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Video Footage Licensing

The GRRRLTRAVELER team works tirelessly to create quality travel content, which inspires and informs others.  So  we appreciate your enjoyment and interest in it. We have both, free and paid usage rights available. Just check out our menu below.

Video Licensing
How to embed into your website
Photography Licensing
Video Licensing

Rights are non-exclusive and one-time for the stated project and not to be repurposed, resold or reused.


$30/second :  Internal marketing use
$50/second :  External use (i.e.  to produce a video under your brand or community)
$60/second :  Broadcast or film use

* Bulk rates for purchases over 60 seconds of footage or regular partnership
**Special rates for regular partnership


$150 Master cut:  Select footage from a clean master copy

Branded content fee :  We  must be visibly credited on the video (GRRRLTRAVELER for online; Christine Kaaloa for broadcast).

$500 Curated package :  A curated folder of shot clips for >2 minute feature story.

$650/day  Producer/Videographer with basic equipment kit

How to embed into your website

You are welcome to embed our YouTube videos on your website, provided you use the html or embed code, directly from YouTube. Walk-thru directions here.

What is not allowed:

  • No downloading the video from my YouTube or Facebook for private or commercial use without permission. Some of our videos do not have permissions for music or appearance usage outside of our brand.
  • No scraping from our channel or website feed, with the intention to allow/make illegal downloads from your website.
  • Reselling our video or repurposing it without our permission.
Photography Licensing

We have flat fees for photography use. We retain copyright, but offer unlimited use of our photos. Please email us if interested.


* All rates are subject to a 4.716% Hawaii State General Excise tax + 2% fee if Paypal is used.  

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