Packing Tip: How to Keep your Money Organized on the road

Last Updated on October 16, 2013 by Christine Kaaloa

Packing Tip: How to Keep your Money Organized on the road  (watch it or read it)

Today I’m going to share with you a quick packing tip and they have to do with Ziploc and I promise they’re not an advertising for Ziploc.

You may already know this or not… but Ziploc bags come in handy for travel. In fact, it’s always one of my travel survival tools when I pack for my trip. I never know when I’ll use them.

I don’t only use it to protect my bottles of lotion from exploding in the plane or as a soap bar holder….

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Packing Tip: How do you  keep your money organized on the road?

What do you use to hold all your changing currency, when you’re on the road? One giant wallet? An all-purpose pouch, where you throw everything into one mix?

I’ve  really come to like the snack size bags and I’ll tell you why….

The Problem:  If you’re traveling through a lot of different countries, you might find that keeping your various currencies organized and separated is a  little challenging.  In the past, during my travels, I employed the methods above, throwing all my collected currency into one giant passport wallet for storing. When I’d re-enter a country, I’d have to hand-pick all the country currency out to use again.

Eventually, one of my  pet peeves has come to be paying for something at a store and then, accidentally finding I’ve not sorted out my currency thoroughly and I have another country’s money in my wallet. Doh! Drives me bzonkers!  It means I’m carrying unnecessary coins in my wallet and having to fish them out of the lineup of my palm.

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How I organize my money, when I’m going through two or more countries…

On my last trip route, I went from the U.S.A. to South Korea – Thailand – Myanmar- Thailand – South Korea -Japan- U.S.A. It meant I was re-entering countries and had to juggle overlapping money. Then I had a lightbulb moment…  why not use the snack bags to separate my country currency? Brilliant.

The Solution: I separated my currencies, to individual bags, so that each bag essentially, had it’s own country currency. I can’t tell you the difference it made in quick access, convenience and organization.

The result of what it looked like is in my 2 minute video.  Check it out.


Creating a stress-free Toll Booth Money Holder


Say you’re taking a road trip and you’ll be hitting many toll booths along the way.. It’s really stressful to be driving and counting your toll booth money or to know you’re holding up traffic as you pour out change from your wallet. Many drivers like to keep some change already out., either in a coffee holder or the car ashtray to save them time and stress.

I once drove from New York City to Pennsylvania and hit many toll booths along the way.  What I’m about to share, helped immensely…

I recommend using use a gallon or quart size plastic bag to store the loose change you get at the toll booth cashier.  The bags allow you to see through, so finding the right change will be easy. Also, the bags are large enough  for your hand to have quick access to your change and the zipper makes it quick to open and seal.  It’s a perfect solution, simple, efficient and cheap… just the way I like things!

Let me know how these tips work for you.

More packing tips like this here.


How about you? What are some  ways you organize your currency? What are tricks you’ve used with a Ziploc bag?


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  • I’ve been doing that with my currency too!
    Japan makes a lot of different size strong ziplock bags that are great for travel too (and even the perfect size for small things, like waterproofing your credit card or passport in your pocket, etc…I like them for when I run and want to sweatproof some cash :). You can find a ton of sizes at Tokyu Hands! 🙂

    Muji sells some online:

  • Nice! We use ZipLocs for books, food (tea bags, instant coffee, small stuff like that), my “bathroom bag” is a ZipLoc bag also! They are the best travel packaging, plus, the best part is that they’re see-through so you can actually see what you’re trying to pull out.

    Thanks for the idea about putting money in them, good call.


    • Christine Kaaloa
      October 22, 2013 2:04 am

      @Dariece: I never thought of putting my tea or instant coffee in them but you’re right. They’re perfect for those too! I’ll bet there’s over a 100 uses for ziploc bags; and yes on the see-through part. Visibility is soo convenient. =)

  • Separating your currencies to individual bags sounds like an awesome idea. I never did that actually. I always use my debit/credit card and leave the leftover change in my pocket.

    • Christine Kaaloa
      October 22, 2013 2:01 am

      @Agness: ATM/credit cards are ideal but I guess I go to too many countries that are cash-based. =)

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