Roz Savage rows solo across the Pacific Ocean in campaign for the environment

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roz savage in Hawaii

Roz Savage launches from Hawaii

Ocean Rower and Environmentalist, Roz Savage launches the second stage – one of three stages- of her solo row across the Pacific Ocean.

At 41 years old, the U.K. native is a living testament and an inspiration to solo adventurists, female travelers, athletes and basically, anyone whose dreamt of accomplishing a nearly impossible or unheard of feat.

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The press launch event took place at the Waikiki Yacht Club in Honolulu. Her boat, The Brocade, was blessed by a Hawaiian kahuna and she was escorted by Hawaiian outrigger canoes out of the Ala Wai Canal.  Video of the press launch at the bottom of this post.

roz savage honolulu launch

Roz Savage meets with a kahuna before the press launch paddlers in Hawaii, paddlers on the ocean Paddlers accompany her boat out of the Ala Wai Harbor and into the oceanROZ SAVAGE ROWING ON THE OCEAN HONOLULU Roz rowing out to sea. We wish her good luck


Roz’s journey is a campaign effort to raise environmental awareness and conscious living. She is issuing a challenge to people to Pull Together by “matching her 10,000 oar strokes a day with 10,000 steps a day“.

“…I aim to inspire people to choose simiple solutions that cost nothing and are easy to work into the busy routines of their daily lives. You might feel like one little choice doesn’t make a big difference, that its just a drop in the ocean.

But those little choices and actions add up quickly- and they do make a world of difference.”

For more cool information on Roz or to follow her voyage and blogs, please visit :


Check out Grrrl Traveler’s Postcards to Hawaii: Roz Savage video (above- 2 min)

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