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Top 10 Travel Gadgets for 2014: GoPro Hero 3+, gifts for travelers
Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers: Top 10 Travel Gadgets for


What cool travel gear gifts can you get a GRRRL (or guy) wanderluster for the holidays?  I have three big predictions, which determined the GRRRL’s  top 10 travel gadgets!

Top 3 travel gear gift predictions for the year

Travel and content creation used to be reserved for travel pioneers ready to cut away from their cubicle and daily living. But these days more and more travelers and wannabe travelers are taking up the reins of their travel and creator destiny. More folks are inspired to travel and create travel inspiration. So

Firstly, travel gear will look to streamline its ways and digital use.

Charging cables, cords, adapters… with mobile phones, iPads, cameras, now more than ever, we’ll look for ways to minimize the weight and much-ness of cords, chargers and plug outlets.

Secondly, more travelers will look to green and environmentally-friendly  and  economical ways.

Lastly, travelers will find more ways to record their memories to upload for both, posterity and social media networks.

Top 10  Travel Gadgets

1.   GoPro Hero 3+ Action water camera

Want to catch your snorkel, dive and skiing trips in HD video or try your hand at vlogging? By now, the GoPro Hero 3+ is the camera re-known for capturing memories, serious action-adventure and wide landscapes. With the push of a button, you can now create immersive memories. For folks who don’t want to fidget with f-stops and focusing, this is your magic pony!  I just got one and this latest version is a good improvement from the last- it allows better low-light videos, crisper images, it allows you to connect via WiFi and syncs to your iPhone, iPad or smartphone device for remote viewing and it has longer battery life.  How insane crack is that?

go pro hero 3+, get the gopro hero 3+, hd video, top hd cameras.

2.   Ollo Clip 3-in-1 lens for mobile phones

The Olloclip 3-in-1 lens is not cheap for a tiny lens, but if you’re gonna take photos with your unlocked iPhone, then why not get three great lenses for the price of one ? The Olloclip lens has a Fisheye Lens, Macro Lens, Wide-angle Lens and all will offer a dramatic difference to your normal lens.The fisheye and wide-angle lenses allow for nice wide angles pictures.Yes, wiiiide (almost double the normal view). It’s a fabulous solution if you ever wanted to take panoramic shots.   Note: Before buying make sure you’ve got the right lens for your mobile device model.

ollo clip 3-in-1 lens for iphone
Top 10 Travel Gadgets for 2014: Olloclip 3-in-1 lens

3.    Manduka SuperLite Travel Yoga Mat

If you’re a traveler, who occasionally likes to take their yoga practice on the road, you’ll love the Manduka SuperLite Travel Yoga Mat.  Once you’ve tried a Manduka, you might never want to go back to a cheap Target brand. Manduka mats are heavy duty yoga mats with a solid grip; and face it, no one likes sliding on their sweat, when it comes to holding postures. Owning a regular Manduka mat is ideal, but packing that mat will definitely weigh down your bag. This travel size is much lighter (2 lbs) and it folds to fit any travel space or purse.  Size:    68” x 24” x 1/16”

manduka super light yoga mat
Top 10 Travel Gadgets for 2014: Manduka SuperLite Travel Yoga Mat.


4.   SteriPEN Traveler Water Purifier

Traveling to a country where the water is undrinkable? The SteriPEN Travel Water Purifier is still on the top of the list when it comes to water purifiers for travel.  This is one gadget, I’m still waiting for someone to gift this to me. Anyone?

More courageous travelers and campers, who don’t mind sipping straight from a river, there’s the Life Straw.

steripen adventurer, steripen water purifier
Top 10 Travel Gadgets: Steripen Water Purifier (shown: Adventurer)

5.     Eco-friendly (and reusable) water bottles

The Vapur water bottle is a wonderful, eco-friendly way to reuse your water bottle and  avoid bottled water rip-off at the airport. Foldable and collapsable and fitting easily into a purse or pocket, it’s one of my top recommended travel gifts (read my review) and makes a great stocking stuffer!

