Taking the Daegu City Bus Tours

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The Daegu city bus tour bus starts at Dongdaegu station

Daegu city bus tour

What is there to see or do in Daegu? If you’re new the a city in Korea, you might want to check for city bus tour.

City Bus Tours are offered through the Korean Tourism Organization and the city. They’re available in almost every city in Korea and they’re a quick, inexpensive and easy way to get round to see a city’s main sights.

After the Seoul City Bus Tour and the Busan City Bus Tour, I realized that Korea’s probably got a city bus tour for every city! Could the Daegu City Bus Tour offer me anymore excitement?  This is what you what you can choose from:

• Regular tour:  Six course routes to choose from and goes to various locations like the National Museum, a Currency Museum, Herb Hills Theme Park, the Daegu National Stadium and …a Water Filltration Plant? (just to name some) Okay, they don’t sound terribly sexy places at first, but I’m sure there’s a measure of interest in them or why would they be on the route, right? Still, I thought I’d save this tour when my interest in Daegu hit the red zone…

• Theme tour : an activity-based tour, where you experience things like tea ceremony, picking apples, making pottery, etc… (some activities are conditional upon season) Read about my Daegu Farm tour with EPIK.

• Circular course tour: Eleven places around Palgonsan Mountain, it hits two noteworthy sightseeing points: Gatbawi Temple and Donghwasa Temple. Both temples have giant residential Buddhas. While there are eleven points of interest, the bus schedule time only really allows you to see a maximum of six, so you’ll have to gauge your time with what you want to see.

Gateway entrance to Donghwasa Temple

Gateway entrance to Donghwasa Temple

I chose the Circular Course Tour

However, I started my tour in the afternoon and the tour only lasts until 5:40P, so in effect, I was only able to see two spots. I picked  Donghwasa Temple and Palgong Spa Hotel, where I experienced my first really cool Korean bathhouse.

Donghwasa Buddha

Donghwasa Buddha

Unlike Seoul or Busan, sightseeing is not a recreation that Daegu is known for in guidebooks. Still, there are things to see and do in the city. The Daegu City Bus Tour makes an honorable attempt to pull from the city’s resources and at $5, what can you bark at?

Do I think Daegu is anymore exciting? Not really.

Are the bus tours worth it? Definitely.


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