Is the Clever Travel Companion clever about travel theft?

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Clever Travel Companion Tank tops, theft-proof clothes, travel safety clothesIs the Clever Travel Companion clever about travel theft?

As a female solo traveler, I’m constantly thinking of ways to protect my valuables and to not show that I have them.

This is because I have to be my own Superman and “a tourist carrying a DSLR camera” usually equates big money for depressed economies and desperate folk.


How do I protect my valuables when I travel?

I don’t wear money belts (although I do hide one in the secret lining of my backpack)ir?t=gt0d8 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B0054IH04C.

While I think money belts are safe and smart to use for avoiding travel theft, I’m personally, not a fan of how it feels. Not to mention, my mother and grandmother always use them on vacations and they’re always excusing themselves to go to the bathroom to get money. That’s not convenient for me.

Instead, I try to look like I’m not wearing money. I dress down. I hide my shopping money and credit cards either, in a jogger’s wrist wallet or a tiny change purse around my neck, tucked into my shirt. I keep my passport in a secret compartment in my daypack, which holds my DSLR camera and lenses; and thus, that daypack seldom leaves my back.

While this system has worked for me, it’s not perfect by any means. I’m always looking for ways to refine it.


What is the Clever Travel Companion tank top?

When I first saw the Clever Travel Companion tank top, I was skeptical. It was designed by a traveler and claimed to be theft proof, hiding valuables, by storing it in a zipper pouch above the belly.

Firstly, I don’t like adding clothes to my wardrobe, unless they’re versatile. Secondly, I don’t always like the look of travel clothes, because they look like “travel clothes”, and third, that front zipper was a visual deterrent.

But then I tried the Clever Travel Companion tank top and was surprised by what I found.


Is the Clever Travel Companion clever about travel theft?

Most theft occurs because thieves have access to places travelers can’t keep an eye on or feel.

Backpacks and purses can be slashed, snagged off of you in drive-by or pick-pocketed when you’re in a crowd. Thus, there’s no safer place hiding place, than on your body . The Clever Travel Companion’s centrally located zipper pouch stores valuables, in a place where you will have the greatest awareness, access and control … at the center of your body.

A pickpocket attempt would not go unnoticed.


How does it wear and look?

When I first saw it in pictures, I was like… “meh”.  It comes in two colors (black and white) and looked like a basic tank with a huge honking zipper in the middle, promising me a “pregnant pouch”.

But when I put it on, it immediately felt more versatile and comfortable than it looked.  It’s made with a stretchy cotton that’s doesn’t feel thick, hot or chunky. It fits snug and has a slimming effect.

I honestly like the feel of it.

While it won’t hit high marks in fashion design, it won’t hit low ones either; and although, I’m still not a fan of a pregnant pouch, it certainly is conveniently placed for greater security, function and personal access.

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IMG 1723
iPod touch going in

Is a passport noticeable?

I don’t know how the white tank wears, but the black masks objects pretty well and the tank has enough fabric length-wise, to scrunch up and camoflage outlines with crinkles.

Of course, the larger and  bulkier the item you store in it (i.e. in the photo above and below, shows how it looks with an iPod Touch), the more visible it will be from the front and side. But flat objects, like credit cards and money aren’t as noticeable.


Would you want to use it, even if you’re not traveling?

Outside of travel, the tank top is versatile enough to use for many activities, both, leisure and sport. The breathability of the fabric doesn’t trap heat on you and the durability of the pocket and zipper allows rugged use.

So far, I’ve used it while working as crew on the set of some TV gigs (i.e. Hawaii Five-O and House Hunters), where I usually wear a fanny pack to hold backup tapes and batteries. While I still use a fanny pack to store a ton of crew junk, I love that the tank has a  sturdy and reliable pocket for ultra-quick access and organization to my most important things like a backup tape, pens and shot list.

I’ve used it under a business suit jacket, when I was running late for a business meeting ( I concealed the zipper part, of course).

I even wore it in my first marathon in Honolulu,  The Great Aloha Run.  My iPod Touch bounced when I ran, but the pocket is placed high and the fabric fits snug, so it didn’t loosely flap against me in an annoying manner.

clever travel companion tank top black, travel safety clothes, theft proof travel gear, travel clothes, safety tips for travelers
At the Great Aloha Run marathon wearing the smart traveler with my ipod touch

Basically, I’ve put the Clever Travel Companion tank through many tests. So far, it’s passed and I’ll keep using it.

For the vacationing tourist, backpacker or athletic user looking to deter theft or keep important things accessible, the tank top works! And if tank tops aren’t your thing, The Clever Travel Companion has a small line of theft-proof clothes from t-shirts and underwear.

Thumbs up, Clever Travel Companion!

Now I’m very curious about those underpants you sell.

Much thanks to Clever Travel Companion, who let me test drive their clothing for this post.  The opinions of this post are most definitely my own.


The Clever Travel Companion

Cost: $29.90
Where else can you buy it:


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  • This is totally awesome! I know exactly what shirt I would wear this with. It could be especially good for those quick trips to the store where you don’t need your whole purse!

    • Christine Kaaloa
      July 1, 2014 8:49 pm

      @Bonita: Exactly. It’s a great multi-tasking shirt. Just used it today at work where I stored a pen and a paper of my schedule as I ran around.

  • Trader's Step
    June 27, 2013 8:29 pm

    Good post. I came across your blog site and also wanted to point out that I have got genuinely loved browsing your post! Hope you post more safety travel tips for women.

  • hmmmm, what about a compromise? keep a little cash in a loose fitting, cheap, old, dirty, small fanny pack, and keep the pass port, travelers checks, real cash, etc., in the hidden money belt. you could even put a fake passport and fake credit cards in the fanny pack, so a thief would assume she’s got all you’ve got. this tee shirt looks good for walk mans, tho!

    • @Dennis: ha ha.. I have no idea why you’d suggest a compromise when I clearly said I don’t wear money belts. But you can let me know how that works for you. 😉

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