Review: “Delhi’s Nightlife at Urban Pind”

Last Updated on October 10, 2008 by Christine Kaaloa

Just because you don’t see young and hip Delhiites on the streets, doesn’t mean a young and chic urban culture doesn’t exist. Delhi has a nightlife that’s cosmopolitan, gorgeous and happening. My friend, Sandeep took me out for a night on the town. We sped off to Greater Kailash and entered the   attractive nightlife of Shalom Lounge and Urban Pind. Both were glowing hotspots dressed in fashionable and classy appeal.

“Finally, a nightclub that redeems the notion of a nightlife in Delhi!”

Urban Pind was my favorite of the two. It was sophistication mixed with Indian cosmopolitan chic. The moment you enter the door, handsome hosts dressed in all white suits stand to greet you. You catch the light breeze of citrus in the air and feel like you’ve walked into elegance! A world away from the dust and pollution outside.

The music is pumping, but not to a deafening level. The faux Khujurao sculptures add to subtle, erotic undertones to the dimmed atmosphere, while rooftop bar lends itself to open conversations, fun mingling and crowd watching. The Indian spiced drink was on the musky herbal side; nonetheless, it was a unique signature drink!

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