Another way to stay travel cool with the environment is to use the Bobble Water Bottle. While the hard plastic doesn’t allow it to be collapsable , it comes with a water filter made of activated charcoal, which purifies your H20 from the tap, before you drink it.  Note: This filter will not take the place of a water purifier in a country with bad drinking water.

vapur water bottle, bobble water bottle, travel water bottles, recyclable water bottles, eco friendly travel gadgets, best travel gadgets for 2014
Top 10 Travel Gadgets for 2014: Reusable and recyclable bottles: Vapur water bottle/ Bobble water bottle

6.    Flip & Tumble packable tote bag

Do you plan to do a little grocery shopping abroad, need a bag to hang dry clothes in when you shower at a hostel or ever carry an extra foldup bag to hold your personal items or souvenirs on a plane? If you’ve said Yes to any of this, then reusable totes come in extra handy.

My favorite tote is the Flip & Tumble tote bag.   This little bag can morph into so many uses. It’s saved me countless times, so I always put one in my day pack or purse. Why do I prefer it over other bags? It’s a nice stretchy nylon bag that can carry up to 25 lbs and balls up like a sock in seconds flat!

flip and tumble tote bag, reusable tote bags, eco-friendly travel bags,
Top 10 Travel Gadgets for 2014: Flip & Tumble tote bag

7.     External Battery Chargers

These days, it can be a challenge to travel light. With all the tech gadgets we carry, we need more efficient and consistent solutions to staying powered up, when we travel. That’s where external battery chargers come in.  While the Anker Astro Series (3E) at 10,000 mAh  and New Trent iGeek at 11200 mAh may be cellphones in size (kinda big), the reviews hold it to good performance of holding your tablets, smartphones and GoPros charged an impressive amount of lifetimes.

New Trent iGeek, New Trent iCarrier
Top 10 Travel Gadgets for 2014: New Trent iGeek

8.    Belkin SurgePlus Travel Charger Surge Protector

Gone are those days when I packed my 12″  battery power strip in my luggage. Welcome to the  Belkin Surge Plus Mini Travel Charger. Belkin has had this charger out for years, but only now has my reliance upon USB technology has broadened. This charger is a little on the chunky side (more like half a power strip) but it has three outlets and two USB Ports (2.1 AMP / 10 Watt), which is necessary for my USB devices.

belkin usb power surge outlet, travel power outlets, Belkin Surge Plus Mini Travel Charger
Top 10 Travel Gadgets for 2014: Belkin Surge Plus Mini Travel Charger

9.    Clever Travel Companion underwear

At the risk of sounding like a billboard,  the Clever Travel Companion underwear makes my top travel gadget list for 2014. The Clever Travel Companion underwear for men and women,  is an innovative approach to storing valuables where thieves and pickpockets would never find them… in your underwear! Zippered pockets are sewn into the underwear shorts for added secrecy.  Watch my video review to see how the clothing works and why you’ll want to get it.

clever travel companion underwear review
Top 10 Travel Gadgets for 2014: The Clever Travel Companion underwear

10. Samsung Dual View & Multi-View cameras

When it comes to consumer cameras,  many don’t know that Samsung is a leader in advanced technology with the introduction of smart cameras.

Years ago, I claimed the Samsung Dual-view Camera  as the inspiration and solution for solo travelers (Read my review). In 2009, it was the first camera which took self-portraits. With just a finger tap to activate a front LCD screen, you could take a picture of yourself while looking in the view finder. Better yet, it offered a smile detection feature, which took your photo whenever you smiled… hands-free, this was by far the most awesome feature any camera offered. In addition, it had a vibrating touch screen to navigate a menu and finger swiping to view your pictures! This was before any smartphone device offered these things.

Now with Samsung multiview MV800, you get a 180 degree swivel viewfinder, motion detection (you control the camera’s zoom and snap with hand motions) and WiFi photo publish to Facebook, Picasa and email (review in the future). The camera has a load of complex goodies  you may or may not use, like 3D or panorama, but hands down, it’s one of the best and most innovative consumer cameras you’ll find out there.

samsung camera, best cameras for solo travelers, samsung dual view camera, self-shooting cameras, how to take a picture of yourself, best travel gadgets for 2014
Top 10 Travel Gadgets for 2014: Samsung consumer cameras

What are your  top 10 travel gadgets ?

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