even hitchhiked on a high school bus. I enjoy traveling it overland.  My favorite FILMED India road trip journey I went from Sikkim  to Varanasi, where I used up to 9 different types of transportation.  Some of my favorite cities are not filmed for YouTube; just blogged about.

Embrace the thrill of India, and let the colors of India and Holi paint your most unforgettable journey. Don’t miss out on the transformative experiences that await you. Embrace the wanderlust, book your adventure with me today, and let your India dreams finally take flight.

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Rajasthani women by Varun Gaba
Jodhpur by Sharvan Savan
Holi hands by Nishant Das