Travel Q&A | Budgets, Adventure vs Naysayers

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Travel Q&A | Budgets, Adventure vs Naysayers | GRRRL TRAVELER

Today I’m going to do a rapid fire Travel Q&A. Well, I’m going to try to be a rapid fire. But some of these questions aren’t very rapid.

Here I am at Bako National Park in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo and I’m kind of taking a break from my trekking to sit down, plunker and shoot you all a video. I did a shout out on my GRRRLTRAVELER Facebook page and asked you all if you had questions for me and some of you did. So I’m going o shoot you out some of my responses.  If I don’t finish them all, then I’ll continue it at my next destination.

Here are the travel questions you asked:

Kamy Cole:    I’d love to know how you make and stay within your travel budget.  How have you adjusted it since you started?

Bonnie Anne:    I really enjoy your videos. You’ve got the travel chutzpah/mojo!  A bit of a broad question:  What is it that makes you turn toward discomfort when you trail? Is it intense curiosity, a sense of adventure, not wanting to be too comfortable or too settled?

The Bonfire Dream:   How do you persuade people back home that nothing is going to happen to you? And break their worries when they claim:

– as a blond, green-eyed and young woman in India you will be more suffering than enjoying it.  – volunteering is great but you will be exploited and chances are that something is going to happen to you.  – there are many health risks, it might be better to stay in clean places in Europe/America..

The Bonfire Dream:    And how do you ensure your utter safety in developing countries?

Bonnie Anne:    (Goes into further depth of her initial question) …Especially when you don’t have a safety net, financial or otherwise?  It’s one of my pet peeves regarding travel adventure series or shows where a supposed solo adventurer goes into a remote or dangerous area  (they have a safety net and the adventurer is not alone)



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