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Video Footage Licensing

The GRRRLTRAVELER LLC works tirelessly to create quality travel documentary videos for our audiences on YouTube and social media. So we appreciate your interest in it. These days social and online platforms and creators are serious about catching copyright infringement (often, we are even notified immediately for action). If the platform catches the offending account or we report it, it can result in copyright strikes or account suspension. We have both, free and paid usage rights available. See our terms and rates below.

You are welcome to re-share our videos directly from our YouTube channel or Facebook page using the Share button or the video’s URL.

You may also embed our YouTube videos on your website, provided you use the html or embed code, directly from YouTube.
Walk-thru instructions here.

We do not allow:

  • No downloading the video from my YouTube or Facebook for private or commercial use without permission. Some of our videos do not have permissions for music or appearance usage outside of our brand. Also YouTube, Facebook and Instagram have strict copyright policies and software. Once uploaded elsewhere, we are contacted immediately with a video match down to specific seconds which have been used. You receive a copyright infringement letter from us and the platform and we issue you an payment invoice. If you have had many complaints of copyright violation, the platform removes your entire account.
  • No scraping from our channel or website feed, with the intention to allow/make illegal downloads from your website.
  • No repurpose or reselling our video without our permission.

YouTube Permissions and Licensing Terms/Fees

Order Form for Video Footage Licensing

Please be as exact where possible. If you are ordering the Folder Dump, write NA.
Rights are non-exclusive and one-time for the stated project and not to be repurposed, resold or reused. We do not sell music rights as they are from third party partners. * Bulk rates for purchases over 60 seconds of footage or regular partnership
Please specify the nature of your piece, on which social/online platforms it will be published and date projected to air. Any duplication of our content on platforms where we are hosted, will trigger copyright claims; thus, we need to know where to clear usage.
Let us know where you would like to receive the footage. We upload to : Google Drive Public Folder, Dropbox, WeTransfer ( <2GB ). We do not email footage.
In the future we hope to offer Stripe payment
Terms of Sale: Rights are non-exclusive and one-time only for the stated project and not to be repurposed, resold or reused for additional off-spring projects or third party partners. We do not sell permission rights to any music used in the video. We are not responsible for any talent permissions outside of Christine as host.

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